A first look at Robot Framework by Mark Nelson

As we start to assemble the tools we need to implement Continuous Delivery, one area we need to look at is selecting a testing framework.  Now, we are going to want to use a range of different testing tools, depending on what we want to test and how, but we ideally would have some kind of framework that helps to abstract those tools and gives us a single place to go to execute tests.robot-report

In looking for a test framework, I have been considering the following:

  • Preferably it should have some kind of backing to ensure its longevity and continued development,
  • Ideally I should not have to learn a new language to use the tool – since most Fusion Middleware users are already using Java and Python (for WLST scripts) – those two seem like the best choices,
  • It should be extensible, so I can add new types of test tools if I want to,
  • It should integrate well with Maven and Hudson, since those are already part of our ecosystem,
  • It should allow me to use a wide range of testing tools to execute the actual tests.

So after a bit of research, what I have come up with is Robot Framework.  It is backed by Nokia Siemens Networks, it uses a simple text/table based test specification approach, Python and Java are supported for extension, there are Maven and Hudson plugins, and there are a wide range of plugins for many common testing tools like Selenium, Swing, iOS, Android, and support for OS integration (processes), XML, HTTP, SOAP, etc. Read the complete article here.

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