A small and clean WebLogic cold backup by Laurens van der Starre

In one of my projects, we have to be able to set up a (cold) backup Oracle Service Bus domain in a different data center from a domain backup. One of the requirements was that this data center is(for security reasons) completely independent from the “main” data center. In this particular case, just syncing the middleware home and domain directories was not an option.

Fair enough, and not that difficult at all. Setting up this cold backup domain is just using the pack & unpack tools from WebLogic, and “cloning” your domain. Keeping you cold backup domain up to date can be done by just syncing the configuration backups the “main” domain can automatically create for you:

<YOUR DOMAIN> -> Configuration -> General -> Advanced.

Config Archive in WebLogic Read the full article here.

Config Archive in WebLogic

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