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Oracle ADF on Docker Container by Andrejus Baranovskis

Want to run Oracle ADF on Docker? This is possible, I will explain how. If you are new to Docker, it may require to spend significant amount of time to get started with all different bits and pieces. I will try to explain all essential steps, so that you will get up to speed quickly. First of all you need to have DB accessible, check my previous post explaining how to run Oracle DB on Docker - Oracle Database Docker Image in Docker Cloud (Digital Ocean). DB is required to...

Saturday, July 14, 2018 | Developer Tools | Read More

Coming Oracle JET RDK accelerates development, maintains solid UX in cloud By: Natalie Martinez

If you’re a fan of the Oracle Applications User Experience (OAUX) team’s free OAUX Rapid Development Kits (RDKs), you’ll be happy to know we have an exciting addition coming soon for your library of PaaS4SaaS toolkits: the new Oracle JET (JavaScript Extension Toolkit) for SaaS User Experience (UX) RDK is on the way. This JET4SaaS RDK is based on the powerful Oracle JET, which streamlines the building of custom applications to interact with Oracle SaaS and PaaS services, based...

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Fishbowl’s Intelligent Chatbot: Use Case Demo Videos

The following demos will highlight some various use cases for Fishbowl’s Intelligent Chatbot called Atlas. Returning product pricing and availability information from Oracle E-Business Suite Retrieving construction related project information from Procore Clinical trial interactions using voice Employee Self-Service Looking up the weather in various cities Verifying number of PTO days left Searching for documents in Oracle WebCenter Content Customer Self-Service Account management...

Monday, July 9, 2018 | Developer Tools | Read More

Beyond Cloud: Oracle Offers a Glimpse into the Future By Chris Murphy

Thomas Kurian, Oracle president of product development, has mapped out the technology path ahead for Oracle, and it includes artificial intelligence, machine learning, chatbots, and new human interfaces. During a keynote presentation at Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco, Kurian said these emerging technologies now fit into the vision Oracle has had since it started building its cloud offerings more than a decade ago: Let anyone, anywhere in the world, access the power of all...

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ADF BC REST Service from ADF Library JAR by Andrejus Baranovskis

I had assignment to enable ADF BC REST for existing ADF application, which was developed with multiple ADF libraries. ADF BC REST was supposed to be enabled for one of the ADF libraries and then accessed through Master application. All ADF BC REST samples usually show how to enable REST inside Master application itself. I was curious if it will work to enable ADF BC REST and package it into ADF library, which is consumed from Master application. It worked and I would like to...

Saturday, June 16, 2018 | Developer Tools | Read More

Oracle ADF Survival Guide by Sten Vesterli

Quickly get up to speed with Oracle's Application Development Framework (ADF). Rapidly build modern, user-friendly applications that will be easy to re-use, expand, and maintain.Oracle ADF Survival Guide covers the latest 12c version and explains all the important concepts and parts, including ADF Faces, ADF Task Flows, ADF Business Components, ADF Skins, the new Alta UI, and how to implement business logic in all layers of the application.  Organizations with existing...

Friday, June 15, 2018 | Developer Tools | Read More