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top tweets WebLogic Partner Community – August 2013

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clip_image001[12]WebLogic CommunityThe Road Ahead for WebLogic Server Interview with Will Lyons by Simon Haslam

clip_image002OracleBlogsPartner Webcast Oracle ADF Mobile: What's new in ADFM - 29 August 2013

clip_image001[13]WebLogic CommunityExalogic Implementation Workshop by PTS South Africa & Saudi Arabia

clip_image001[14]WebLogic CommunityOracle Demo Systems for Oracle partners! Use the demo systems to win your middleware deals!

clip_image003[6]OracleSupport_WLSSession Management using WebLogic12 #JDBC #Cluster

clip_image004[4]Bruno Borges Oracle #WebLogic Plugin for Apache 2.2 and 2.4: first middleware to deliver #WebSockets support for real apps …

clip_image005OTNArchBeatTop 10 Facebook Faves for August 4-10, 2013 #weblogic #coherence #oepe #oracleace

clip_image007Middleware Magic ‏On the Road #Weblogic #J2EE #commoncategory #news #testimonials #uncategorized

clip_image009Arun GuptaLearn latest JMS2/#JavaEE7 features from Nigel Deakin in GlassFish User Group meetup in London: (@c2b2consulting)

clip_image011Cloud FoundationMonday blues? We’ve got just the thing to cheer you up! The new Coherence Technical Whitepaper, deploy away!

clip_image005[1]OTNArchBeatSession Management using #WebLogic 12c | Rene van Wijk #coherence #java7

clip_image005[2]OTNArchBeat#Coherence 12.1.2 Rest application build with #OEPE | @Biemond #weblogic

clip_image013[4]JavaOneSouth of the Zone - JavaOne keynotes Sunday @ Moscone #javaone

clip_image005[3]OTNArchBeatBook review: Oracle #ADF 11gR2 Development Beginner’s Guide | @StenVesterli

clip_image001[15]WebLogic CommunityWebLogic 12c hands-on Workshops new locations: Madrid & Barcelona & Milan

clip_image014[4]Edwin BiemondCoherence 12.1.2 Rest application build with OEPE: With WebLogic 12.1.2 Oracle also released a new version of ...

clip_image001[16]WebLogic Community Oracle Fusion Middleware Customer Reference Booklet

clip_image011[1]Cloud FoundationHot off the press! A new white paper on planning a successful Coherence deployment is now available

clip_image016Oracle Eclipse Free online training session - Deploying #Oracle #ADF Applications to Oracle #Cloud by Using OEPE - sign up today

clip_image018Oracle WebLogicWow! 100% of viewers loved the #OracleCAF launch content, 75% said outstanding. Check out why, read the blog

clip_image014[5]Edwin Biemondjust finished the AMIS virtualbox #WebLogic 12.1.2 and #Oracle DB 12 image with Dynamic Servers, Elastic JMS and Coherence Clusters

clip_image019ADF EMGOffline ADF application best practices? Join the discussion: …

clip_image003[7]OracleSupport_WLS Changed or New Features in WebLogic 12.1.2

clip_image001[17]WebLogic CommunitySales Briefing Fiscal Year 2014 go to market WebLogic

clip_image003[8]OracleSupport_WLSBrand new weblogic server patching & maintenance info center - check it out, it's pretty cool and right on target

clip_image001[18]WebLogic CommunityWho is running WebLogic on Oracle Database Appliance #ODA? We want to invite you for a special #OOW reception! Contact us #WebLogicCommunity

clip_image005[4]OTNArchBeatToday - 9am PT / Noon ET / 1pm BRT: OTN Virtual Developer Day: Mobile Development for iOS and Android. Register now!

clip_image001[19]WebLogic CommunityADF training for Oracle partners across Europe #adf #adfbootcamp #WebLogicCommunity #education @fnimphiu

clip_image001[20]WebLogic Community ‏Additional new material WebLogic Community

clip_image003[9]OracleSupport_WLSRegistrations open for August 13th advisor webcast on WebLogic Server – Support Interaction Optimization

clip_image001[21]WebLogic CommunityWebLogic Application redeployment using shared libraries - without downtime by Andreas Koop

clip_image020Frank HoppeOracle Traffic Director - new cool features in by Frances Zhao via @wlscommunity

clip_image005[5]OTNArchBeat The OTNArchBeat Daily is out! … ▸ Top stories today via @InfoQ @wlscommunity

