Create a Place Locator using Google Places API with ADF Mobile by Christian Silva

For this tip I decided to extend the example given in this amazing post in Andrejus Blog about Geo Location using ADF Mobile and create a place locator using Google Places API , using this integration you can add new features to your applications to show specific Google Maps search into them, like restaurants for example.

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 5.42.29 PMBefore starting make sure that you:

  • Have your own browser API created from Google’s API console as described here.
  • Already enabled the Places API service from your Google Console

Hands On!

  1. Generate a new ADF Mobile Application.
  2. Create a new URL Connection in the Application Resources section, the correct URL endpoint should be, this according to the nearby search method documentation of Google Places API: Read the complete article here.

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