Maven support in WebLogic & JDeveloper 12.1.2 Edwin Biemond

In the 12.1.2 release of JDeveloper and WebLogic, Oracle really improved the support for Maven as build and provisioning tool. Oracle did this on multiple levels:

  • an Utility to synchronize all the Oracle Middleware jars to a local ( .m2/repository) or a shared repository like nexus or artifactory
  • ojmake maven plugin for just building JDeveloper projects.
  • Updated its Weblogic plugin for deploying artifacts or even creating new WebLogic domains, installing the WebLogic software or running WLST scripts.
  • Coherence plugin for packaging.
  • JDeveloper keeps its application & projects options in sync with the Maven application & projects poms. ( You don't need to lookup all the dependencies jars).

To get started we need to do the following. Read the full article here.

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