clip_image021Sten VesterliFajitas, margaritas, and conversations on task flows - ADF EMG social night at OOW: …

clip_image001[22]WebLogic CommunityWebLogic 12.1.2 technical launch webcasts on-demand & WebLogic Community feedback

clip_image001[23]WebLogic CommunityFederal Agency for Information and Telecommunications Improves Performance and Availability of Critical Applications, Automates Upgrades…

clip_image009[1]Arun GuptaSecuring WebSocket applications on GlassFish: …

clip_image014[6]Edwin Biemond ‏the #puppet #WebLogic module now supports 12.1.2 Dynamic Clusters with JMS, dynamic cluster and JMS part really rocks

clip_image023Andreas KoopOracle Cloud Application Foundation Goes GA; Unifying WebLogic, Coherence Could Change Cloud Game via @zite

clip_image024ADF Code CornerPlease join the ADF TV channel on Youtube. See trailer here: … Subscribe here: … Its free.

clip_image002[1]OracleBlogsWebLogic 12.1.2 launch webcast on-demand & WebLogic Community feedback

clip_image003[10]OracleSupport_Quick introduction to the new #WebLogic 12.1.2 #Maven Plugin

clip_image023[1]Andreas KoopWith #OEPE we get maven archetype to create ADF application Project structure …

clip_image001[24]WebLogic CommunitySpecial thanks to @simon_haslam & @frankmunz for the great webcast participation … #WebLogicCommunity #OracleCAF

clip_image001[25]WebLogic CommunityWebLogic 12.1.2 launch webcast on-demand & WebLogic Community feedback

clip_image025Mark Nelson New Maven support in Coherence 12c

clip_image025[1]Mark Nelsonuick introduction to the new WebLogic Maven Plugin (in 12.1.2)

clip_image026chriscmuirAre you a Google+ and ADF developer? Check out the G+ ADF community group - …

clip_image001[26]WebLogic CommunityExalogic Engineered Systems Strategy for Optimizing Software Performance Presentation

clip_image027Frank MunzA well known glitch or WebLogic 12.1.2. nodemanager bug? Did you ever notice it in 10.3.x ??

clip_image001[27]WebLogic CommunityOracle Traffic Director - download and check out new cool features in by Frances Zhao

clip_image011[2]Cloud FoundationMiss something during the #OracleCAF launch? Archives at

clip_image029Andrejus BaranovskisBoth our papers - ADF Anti-Patterns and ADF Survival Kit are accepted for UKOUG Technology Conference. This will...

clip_image005[6]OTNArchBeatListen: Mobile Architectures and ADF Mobile with @andrejusb @lucb_ @stevendavelaar @JDevShay #OracleCAF

clip_image031JDeveloper & ADFNew #Oracle #ADF Architecture TV episode - Planning and Getting Started - Developer PCs

clip_image005[7]OTNArchBeatGet educated: ADF Mobile Academy - Free multimedia resource #OracleCAF

clip_image011[3]Cloud Foundation#ADF providing richer components and advanced mobile functionality. #OracleCAF #HTML5

clip_image033Carlos ChangOracle ADF Mobile, build mobile apps for iOS and Android w/ Java #WebLogic #Coherence #OracleCAF #Jdeveloper #mobile

clip_image035OracleEnterpriseMgrThe JVM diagnostics features of #EM12c are now shown in a demo by @hawkinsg1 at the #OracleCAF launch

clip_image037Shaun SmithCurious about the new #Coherence 12.1.2 GoldenGate HotCache feature? I explain all on youtube: … #OracleCAF

clip_image001[28]WebLogic CommunityJoin the #WebLogic Partner Community for the latest WebLogic 12.1.2 details and upcoming trainings #OracleCAF

clip_image018[1]Oracle WebLogic Unified update, patch, install process is a key component in reducing Ops cost in #WebLogic 12c #OracleCAF

clip_image001[29]WebLogic CommunityDemo time #WebLogic cluster creation in seconds #OracleCAF by @mike_lehmann & Will Lyons #WebLogicCommunity

clip_image018[2]Oracle WebLogicDynamic server clusters to scale apps - coming up in #WebLogic 12c launch. #OracleCAF

clip_image018[3]Oracle WebLogicKey feature of #WebLogic 12.1.2 release: @Oracle Database 12c integration. #OracleCAF #OracleDB

clip_image005[8]OTNArchBeatMany tech posts on #weblogic available on #oracleace Rene van Wijk's blog. #OracleCAF

clip_image027[1]Frank MunzCorrect me if I am wrong, but this could be the first WebLogic 12.1.2 training ever: …

clip_image011[4]Cloud Foundation#WebLogic 12.1.2 deep dive starts NOW during #OracleCAF launch. #Coherence up next in a few minutes.

