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clip_image001WebLogic Community‏@wlscommunity

Real World Java EE Patterns by Adam Bien

clip_image002Markus Eisele‏@myfear

#JavaOne Content Available for Free … /via @java

clip_image003Adam Bien‏@AdamBien

Thought that 1h screencast is way too long to be popular. I was wrong. Lightweight Java EE is doing very well: …


COLLABORATE 13 Call for Papers

clip_image006Oracle WebLogic‏@OracleWebLogic

New Blog Post: Data Source Security Part 1

clip_image002[1]Markus Eisele‏@myfear

My Three Days at #JavaOne 2012 … < nice writeup ;)

clip_image003[1]Adam Bien‏@AdamBien

JavaOne 2012 Announcements And Surprises: NetBeans 7.3+ comes with HTML 5, JavaScript, CSS 3 support. JavaScript...

clip_image008Andrejus Baranovskis‏@andrejusb

OOW'12: Oracle ADF Implementations Around the Globe: Best Practices


Just published a blog with a wrap-up of my presentations at OOW 2012. … #oow2012 #trivadis

clip_image008[1]Andrejus Baranovskis‏@andrejusb

OOW'12: Oracle Business Process Management/Oracle ADF Integration Best Practices

clip_image001[1]WebLogic Community‏@wlscommunity

ExaLogic 2.01 ppt & training & Installation check-list & tips & Web tier roadmap

clip_image003[2]Adam Bien‏@AdamBien

JavaOne 2012, First Feedback and The Strange Thing: NetBeans day was surprising well attended. A big room was fu...


Free registration for our next webcast on setting up and using a #weblogic #cluster

clip_image001[2]WebLogic Community‏@wlscommunity

UKOUG Application Server & Middleware SIG Meeting

clip_image011Ronald Luttikhuizen‏@rluttikhuizen

Discussing future plans for Oracle Middleware Infrastructure Group with @simon_haslam @Jphjulstad and Rene van Wijk #oow @wlscommunity

clip_image012JAX London‏@jaxlondon

Be part of #JAXLondon- only 11 days to go! Still need a ticket?

clip_image001[3]WebLogic Community‏@wlscommunity

ExaLogic X3-2 launched at OOW 2012

clip_image001[4]WebLogic Community‏@wlscommunity

@OracleEvents Dear Oracle Team thanks for promoting the WebLogic bootcamp, new schedules are online … #weblogiccommunity


Partner Webcast Introducing Oracle Business Activity Monitoring - 18 October 2012

clip_image013AMIS, Oracle & Java‏@AMIS_Services

Grant posted a nice little video on youtube about the #ADF EMG activities during Oracle Open World.


ADF Essentials - Available for free and certified on GlassFish!: If you are an Oracle customer, you are probably...


WebLogic 12 hands-on bootcamps for partnersnew dates & locations

clip_image015Pieter Kranenburg‏@pskranenburg

I'm EXA and I know IT! How about you? Go to and find out! (you might win an #iphone5 ;-) #OOW please RT

clip_image008[2]Andrejus Baranovskis‏@andrejusb

Enabling WebLogic Administrator Group Inside Custom ADF Application

clip_image016Michel Schildmeijer‏@MNEMONIC01

I'm EXA and I know IT! How about you? Go to (you might win an #iphone5 ;-) #oow


Step-by-step instructions on how to configure mail Alerts in #OEM 11g for #WebLogic Servers up/down status

clip_image017Jeff West‏@jeffreyawest

Answer: Deliver JMS message to a single node in a Weblogic Cluster with a Distributed Topic …


Bucharest Java User Group: Launched and Growing! #JUG


Don't shoot the messenger! #Java source code analyzer @

clip_image012[1]JAX London‏@jaxlondon

.@BrianGoetz gives in depth session on the details of how #Lambda expressions are implemented in the #Java language at #JAXLondon"

clip_image020ADF Community DE‏@ADFCommunityDE

Webcast ADFNewsSession: ADF as a basis of Fusion Apps - the biggest ADF project ever. Sep 14, 8:30 AM CET. Dial in …


WebLogic & Coherence & Cloud presentations for customer meetings

clip_image015[1]Pieter Kranenburg‏@pskranenburg

Seminar: Oracle WebLogic 12c at Qualogy. You are invited!

clip_image006[1]Oracle WebLogic‏@OracleWebLogic

New Blog Post: Oracle OpenWorld Update -- General Session: Oracle Fusion Middleware Strategies Driving Business Inno...

