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clip_image002JDeveloper & ADF ‏@JDeveloper Improved Dial Gauge in Oracle ADF Mobile

clip_image003Markus Eisele ‏@myfear #JavaEE7 : XML Schemas for Java EE Deployment Descriptors …

shay shmeltzer ‏@JDevShay Missed my #Oracle #ADF #Mobile webseminar? Check out the replay here - …

clip_image005OracleSupport_WLS ‏@weblogicsupport Step-by-step on how to create a high availability 12C #weblogic clustering env. with Traffic Director 11gR1

shay shmeltzer ‏@JDevShay New blog entry - improved dial gauge in #Oracle #ADF Mobile - …

clip_image006Frank Munz ‏@frankmunz P. Dooley's review of my @OracleWebLogic Distinctive Recipes book on AMZN: -- thanks!

clip_image007WebLogic Community ‏@wlscommunity Oracle Database Appliance X3-2 is a Simple, Reliable, Affordable system to run WebLogic!

clip_image009Arun Gupta ‏@arungupta @avijeetd #JavaEE7 now has support for Batch: … @soacommunity @frankmunz

clip_image005[1]OracleSupport_WLS ‏@weblogicsupport 9 May

Comparing #Weblogic filestore backed JMS with #Oracle AQ backed JMS

clip_image009[1]Arun Gupta ‏@arungupta #JavaEE7 once again rocked #JavaOne with PACKED hands-on lab

clip_image011Oracle for Partners ‏@ORCLPartnerBiz Don't miss today's Live PartnerCast focused on Java updates. Simply access the #OPN Portal at 10:00 AM Pacific Time.

clip_image012Frank Nimphius ‏@fnimphiu New ADF Code Corner Mobile Sample "m09 How-to work with user preferences"

clip_image005[2]OracleSupport_WLS ‏@weblogicsupport New free tutorial: leveraging 3rd libraries to create and deploy apps to #Oracle #Cloud #Weblogic #java #netbeans

clip_image013Oracle Technet ‏@oracletechnet Answers to the most frequently asked questions at the #Oracle #ADF Demo booth at JavaOne Russia 2013

clip_image015Oracle WebLogic ‏@OracleWebLogic Blog on the Realities of Rehosting-4 customer stories #Oracle_Tuxedo

clip_image007[1]WebLogic Community ‏@wlscommunity Webinar: ADF Master Class and ADF Blog Q&A, Andrejus Baranovskis (Part I) - May 14th 2013

clip_image005[3]OracleSupport_WLS ‏@weblogicsupport #Oracle #JRockit Installation on #Linux 64bit #JDK

clip_image002[1]JDeveloper & ADF ‏@JDeveloper af:region/taskflow lazy loading with loading message

clip_image015[1]Oracle WebLogic ‏@OracleWebLogic Learn about how connections are allocated in Active GridLink

clip_image016ADF Code Corner ‏@adfcodecorner Upcoming 5 Day ADF Architecture Training in Munich (English language), aiming for Oracle Partners and Employees

clip_image007[2]WebLogic Community ‏@wlscommunity Detect Java Memory Leaks by Frank Munz

clip_image017OracleBlogs ‏@OracleBlogs WebLogic Partner Community Newsletter April 2013

shay shmeltzer ‏@JDevShay Getting ready for an #ADF Mobile webcast today at 10PST - see how we simplify #iOS and #Android mobile development - …

clip_image007[3]WebLogic Community ‏@wlscommunity WebLogic Partner Community Newsletter April 2013

clip_image007[4]WebLogic Community ‏@wlscommunity top tweets WebLogic Partner Community – April 2013

clip_image007[5]WebLogic Community ‏@wlscommunity The Most Interesting NetBeans Release is Out: 7.3 by Adam Bien

clip_image003[1]Markus Eisele ‏@myfear #jayday2013 speaker list is a who-is-who in #Java from embedded to cloud … incl. @speakjava @AdamBien @hansolo_

clip_image012[1]Frank Nimphius ‏@fnimphiu New ADF Mobile sample on ADF Code Corner "m07. Edit Form Cancel Pattern"

