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clip_image001adfArchSquare‏ I added a video to a @YouTube playlist 48. Design - Designing for Accessibility - Browser Support, ADF

clip_image002Simon RitterThe new #Java magazine is out with lots of great content on #JDK8 and Java ME 8.

clip_image003Rohan‏ Af InputDate Default Message hint … @JDeveloper @adf @wlscommunity

clip_image004Bruno Borges Chris Tonas answers questions on #Oracle's plan for #NetBeans 9 …

clip_image005Wolfgang WeigendToday #Java8 launch webcast worldwide and at DOAG iJUG Javaland Germany 6pm …

clip_image006Adam BienYou are invited to a Java EE/SE/FX #airhacks "Come Together" tomorrow: … with #airbräu draft beer.

clip_image006[1]Adam BienSamples for yesterday's #airhacks #bootstrap #javaee workshop uploaded: … … Thanks for attending!

clip_image007WebLogic Community Consolidate Your Applications on Oracle WebLogic Server

clip_image007[1]WebLogic CommunitySimple Sample Custom Database Authenticator for Oracle Weblogic Server 11g by Middleware Wonders

clip_image008orclateamsoa#orclateamsoa Blog: Improve SSL Support for Your WebLogic Domains

clip_image009C2B2 Consulting C2B2 #GlassFish Support-our engineers provide their expertise as backup to your operations teams #JEE #Java

clip_image006[2]Adam BienFree Java 8 / java EE 7 / Java FX 8 After Dark Session and Virtual, World Wide Java QA: March 26th, 6.30 - 7....

clip_image006[3]Adam BienThanks for attending the #java8 party. See you next week in Munich!: …

clip_image007[2]WebLogic CommunityDo I need to run WebLogic Server in a certified platform? By Luz Mestre

clip_image010Oracle WebLogicMilestone for the Java platform – The Release of Java 8 - @Lucas Jellema

clip_image011JDeveloper & ADFDesign - Designing for Application Customization & MDS - Customization - YouTube

clip_image010[1]Oracle WebLogic‏ JDK 8 now available on OTN

clip_image012Oracle Tech NetworkEntering the #IoT Developer Challenge? Check out these free training resources. #RaspberryPi

clip_image009[1]C2B2 Consulting#WebLogic Diagnostic Framework is often overlooked but can be very powerful when configured properly #JEE #Java

clip_image007[3]WebLogic CommunityREST, SSE or WebSockets on WebLogic 10.3.6 by Edwin Biemond

clip_image013NightHacking‏ Java 8 Released! -- Lambdas Tutorial

clip_image014Java#Java8 Now Available

clip_image015DonaldOJDKNetBeans, IntelliJ & Eclipse all GA support #java8 at launch. …

clip_image016Edwin Biemond JDK8 is now also supported by my #puppet module also option to override /usr/java and RSA key size fix for WLS 12.1.1

clip_image007[4]WebLogic Community OOW call for paper OPEN … … submit your WebLogic & ADF success now! @OracleWebLogic #WebLogicCommunity @JDeveloper

clip_image007[5]WebLogic Community WebLogic & JRockit FlightRecording scheduling by Qualogy

clip_image010[2]Oracle WebLogic#Weblogic Server JDBC Connect String For Failover and Load Balancing - Mukesh Negi

clip_image010[3]Oracle WebLogic#Weblogic Server : Custom Memory Heap Setting For Each Server

clip_image017OTNArchBeatGet Ready for #IoT: Challenges and opportunities in the Internet of Things

clip_image010[4]Oracle WebLogic WebLogic 12.1.3 Preview-We were recently pleased to present a webcast on the upcoming release of WebLogic 12.1.3.

