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clip_image002Oracle ExalogicVIDEO: Oracle Public Cloud Built on Exalogic!, …

clip_image003oracleopenworld #NetBeans Community Day at #JavaOne

clip_image004Oracle Cloud Zone Building an enterprise Cloud? Have Oracle show you the RIGHT way to plan, deploy and monitor enterprise clouds....

clip_image005OTNArchBeatOracle Exalogic X2-2 walk-through with Brad Cameron | @jvzoggel

clip_image006Oracle TechnetStash your cash. September OTN Member Offers - discounts on books, more | OTN Blog

clip_image007C2B2 ConsultingC2B2 is Speaking at @UKOUG App Server Middleware SIG Meeting 'Real Life #WebLogic Performance Tuning' … @wlscommunity

clip_image009JAXenter.comFrom yesterday, @smeyen offers his views on the next generation #Java - do you agree? …

clip_image010Markus EiseleAwesome: professor from ITU uploads her programming lectures to #YouTube. Programming classes without having to pay!

clip_image011Adam BienReal World Java EE 6 Patterns--Rethinking Best Practices Reloaded: A completely rewritten, second, iteration of ...

clip_image010[1]Markus Eisele [blog] #PrimeFaces Push with #Atmosphere on #GlassFish

clip_image012Lucas JellemaForms community event at Oracle Open World - Tuesday, 2nd Oct with the BIG names in Forms - see: …

clip_image013WebLogic Community WebLogic & Coherence & Cloud presentations for customer meetings

clip_image011[1]Adam BienNew Book: Rethinking Best Practices with Java EE 6 is out: (fully rewritten, re-edited and reformatted)

clip_image013[1]WebLogic CommunityWant to become and WebLogic 12c expert? free WebLogic 12c partner bootcamps –new locations: Madrid Spain

clip_image013[2]WebLogic CommunityPromote Your WebLogic events at

clip_image014OracleBlogs Gartner review Oracle ADF

clip_image015Simon Haslam Next #ukoug App Server & MW SIG on 10 Oct: … Hopefully plenty of good admin stuff!

clip_image016Michel Schildmeijer My book "WebLogic 12c; First look" has been reviewed again..see …

clip_image010[2]Markus Eisele#Weblogic 11g Interactive Quick Reference Map: #wls #oracle #reference /via @TonyvanEsch

clip_image017MarcPlaying with #syslog server and #weblogic. Is there a simple how-to to configure all the logging from #WLS to #syslog-ng

clip_image013[3]WebLogic Community Java update

clip_image013[4]WebLogic Community top tweets WebLogic Partner Community – August 2012

clip_image019Andrejus BaranovskisOracle University Training: ADF/WebCenter 11g Development in Depth | Andrejus Baranovskis

clip_image020OracleSupport_WLSHow neat is a free tool that allows you to inspect and debug traffic from virtually any application?

clip_image013[5]WebLogic Community WebLogic Partner Community Newsletter August 2012

clip_image005[1]OTNArchBeat Integrating Coherence & Java EE 6 Applications using ActiveCache | Ricardo Ferreira

clip_image011[2]Adam Bien Thanks for attending the #javaee #techtalk "Enterprise Java 2.0" I pushed the project and slides to: …

clip_image022JDeveloper & ADFHow to service-enable Oracle ADF Business Components

clip_image020[1]OracleSupport_WLSDo you know that #WebLogic is certified for production with JDK 7? @

clip_image023Andreas KoopMy latest upload : WebLogic Administration und Deployment mit WLST on @slideshare …

clip_image005[2]OTNArchBeatDemo for OPN: Oracle Coherence Management with EM Cloud Control 12c

clip_image010[3]Markus Eisele[blog] Java Champions at #JavaOne 2012 #javachampion

clip_image014[1]OracleBlogs Buy This Book!: Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud Handbook

clip_image013[6]WebLogic CommunityCoherence Management with EM Cloud Control 12c –demo for partners

clip_image025Arun GuptaLearn how Java can help Internet of Things at Java Embedded at JavaOne:

clip_image013[7]WebLogic CommunityFollow WebLogicCommunity on facebook … #WebLogicCommunity

clip_image013[8]WebLogic CommunityBuilding Java EE in the Cloud–Webcast August 30th 2012 … #WebLogicCommunity #Java #oracle #opn