clip_image038Maciej Gruszka ‏Watch … at #WebLogic channel with @dave_cabelus about Elastic JMS

clip_image018[4]Oracle WebLogicPick up the new book by @frankmunz on WLS 12c #WebLogic #OracleCAF

clip_image005[9]OTNArchBeat@frankmunz 's #WebLogic YouTube channel >> watch and learn #OracleCAF

clip_image001[30]WebLogic Community@frankmunz WebLogic expert build elastic clouds with #WebLogic #OracleCAF #WebLogicCommunity

clip_image005[10]OTNArchBeat@frankmunz 's blog, covering #weblog #cloud and more #OracleCAF

clip_image005[11]OTNArchBeatoracladmin: @simon_haslam 's Oracle Fusion Middleware blog #OracleCAF #oracleace

clip_image038[1]Maciej GruszkaTry for Yourself -- Download the products Oracle WebLogic 12.1.2: … Oracle Coherence 12c: …

clip_image001[31]WebLogic CommunityWhat is Your favorite feature in #WebLogic 12.1.2 ? cool stuff! #OracleCAF #WebLogicCommunity

clip_image038[2]Maciej GruszkaExecution Context ID inside #EM12c across middleware and DB allows to really diagnose many issues - cool and simple.

clip_image038[3]Maciej Gruszka#EM12c does multi domain patching of #WebLogic - use case required in many projects

clip_image039Yuri GrinshteynCoherence uses WLS tooling, including deployment, and can be part of the WLS cluster. Well done there. #OracleCAF

clip_image038[4]Maciej Gruszka#Coherence 12.1.2 auto updates data grid on changes inside DB thru #GoldenGate HotCache - another cool feature of #OracleCAF

clip_image039[1]Yuri Grinshteyn EM12cR3 features - management extended to Web tier, TopLink, ADF, etc. Complete stack management. #OracleCAF

clip_image018[5]Oracle WebLogicFrom #OracleCAF launch: Tight integration tween WLS, #Coherence and #OracleDB. Dynamic clusters, OSS support & more

clip_image005[12]OTNArchBeat25 recent no-fluff technical articles on Oracle WebLogic #OracleCAF

clip_image038[5]Maciej Gruszka GAR - Grid Archive - new model of deploying application to #Coherence clusters inside new #OracleCAF 12.1.2

clip_image038[6]Maciej Gruszka@dave_cabelus Elastic JMS is my favourite capability of #WebLogic 12.1.2

clip_image001[32]WebLogic Community Dynamic WebLogic Clustering COOL - what is Wour favorite 12.1.2 feature? #OracleCAF #WebLogicCommunity

clip_image001[33]WebLogic Community WebLogic partner experts @simon_haslam & @frankmunz share WebLogic 12.1.2 experience at lunch #WebLogic #OracleCAF

clip_image001[34]WebLogic CommunityWebLogic 121.2 launch webcast is open starts in 10 minutes … #WebLogicCommunity

clip_image018[6]Oracle WebLogicOnly 30 minutes until the live #OracleCAF launch incl #WebLogic & #Coherence ! Register if you haven't already:

clip_image003[11]OracleSupport_WLS ‏How to analyze java thread dumps

clip_image001[35]WebLogic CommunityWhat is the coolest #WebLogic 12.1.2 feature? Let us know @wlscommunity … #WebLogicCommunity

clip_image005[13]OTNArchBeatHands-On Lab Instructions for OTN Virtual Developer Day: Mobile Development for iOS and Android #adf

clip_image040Simon Haslam#WebLogic 12.1.2 is a *stonking* release for admins - see my blog post (at last!) …

clip_image041Markus Eisele#WebLogic 12.1.2 - an Important New Release for Middleware Admins by @simon_haslam

clip_image042GlassFishOracle GlassFish Server 3.1.2 and 2.1.1 updates: Support and maintenance is one of the added value of Oracle G...

clip_image041[1]Markus Eisele ‏What's New In #OEPE #Eclipse #Oracle

clip_image027[2]Frank Munz"Even with many years of Weblogic experience under my belt, I still ran into a large number of surprises and new ..."

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