Java Mission Control (Finally) Released!

jdkIf you’ve had the time to download the latest Java 7 JDK update (7u40), you may have noticed that there is a new addition to the tools in the bin folder: Java Mission Control!

Java Mission Control is a production time tools suite that has its roots in the JRockit JVM tooling. This is the Mission Control team’s first public release in a couple of years, so we’re obviously quite excited!

That said, the 5.2.0 version number is really a bit misleading – for most purposes and intent this is really a 1.0.0 release. Please have some patience as we bring Mission Control fully to par with what JRockit offered. Meanwhile I hope you find it as useful as I do!

I will be talking more about Java Mission Control in blogs later this week, but in this one I just thought I’d just do my own version of the release notes. Here goes: Read the full article here & download Mission Control here.

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