Sunday Jul 06, 2014

Using ADF BC Declarative Built-in Rules: Unique Key Validator by Antonis Antoniou

Following my previous post Using ADF BC Declarative Built-in Rules: Collection Validator I would like to cover another declarative build-in rule, the "Unique Key Validator".
The "Unique Key Validator" is an entity level validator that ensures that primary key values for an entity object are always unique. For example, in the Employees table in the HR schema you can create a "Unique Key Validator" on the "EMPLOYEE_ID" (since this is the primary key) to ensure that an employee should have a unique employee id. If a key (in this example an employee id) is found in either the entity's cache or the database a "TooManyObjectsException" is thrown. Let's see how you can define a "Unique Key Validator" on the EMPLOYEE_ID column of the EMPLOYEES HR table.
I've created a new ADF Application "UniqueKeyValidatorDemo" using the "Fusion Web Application (ADF)" template and using the "Business Components from Tables" wizard I've created an Entity "EmployeesEO" based on the EMPLOYEES table, a view "EmployeesVO" based on the "EmployeesEO" entity and an Application Module "UniqueKeyValidatorAM". Read the complete article here.

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