clip_image009[2]C2B2 ConsultingWhat's C2B2's Commercial #GlassFish support?What will a customer get for the money?' @AdamBien interviews S.Millidge

clip_image010[5]Oracle WebLogicDeploying Jenkins to a #WebLogic Server - Peter Lorenzen

clip_image018OracleBlogs‏ Common WebLogic Problems by Steve Millidge

clip_image019Simon Haslam@yashoo @wlscommunity I don't think there is anything. You could try DOM/servers/<server>/data/nodemanager/<server>.state but WLST better

clip_image020Antonis Antoniou@wlscommunity Using ADF BC Declarative Built-in Rules: Collection Validator …

clip_image021Markus EiseleRunning #GlassFish 4 on #Java8 : Experiment with Java 8 Functionality in #JavaEE7 Applications by @javajuneau …

clip_image014[1]Java#Java8, Eclipse, and the Future #EclipseCon

clip_image007[6]WebLogic Community Part I – WebLogic Suite: Foundation Infrastructure for Oracle iAS (Internet App Server) Customers

clip_image007[7]WebLogic Community Common WebLogic Problems by Steve Millidge

clip_image007[8]WebLogic CommunityAdditional new material WebLogic Community

clip_image009[3]C2B2 ConsultingMissed the last #GlassFish User Group Event? No worries, watch the video presentation by @AdamBien here #JEE #Java

clip_image022d8P.itNetBeans support for JavaFX for iOS is out! | … (Spotted by @wlscommunity on #netbeans)

clip_image023Peter van Ne Exporting a LDAP or DB based #OPSS store. … @wlscommunity #WebLogicCommunity

clip_image009[4]C2B2 Consulting WebLogic 12c Does WebSockets -Getting Started' read more on C2B2 Blog #WebLogic #JEE #Java

clip_image007[9]WebLogic Community ADF Classic mistakes and Worst practices (abstract from UKOUG 2013) by Amis

clip_image024Frank NimphiusAnd the Oscar goes to … Timo Hahn from Virtual 7 … for best main acting and performance ...


clip_image004[1]Bruno Borges Migrating a @Java_EE app from @GlassFish to @OracleWebLogic, first steps and road ahead for customers and users: …

clip_image009[5]C2B2 Consulting 'C2B2,winners of the #WebLogic Partner Community Award,play a key role for Oracle Fusion Middleware in the UK market

clip_image017[1]OTNArchBeat‏ The OTNArchBeat Daily is out! … Stories via @wlscommunity @arungupta

clip_image021[1]Markus Eisele"Diagnosing Intermittent Authentication Failures and User Lock Outs in Oracle #WebLogic"

clip_image027Oracle.IMCNew Blog Post: Partner Webcast – Foundation for Innovation: Oracle Fusion Middleware oraclepartners

clip_image027[1]Oracle.IMCPartner Webcast – Oracle WebLogic Server Management using Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Slidedeck oraclepartners

clip_image024[1]Frank NimphiusOracle Magazine article about JDeveloper 12c "REST for Everyone"

clip_image028ADF Code Corner New on ADF Code Corner; Oracle Magazine article about JDeveloper 12c "REST for Everyone" …

clip_image029Steven DavelaarTaking ADF Mobile development to the next level: generate a sophisticated mobile app in a few minutes:

clip_image017[2]OTNArchBeatMaturing #REST Specifications and the Internet of Things | Phil Hunt

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Top Ten Secrets of Successful ADF Projects by Scott Tiger & OTN

There is more to developing applications with Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) than just the page building and coding.

In this video Oracle ACE Director and ADF expert Sten Vesterli teaches you all the other things you need to know to make your enterprise ADF project a success.

Topics covered include: The component catalog; Expectation management, Proof of Concept; Structuring workspaces, projects and code; Using templates and framework extension classes; Version Control and Build tools; ADF Logging. Watch this video to understand the tasks and tools necessary to successfully complete an enterprise ADF project.
This video was originally presented as part of the Oracle ACE Track during the Oracle Technology Network Virtual Developer Day event "Oracle ADF Development -- Web, Mobile and Beyond." Watch the video here.

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