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clip_image002Andrejus Baranovskis ADF BC View Accessor To Centralize Business Logic Processing

clip_image003OracleBlogs‏ Devoxx Coming Up!

clip_image004OTNArchBeat Webcast: #JMX with #Oracle #WebLogic Server 12c - featuring @FrankMunz Nov 13 10am PT 1pm ET

clip_image005OracleSupport_ Detailed nomenclature of #weblogic logging services

clip_image006WebLogic Community Java Management Extensions with Oracle WebLogic Server 12c–Webcast Nocember 13th 2012

clip_image002[1]Andrejus BaranovskisDifference Between Initialized and New Mode in ADF BC

clip_image007Oracle TechnetOndrej Brejla shares information on the release of NetbBeans IDE 7.3 Beta 2.

clip_image003[1]OracleBlogsOracle ADF Essentials & ADF training material now on the iPad By Grant Ronald

clip_image008Markus Eisele #NetBeans 7.3 Beta2 is Out! …

clip_image006[1]WebLogic Community Oracle ADF Essentials & ADF training material now on the iPad By Grant Ronald

clip_image009Frank MunzAlso next week, Tue, 10am PST: @Oracle devcast about WLS 12c JMX ecosystem 4 DevOps. Join now:

clip_image011Oracle WebLogic #EclipseLink #JPA deployed on #webLogic using #Eclipse #WTP very detailed tutorial

clip_image013Middleware Magic Middleware Magic Completes 2 year of spreading its Magic #Weblogic #J2EE #news

clip_image014Adam BienInterview In The "Java Spotlight Episode 107" Podcast: I had a nice chat during the JavaOne 2012 conference in ...

clip_image005[1]OracleSupport_WLS#WebLogic 12c example code projects with a focus on #Java EE 6

clip_image016JDeveloper & ADF‏ ADF Insider: Angels in the ADF Architecture

clip_image018Andreas Koop [blog post] ADF: Smart Input Date Client Converter: EnvironmentTested with JDeveloper / ADF also...

clip_image019Steven Davelaar Added 16 new ADF samples from @andrejusb …

clip_image016[1]JDeveloper & ADFTransaction Level ADF BC Entity Validation

clip_image021Oracle ExalogicDo you know the secret to Exalogic's speed? It's called Exabus. More at the OTN Garage -

clip_image005[2]OracleSupport_WLS New tutorial: configure and administrate #clusters

clip_image016[2]JDeveloper & ADF‏ Workaround for an Xcode/iOS SDK Issue

clip_image022Masoud Kalali#GlassFish trunk will switch to require JDK 7 to build, details at GlassFish #JDK 7 Switch FAQ: …

clip_image023ADF Code CornerADF Oracle Magazine Article "Master and Commander" about global command pattern strategy for regions with ctx events

clip_image024Maciej Gruszka@wlscommunity Cloud Application Foundation webcast about OOW announcements soon avail for replay

clip_image014[1]Adam BienReal World Java EE Patterns Book ("Green Edition") is available for lending. For unlimited time and free: …

clip_image006[2]WebLogic Community Slides for todays #WebLogicCommunity are uploaded to the workspace. Not yet a member … #weblogic

clip_image014[2]Adam BienMy (unprepared) night hacking starts at 11 AM CET:

clip_image006[3]WebLogic Community We will start our ExaLogic webcast in 5 minutes …

clip_image025Gertjan van het HofWebLogic Communtiy webcast on November 2nd 2012 11:00 CET! OOW update WebLogic & ExaLogic « WebLogic Community …

clip_image026GlassFish‏ Java EE 7 scheduled posted … slated for final release on 4/29/2013

clip_image005[3]OracleSupport_WLSUpdating #EclipseLink in #WebLogic

clip_image006[4]WebLogic Community Join us for our WebLogicCommunity Webcast tomorrow November 2nd. Ge tan update an all OOW announcements … #wlscommunity

clip_image004[1]OTNArchBeatOracle ADF Mobile - Login Functionality | @AndrejusB

clip_image006[5]WebLogic CommunityOpenWorld General Session 2012: Middleware & JavaOne

clip_image005[4]OracleSupport_WLSHow to use RDA to generate #Weblogic thread dumps at specified Intervals?

