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top tweets WebLogic Partner Community – April 2014

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clip_image001WebLogic Community Fusion Middleware Partner Community Awards 2014

clip_image002Peter van NesA new post; "Changing session-timeout for OIM 11gR2 consoles" … @wlscommunity #WebLogicCommunity

clip_image003Oracle WebLogicRegister now - Virtual Developer Day: Java 2014 - May 6th (North America), May 14th (EMEA) and May 21st (APAC)

clip_image001[1]WebLogic Community Writing the April edition of the #WebLogicCommunity newsletter - feel free to share @wlscommunity! Any content about #WebLogic and #ADF :-)

clip_image004C2B2 Consulting'A watch is simply a way to monitor one of three things:#MBeans, server log & instrumentation data' #WebLogic #JEE

clip_image005AMIS, Oracle & Java3-day European Enterprise 2 Mobility #Oracle Conference. Must visit for FMW developer2. With @chriscmuir @fnimphiu

clip_image001[2]WebLogic Community Call for presentations Oracle OpenWorld & Java One 2014

clip_image006JDeveloper & ADFNew Oracle JDeveloper for Oracle ADF Deployment on the Oracle Cloud

clip_image003[1]Oracle WebLogic Union Pacific Railroad Runs 36K Miles of Rail Track with #OracleCoherence.

clip_image006[1]JDeveloper & ADF Hide All Search Operators for ADF View Criteria Item

clip_image007Andrejus Baranovskis Andrejus Baranovskis Blog: Hide All Search Operators for ADF View Criteria Item

clip_image008GlassFishFree Java Virtual Developer Day …

clip_image009Jon petter hjulstad Weblogic and connection problems by @catoaune …

clip_image010Adam BienRomanian devs are crazy. 150 java devs registered for @transylvaniajug … In 24h... The Palinca + #javaee effect :-)

clip_image011ADF EMG Need an ADF solution that works offline? Check out the thread on the forums: …

clip_image001[3]WebLogic Community Additional new material WebLogic Community

clip_image012Diby MalakarBecome an Oracle app publisher on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace at

clip_image006[2]JDeveloper & ADF ADF Tips: How to get value of UI Components

clip_image013Oracle SOA‏ Oracle IoT - Online Forum

clip_image014OTNArchBeatThe OTNArchBeat Daily is out! … Stories via @wlscommunity @netbeans @JavaOneConf

clip_image003[2]Oracle WebLogic Get Ready for IoT - @OTNArchBeat

clip_image015OracleSupport_WLSNeed quick access to download the latest release of WLS? Bookmark worthy link

clip_image004[1]C2B2 ConsultingC2B2 Blog:'Getting the most out of #WebLogic Diagnostic Framework Part 2: Watches' by @croft @wlscommunity #JEE #Java

clip_image016Java‏ I added a video to a @YouTube playlist I2C Component with Raspberry Pi

clip_image017OracleNew @JavaEmbedded @Raspberry_Pi device translates your cat's meow #IoT #Java


clip_image020Oracle ACE ProgramCalling all ADF Developers! Submit your nomination for the 2014 Oracle Excellence Awards: Oracle Fusion...

clip_image001[4]WebLogic Community Explaining change indicator property for ADF attribute by Andrejus Baranovskis

clip_image003[3]Oracle WebLogic#WebLogic Partner Community Newsletter March 2014

clip_image003[4]Oracle WebLogicCool stuff - #Weblogic WLST ( Weblogic Scripting Tool )

clip_image001[5]WebLogic Community WebLogic Partner Community Newsletter March 2014

clip_image010[1]Adam BienMaterials for #javaee html5 workshop uploaded: … Thanks for attending

clip_image010[2]Adam Bien Btw. there are already sufficient registrations for all upcoming (April, July)

clip_image003[5]Oracle WebLogic Win free pass to #OOW14. Innovating with #WebLogic, #OracleCoherence? Submit nominations for Excellence Awards: …

clip_image021JavaOne Conference Create apps with @Gemalto Board with Java New Training #IoTDevChallenge Win a #JavaOne Trip