clip_image007[6]WebLogic Community ‏@wlscommunity WebLogic Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting

clip_image005[4]OracleSupport_WLS ‏@weblogicsupport Creating self-signed #SSL certificates #weblogic #linux #java

clip_image007[7]WebLogic Community ‏@wlscommunity ADF mobile training on-demand & Forms for ADF mobile

clip_image015[2]Oracle WebLogic ‏@OracleWebLogic New Blog Post: Getting Connections with Active GridLink

clip_image005[5]OracleSupport_WLS ‏@weblogicsupport Screenshots covering application deployment on #weblogic 12c

clip_image018OTNArchBeat ‏@OTNArchBeat Coherence Special Interest Group (BACSIG) - May 1, 2013, 5:30pm. Redwood Shores, CA.

clip_image018[1]OTNArchBeat ‏@OTNArchBeat eBook: Understand the Oracle Database Cloud Service Architecture | @OracleLL

clip_image017[1]OracleBlogs ‏@OracleBlogs WebLogic Logging Configuration by Ren van Wijk

clip_image007[8]WebLogic Community ‏@wlscommunity Setting Up, Configuring, and Using an Oracle WebLogic Server Cluster by Yuli Vasiliev

clip_image017[2]OracleBlogs ‏@OracleBlogs A small and clean WebLogic cold backup by Laurens van der Starre

clip_image015[3]Oracle WebLogic ‏@OracleWebLogic #Oracle takes #1 spot in #application_server category.

clip_image005[6]OracleSupport_WLS ‏@weblogicsupport Failure in heartbeat trigger for #RJVM In #Weblogic #Cluster

clip_image020Java ‏@java "Java is ideal for smart devices in M2M infrastructures" #M2M #javaembedded

clip_image021Simon Haslam ‏@simon_haslam Nice to see @frankmunz's WLS top & ahead of APEX ;-) RT @wlscommunity: OTN Video: What You're Watching by Bob Rhubart

clip_image007[9]WebLogic Community ‏@wlscommunity OTN Video: What You're Watching by Bob Rhubart

clip_image021[1]Simon Haslam ‏@simon_haslam Blog post: my experiences (unfortately cut short) of the #ougn2013 conference …

clip_image005[7]OracleSupport_WLS ‏@weblogicsupport Migrating from Multi Data Source to Active GridLink #weblogic

clip_image007[10]WebLogic Community ‏@wlscommunity A small and clean WebLogic cold backup by Laurens van der Starre

clip_image023Andrejus Baranovskis ‏@andrejusb Oracle BPM 11g Mobile Worklist with ADF Mobile

clip_image024Jacco H. Landlust ‏@oraclemva JDBC statement cache setting

clip_image025AMIS, Oracle & Java ‏@AMIS_Services @JDeveloper: Configuring EJB with Restful Web Service in ADF

clip_image015[4]Oracle WebLogic ‏@OracleWebLogic New Blog Post: Migrating from Multi Data Source to Active GridLink

clip_image017[3]OracleBlogs ‏@OracleBlogs ADF Mobile and SDO: getting results

clip_image005[8]OracleSupport_WLS ‏@weblogicsupport #WLST Offline Script to Create Summary of #WebLogic Domain #Cluster

clip_image017[4]OracleBlogs ‏@OracleBlogs JAX Conference US goes free! June 4th-5th 2013

clip_image015[5]Oracle WebLogic ‏@OracleWebLogic #Oracle is #1 in modern #middleware- open, standards-based app infrastructures that don’t need legacy mainframe links

clip_image018[2]OTNArchBeat ‏@OTNArchBeat How to manage your #WebLogic Servers? >> A big collection of tutorials and videos

clip_image005[9]OracleSupport_WLS ‏@weblogicsupport April Critical Patch Update (CPU) has just been released with important security fixes #java #jre #jdk

clip_image027OracleEnterpriseMgr ‏@oracle_em New blog : Demystifying WebLogic and Fusion Middleware Management --- by @hawkinsg1, Product Management #em12c

clip_image018[3]OTNArchBeat ‏@OTNArchBeat Video: Managing #Tuxedo applications with TSAM Plus 12c and OEM #Cloud Control 12c | Todd Little

clip_image007[11]WebLogic Community ‏@wlscommunity How to manage your WebLogic Servers?