clip_image003[2]OracleBlogsJoin us for our WebLogic Communtiy webcast on November 2nd 2012! OOW update WebLogic & ExaLogic

clip_image005[5]OracleSupport_WLSMonitoring #Spring in #WebLogic - #Middleware magic blog post

clip_image027ultanOracle Launches Mobile Applications User Experience Design Patterns … @odtug @adf_emg @tapadoo #xcake #android

clip_image006[6]WebLogic Community‏ Managing EclipseLink using JMX

clip_image006[7]WebLogic CommunityWebLogic Partner Community Newsletter October 2012

clip_image028Simon Haslam#ukoug Oracle Scene mag: "Getting to Know Oracle Fusion Middleware" into by @wlscommunity & myself …

clip_image002[2]Andrejus Baranovskis LOV Validation and Programmatic Row Insert Performance

clip_image002[3]Andrejus BaranovskisADF Project Development Time Distribution

clip_image030Edwin BiemondUsing JSON-REST in ADF Mobile: In the current version of ADF Mobile the ADF DataControls ( URL and WS ) only sup...

clip_image006[8]WebLogic Community Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c: Best Practices for Middleware Management

clip_image006[9]WebLogic Community‏ Tuxedo 12c

clip_image031Lucas JellemaOnline and free: ADF Advanced eCourses from Oracle - … and …

clip_image031[1]Lucas JellemaFinally Luc can tell all his stories on ADF Mobile - he is Mr ADF Mobile after all. On the AMIS Blog: … with more coming!

clip_image032Gerkmann-Bartels [blog] ADF Mobile Samples are still there...

clip_image008[1]Markus Eisele Do you know the #Oracle #Parcel #Service? A #weblogic #JavaEE6 example app on #github! by @jeffreyawest ! Contribute!

clip_image006[10]WebLogic CommunityDistribute the WebLogic Community newsletter October editoin - read it! or register for #wlscommunity … #opn #oracle

clip_image003[3]OracleBlogs‏ Getting Started with ADF Mobile Sample Apps

clip_image033Pieter Kranenburg‏ Oracle Forms Modernization? Checkout: for retainment of investment, knowledge and being future proof #OracleForms

clip_image008[2]Markus Eisele [blog] Review: "Java EE 6 Cookbook for Securing, Tuning, and Extending Enterprise... #packtpub #javaee #review

clip_image025[1]Gertjan van het Hof ADF Mobile HTML5 is available. …

clip_image014[3]Adam BienMy (Adam Bien) JavaOne Session Videos and Resources: CON3896 - Interactive Onstage Java EE Overengineering, Mond...

clip_image034Torsten Winterberg#ADF Mobile is GA now on OTN: … Finally!

clip_image011[1]Oracle WebLogicNew Blog Post: Instructions on how to configure a WebLogic Cluster and use it with Oracle Http Server

clip_image035luc bors#Oracle #ADF Mobile is production Download the extension here

clip_image006[11]WebLogic CommunityMove Data into the Grid for Scalable, Predictable Response Times

clip_image002[4]Andrejus BaranovskisWhy Oracle ADF Developers are Sensitive People

clip_image031[2]Lucas JellemaArticle by Edwin Biemond on the AMIS blog on Configuring FMW Servers using Puppet - … - integration of WebLogic in Puppet

clip_image037Oracle UsableApps Must Read: New Oracle Applications UX White Paper: Research and Design Process: … @oracle #usableapps

clip_image038Sten VesterliYou know ADF Security is missing from the free ADF Essentials? Check out a solution by @andrejusb: …

clip_image011[2]Oracle WebLogic Monitoring #Spring in #WebLogic - #Middleware magic blog post

clip_image006[12]WebLogic Community Java Cloud Service for developers

clip_image032[1]Gerkmann-Bartels #MUST read 4 #WLS Admins: How to Analyze Java Thread

clip_image006[13]WebLogic Communitytop tweets WebLogic Partner Community – October 2012

clip_image002[5]Andrejus Baranovskis‏ ADF Mobile - Login Functionality

clip_image006[14]WebLogic Community@MaciejGruszka: Another #WebLogic bootcamp for #Oracle partners. Right now - Copenhagen Denmark” THANKs trainings at …


clip_image003[4]OracleBlogstop tweets WebLogic Partner Community October 2012

clip_image040eclipseconToday is the Call for Papers early bird deadline. Submit a session now! …

clip_image006[15]WebLogic CommunityJoin us for our WebLogic Communtiy webcast on November 2nd 2012! OOW update WebLogic & ExaLogic

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