clip_image022OracleBlogstop tweets WebLogic Partner Community March 2014

clip_image007[1]Andrejus Baranovskis Andrejus Baranovskis Blog: Red Samurai Performance Audit Tool v 3.0 - Getting Smarter

clip_image023Johan Louwers#Oracle Call for Nominations: Oracle Fusion Middleware Innovation 2014

clip_image006[3]JDeveloper & ADF Design - Architecting for Mobile Integration Overview - YouTube

clip_image015[1]OracleSupport_WLS Opportunity continues to take discounted #Oracle #WebLogic Server 12c: Administration I Exam (1Z1-133)

clip_image024Bruno Borges G+Java: You have never seen a documentation like this. #Java8 docs rock! Tutorials, APIs, Getting Started, and more! …

clip_image025Ashish Awasthi @wlscommunity @JDeveloper Executing SQL query in an #ADF …

clip_image004[2]C2B2 ConsultingC2B2 Blog: 'Weblogic - Dynamic Clustering in practice' by Andy Overton #WebLogic #JEE #Java

clip_image026Oracle Middleware Looking to integrate existing apps w/ mobile apps? #oracle AppAdvantage is the strategy to get there. Hear how.

clip_image001[6]WebLogic CommunityImprove Your Oracle ADF App Response Time by as Much as 70 Percent by OTN and Amis

clip_image008[1]GlassFishWe are today very proud to announce the plans and roadmap for our loved GlassFish server and its upcoming versions

clip_image006[4]JDeveloper & ADFRe-Enabling USB Debugging in Android 4.3

clip_image027Simon HaslamDoes anyone know why OFM 12.1.2 doc link is not on ? /cc @OracleWebLogic @wlscommunity

clip_image028Lucas JellemaGood intro to the new NetBeans 8.0 release - …

clip_image003[6]Oracle WebLogic Therap Services replaces JBoss with #WebLogic: Improved Application Speed and Management - Ruma Sanyal

clip_image008[2]GlassFishIntro to GlassFish Management and Monitoring: … via @AdamBien @c2b2consulting @reza_rahman #glassfish

clip_image005[1]AMIS, Oracle & Java 3-day European Enterprise 2 Mobility #Oracle Conference. Must visit for FMW developer2. With @chriscmuir @fnimphiu

clip_image006[5]JDeveloper & ADFGot a cool #OracleADF or #ADF Mobile application? submit your story and you could win an Oracle OpenWorld pass… …

clip_image016[1]JavaWow, check out the Java Tutorials blog for a listing of #Java8 videos that can help you!

clip_image029adfArchSquareI added a video to a @YouTube playlist 48. Design - Designing

clip_image030Simon RitterThe new #Java magazine is out with lots of great content on #JDK8 and Java ME 8.

clip_image031RohanAf InputDate Default Message hint … @JDeveloper @adf @wlscommunity

clip_image024[1]Bruno Borges Chris Tonas answers questions on #Oracle's plan for #NetBeans 9 …

clip_image032Wolfgang WeigendToday #Java8 launch webcast worldwide and at DOAG iJUG Javaland Germany 6pm …

clip_image010[3]Adam BienYou are invited to a Java EE/SE/FX #airhacks "Come Together" tomorrow: … with #airbräu draft beer.

clip_image010[4]Adam BienSamples for yesterday's #airhacks #bootstrap #javaee workshop uploaded: … … Thanks for attending!

clip_image033orclateamsoa #orclateamsoa Blog: Improve SSL Support for Your WebLogic Domains

clip_image004[3]C2B2 ConsultingC2B2 #GlassFish Support-our engineers provide their expertise as backup to your operations teams #JEE #Java

clip_image010[5]Adam BienFree Java 8 / java EE 7 / Java FX 8 After Dark Session and Virtual, World Wide Java QA: March 26th, 6.30 - 7....

clip_image010[6]Adam BienThanks for attending the #java8 party. See you next week in Munich!: …

clip_image001[7]WebLogic Community Java Cloud security leaks …

clip_image016[2]Java#NightHacking live from Alpes JUG Thursday Join in person or online Follow @_NightHacking for time

clip_image034Markus Eisele This year's #Java and #javaee sessions at #ougn presented by @brunoborges @aslakknutsen and many others. Great!

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