Thursday Nov 07, 2013

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Java Mission Control 5.2 is Finally Here! Welcome 7u40!

It has been a while since we last heard of this fancy little thing called Mission Control. It came all the way from JRockit and was renamed to Java Mission Control. This is one of the parts which literally survived the convergence strategy between HotSpot and JRockit. With today's Java SE 7 Update 40 you can actually use it again.

Java Mission Control 5.2
The former JRockit Mission Control (JRMC) is now called Java Mission Control (JMC) and is a tools suite which includes tools to monitor, manage, profile, and eliminate memory leaks in your Java application without introducing the performance overhead normally associated with tools of this type. Up to today the 5.1 version was available within the Oracle HotSpot downloads which could only be received by paying customers from the Oracle Support Website. Todays release is the first release of Java Mission Control that is bundled with the Hotspot JDK! The convergence project between JRockit and Hotspot has reached critical mass. With the 7u40 release of the Hotspot JDK there is an equivalent amount of Flight Recorder information available from Hotspot. Read the full article here.

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