clip_image013[9]WebLogic CommunityCall for WebLogic Community newsletter content. Please send @wlscommunity #WebLogicCommunity

clip_image020[2]OracleSupport_WLSThe #weblogic wasp: lots of tips, Q&A and examples

clip_image026Frank NimphiusFree ADF Best Practices Webinar by Andrejus Baranovskis for ODTUG (18, 2012 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT)

clip_image027ADF Code Corner Webcast- Friday September 14, 8:30 AM - 9.00 AM (CET) - ADF as a basis of Fusion Apps (in English) - with Chris Muir:

clip_image029Oracle WebLogicNew blog post: Developing Custom User Principal Object

clip_image030JAX LondonJust 4days left to get in on the early bird special, don't miss out!! #JAXLondon #Java

clip_image013[10]WebLogic Community Building Java EE in the Cloud–Webcast August 30th 2012

clip_image019[1]Andrejus BaranovskisNew Record Master-Detail Validation and ADF BC Groovy Use Case

clip_image030[1]JAX LondonDon't miss out!!! Only 6 days left to make use of our early bird offer #JAXLondon #JAVA

clip_image016[1]Michel Schildmeijer Qualogy launches Proof of Concept Center for Oracle Fusion Applications … via @Qualogy_news

clip_image020[3]OracleSupport_WLS Need to troubleshoot redeployment failure in #Weblogic? Check this

clip_image032OracleEnterpriseMgrBlog : Managing Oracle #Exalogic Elastic #Cloud with Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center #em12c

clip_image033ODTUGWant free advanced technical ADF training?Join @andrejusb for an @odtug webinar! check out his blog for more info

clip_image034chriscmuir Oracle Open World 2012 and ADF EMG

clip_image005[3]OTNArchBeatBoost your infrastructure with Coherence into the Cloud | Nino Guarnacci

clip_image013[11]WebLogic CommunityPresentations & Training material OFM Summer Camps & Impressions & Feedback

clip_image025[1]Arun GuptaJava EE 6 pocket guide by O'Reilly available for pre-order from Amazon: and B&N:

clip_image005[4]OTNArchBeat Joining the Existing Cluster in Coherence | A. Fuat Sungur

clip_image019[2]Andrejus Baranovskis Sample Application for Switching Application Module Data Sources

clip_image005[5]OTNArchBeat Oracle WebLogic DevCast: Building Java EE in the Cloud - August 30 - 10am PT/ 1pm ET

clip_image005[6]OTNArchBeatGlassFish Community Event at #javaone - Sept 30 -11am – 1pm -Moscone South. Register Now!

clip_image020[4]OracleSupport_WLSConnecting To HTTPS Site Using Simple Java Program When Using Proxy

clip_image016[2]Michel SchildmeijerBefore you go to #OOW take the sneak preview of WebLogic 12c with you: … via @Qualogy_news

clip_image015[1]Simon HaslamEven more great ADF content at #oow2012 this year including a packed ADF EMG day on Sunday: …

clip_image014[2]OracleBlogs ExaLogic trainings for partners

clip_image036RobinFirst presentation on DOAG conference (thanks to @Steffen2042) "Weblogic Server for Dummies". Now I´m pretty excited :) …

clip_image010[4]Markus Eisele There is a #facebook page for the upcoming #Java Mission Control (JRockit Mission Control for #Hotspot)! ttp://

clip_image011[3]Adam BienThe almost free #javaee workshop in Rapperswil has only 60 registrations so far: … What's the problem? :-)

clip_image013[12]WebLogic Community ExaLogic trainings for partners

clip_image014[3]OracleBlogs How to install Oracle Weblogic Server using Generic Package installer?

clip_image020[5]OracleSupport_WLS #Weblogic Server new blog post - Developing Custom User Principal Object

clip_image014[4]OracleBlogsArchitects and Architecture at JavaOne 2012

clip_image013[13]WebLogic Community Are you WebLogic or Application Grid Specialized? Do you get Recognized? Get your plaque … #WebLogicCommunity #opn

clip_image013[14]WebLogic CommunityPlaques WebLogic & Application Grid Specialization

clip_image022[1]JDeveloper & ADFFirst Steps With Oracle Application Testing Suite: Recording a Test With OpenScript

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