clip_image021Oracle Cloud Zone‏@OracleCloudZone

New partner programs for Oracle Cloud Solutions #cloud #oow

clip_image022Lucas Jellema‏@lucasjellema

The strategy on Java - JEE, SE, ME, FX: … #javaone #oow_amis

clip_image001[5]WebLogic Community‏@wlscommunity

Send your #WebLogicCommunity #oow pictures and blog posts @wlscommunity or … Enjoy OOW ;-)

clip_image001[6]WebLogic Community‏@wlscommunity

Become an WebLogic 12c expert, attend our partner bootcamps … #WebLogicCommunity #opn

clip_image013[1]AMIS, Oracle & Java‏@AMIS_Services

Volgende #oracle #ADF training bij @AMIS_SERVICES is van 12 tot 16 november. Meer info of aanmelden? …


ALL the Devoxx 2011 talks are now freely available on Parleys @ Pls RT!

clip_image003[3]Adam Bien‏@AdamBien

Use the coupon code "PLUMA" and you will get 20% off for "Real World Java EE Patterns":

clip_image022[1]Lucas Jellema‏@lucasjellema

Very good summary of the #JavaOne Technical Keynote last night: …

clip_image026Arun Gupta‏@arungupta

Blogged: JavaOne 2012 Keynote and GlassFish Party Pictures: Some pictures from the keynote ... And som...

clip_image022[2]Lucas Jellema‏@lucasjellema

Most recent promoted build for GassFish 4.0 (EE7) has WebSocket support: to play with: … #javaone

clip_image027michael palmeter‏@michaelpalmeter

If you haven't seen the 5-minute Exalogic demo, you need to (do it now!) -

clip_image029Lonneke Dikmans‏@lonnekedikmans

VENNSTER BLOG: Running EclipseLink DBWS 2.4.0 on GlassFish 3.1.2 …

clip_image001[7]WebLogic Community‏@wlscommunity

WebLogic Partner Community Newsletter September 2012

clip_image001[8]WebLogic Community‏@wlscommunity

again again again&hellip;. it is Oracle Open World 2012

clip_image002[2]Markus Eisele‏@myfear

#WebLogic and #JavaEE Roadmap and Strategy Session at OOW /via @OracleWebLogic

clip_image003[4]Adam Bien‏@AdamBien

An Article About Java EE Connector Architectures 1.6 (JCA 1.6): The free Java Magazine article: Java EE Connect...

clip_image022[3]Lucas Jellema‏@lucasjellema

ADF Essentials - free to develop and to deploy (I said: free!) - …

clip_image013[2]AMIS, Oracle & Java‏@AMIS_Services

Blog by Lucas Jellema: "Develop and Deploy ADF applications – free of charge using the new ADF Essentials"

clip_image008[3]Andrejus Baranovskis‏@andrejusb

ADF Essentials - Quick Technical Review


GlassFish Extension for Oracle JDeveloper

Retweetet von WebLogic Community

clip_image031Oracle Eclipse‏@OEPE

New Tutorial: Using ADF Faces and ADF Controller with Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse. #OEPE

clip_image032Simon Haslam‏@simon_haslam

As of the last day or two there's a new Java Products Media Pack on (rather than it being in FMW pack)

clip_image001[9]WebLogic Community‏@wlscommunity

top tweets WebLogic Partner Community &ndash; September 2012

clip_image003[5]Adam Bien‏@AdamBien

I was interviewed by OTN: …See you at JavaOne!

clip_image006[2]Oracle WebLogic‏@OracleWebLogic

DevOps Basics for #WebLogic: Track Down High CPU Thread with ps, top and the new JDK7 jcmd tool. Great blog @frankmuz.

clip_image032[1]Simon Haslam‏@simon_haslam

Looking for "oak style"(!) advanced content but you're a middleware specialist? See #ukoug2012 #middlewaresunday …

clip_image033Julien Ponge ‏@jponge

Just finished Java EE 6 + AngularJS samples for my upcoming middleware lectures. Code at … and …

clip_image002[3]Markus Eisele‏@myfear

#Oracle #WebLogic is now totally #FREE for #Developer - more than just OTN license to develop the 1st prototype!

clip_image002[4]Markus Eisele‏@myfear

#WebSockets on #WebLogic Server by @wlsteve < need to give this a testdrive ;)


EM Blog : Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 2 ( is Available Now ! #em12c


ADF training material now on the iPad


GlassFish grows by 50% in Software Stack Market Share Report for August 2012 by @Jelastic

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