Thursday Feb 06, 2014

Oracle Database 12c: Administration Workshop

Are you striving to be an Oracle Database 12c database administrator who ensures fast, reliable, secure and easy to manage performance, leading to optimized database workloads, lower IT costs and a higher quality of service? You can now gain the required knowledge and skills  when and where it suits you. Oracle University’s course:  Oracle Database 12c: Administration Workshop has recently become available in a Training On Demand format.  This course with a standard duration of 5 days is now available to you via streaming video and is accessible for 90 days. You can train between billable projects and either at work or at home.

You will learn to:

  • Create and manage an Oracle Database Instance
  • Create and manage Storage Structures
  • Configure the Oracle Network Environment
  • Create and manage users
  • Monitor the database and manage performance
  • Learn basic information on backup and recovery techniques
  • Use the Oracle Support Workbench and My Oracle Support to update your Oracle Database software

Remember: Your OPN discount is added to the standard price shown on our web pages.

This course can be ordered online. For more information and assistance please contact your local Oracle University Service Desk.

Python for the WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST) by Frank Munz

To be able to code more than the most basic WLST scripts for WebLogic you should have reasonably good Python skills. Fortunately there are many good and free resources to get started. Note that WLST as of WLS 12.1.2 is using Python 2.

Here is a list of recommendations to learn more Python and become better a WLST:

Read the complete article here.

WebLogic Partner Community

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