clip_image017[5]OracleBlogs ‏@OracleBlogs Exalogic best practice backup, recovery and high availability & Exalogic for Oracle Applications

clip_image025[1]AMIS, Oracle & Java ‏@AMIS_Services @JDeveloper: Tuning Application Module Pools and Connection Pools

clip_image003[2]Markus Eisele ‏@myfear [blog] Java 7 Update 21 Security Improvements in Detail #cpu #java #security

clip_image003[3]Markus Eisele ‏@myfear Getting ready to teach #WebLogic to DBAs @simon_haslam at #OUGN2013 #ACED

clip_image007[12]WebLogic Community ‏@wlscommunity Are you using Oracle Forms?

clip_image021[2]Simon Haslam ‏@simon_haslam Next @ukoug App Server & Middleware SIG is a full day of HA... it should be great! :) …

clip_image007[13]WebLogic Community ‏@wlscommunity Marketing Services for Specialized partners

clip_image029Oracle VirtualBox ‏@virtualbox Something for the weekend? Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.2.12 released today! Download: ChangeLog:

clip_image005[10]OracleSupport_WLS ‏@weblogicsupport Upgrading a domain to #weblogic 12c

clip_image017[6]OracleBlogs ‏@OracleBlogs Using Native Installations of Oracle WebLogic

clip_image017[7]OracleBlogs ‏@OracleBlogs Learn Oracle Mobile Technologies from ADF Expert Chris Muir

clip_image018[4]OTNArchBeat ‏@OTNArchBeat Video: #Oracle #Tuxedo Mainframe Adapter 12c: Configuring for high availability

clip_image012[2]Frank Nimphius ‏@fnimphiu ADF Code Corner Mobile Sample m04 "How-to display server side images in a gallery on the mobile phone" out:

clip_image030Robert van Mölken ‏@robertvanmolken Published article "Weblogic Admin and Managed servers as a Windows service" @AMIS_Services @wlscommunity

clip_image007[14]WebLogic Community ‏@wlscommunity WebLogic on Oracle Database Appliance–test systems by Arrow

clip_image023[1]Andrejus Baranovskis ‏@andrejusb How To Control ADF Table Pagination on Runtime and Do Case Insensitive Search

clip_image003[4]Markus Eisele ‏@myfear #GlassFish4 with #Eclipse < update to latest GlassFish Eclipse plugins from here

clip_image031Adam Bien ‏@AdamBien Dependency Injection, Inversion of Control and Convention over Configuration ...with JavaFX 8: JavaFX Scene B...

clip_image017[8]OracleBlogs ‏@OracleBlogs NASA Mission Operations on the NetBeans Platform

clip_image032GlassFish ‏@glassfish Java EE 7 Maven Archetype: For those of us doing Java EE development with Maven (which by my own account as a ...

clip_image007[15]WebLogic Community ‏@wlscommunity Marketing Kits WebLogic

clip_image007[16]WebLogic Community ‏@wlscommunity Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum – what you missed in Faro!

clip_image033C2B2 Consulting ‏@c2b2consulting Read Oracle Middleware Weekly ▸ top stories via @Ricky_Fletcher @OracleBPM @soacommunity … #weblogic #SOASuite #SOA

clip_image015[6]Oracle WebLogic ‏@OracleWebLogic #Oracle_WebLogic_Server on #Oracle_Database_Appliance-reliable platform for deploying end to end solutions -

clip_image034Sten Vesterli ‏@stenvesterli Git gone? No, you can still run Git with JDev, but now it's an extension. …

clip_image003[5]Markus Eisele ‏@myfear [blog] I'm speaking at Jayday, 1th July 2013 in Munich, Germany #conferenc #Arquillian #jayday

clip_image031[1]Adam Bien ‏@AdamBien Sweet Home #javaone

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