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top tweets WebLogic Partner Community – January 2013

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clip_image001WebLogic Community Java roadmap by Wolfgang Weigend at OOP 2013

clip_image002Markus Eisele Top 10 #Java Tech Articles Published by OTN in 2012

clip_image004Oracle WebLogic Nice blog by @frankmunz: What is Listening on Open Ports and Files - #WebLogic.

clip_image006JavaThe Nordic #Java Nighthacking Tour by @steveonjava starts on Jan 25 in Iceland - ends at #Jfokus in Sweden.

clip_image001[1]WebLogic Community Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum 2013 - only 100 seats left! #opn #ofmforum #WebLogicCommunity

clip_image007OracleSupport_WLSConfigure #Microsoft IIS7 as a proxy server with #weblogic

clip_image007[1]OracleSupport_WLS#Java Heap Space – #JRockit VM different memory spaces

clip_image004[1]Oracle WebLogicNew Blog Post: Turkcell's usage of WebLogic and Coherence across its Telecom. Environment

clip_image008Maciej GruszkaTurkcell's Deployment of Oracle WebLogic Server and Coherence Across its Telecommunications Environment …

clip_image010Oracle for Partners Do you want to learn about #Oracle Fusion Middleware? Register now! #OPN #Fusion

clip_image001[2]WebLogic Community WebLogic 12 hands-on bootcamps for partners–new dates & locations

clip_image007[2]OracleSupport_WLSFor MOS users: #Oracle supported #Java #JDK, #JRE and #JVM brands and versions and how to obtain support for them?

clip_image001[3]WebLogic CommunityADF Essentials Security Implementation for Glassfish Deployment by Andrejus Baranovskis

clip_image012Andreas Koop[blog post] Managing ADF Applications with Oracle Java Cloud Service Control

clip_image013JAX London‏ JAX Conf 2013 Call for papers now open!

clip_image014Michel SchildmeijerLST change script to SOA Common, BPEL an BPMN Properties #oracle #weblogic

clip_image016JDeveloper & ADFDon't miss the Oracle ADF Hackers Event in #Germany. 24-25 of January 2013! Get all the information here (German):

clip_image017luc borsNew Blogpost: #ADF Mobile device interaction from Java - Take Picture, get GPS and send Email in 1 go from 1 button:

clip_image001[4]WebLogic Community top tweets WebLogic Partner Community – December 2012

clip_image001[5]WebLogic Community WebLogic Partner Community Newsletter December 2012

clip_image018Frank Nimphius. booked flight and hotel for "ADF Fitness Center 2013" event 24-JAN-13 - 25-JAN-13 in Munich. See (German)

clip_image017[1]luc borsFull house at the @AMIS_Services #ADF Masterclass. People from 4 countries are joining us for a day packed with ADF.

clip_image019Pieter Kranenburg Qualogy Blog: #Exalogic Elastic Cloud v2. now available on e-Delivery

clip_image007[3]OracleSupport_WLS Difference between thread states in #weblogic

shay shmeltzerNew blog/video - Updating an #Oracle #ADF Web Service Data Control When Service Structure or Location Change - …

clip_image021Gertjan van het HofOracle Launches Oracle Developer Cloud Service for Preview …

clip_image007[4]OracleSupport_WLS Why is my MDB JMS consumer not reconnecting?

clip_image022OracleBlogs‏ 11 ADF Mobile Apps in 30 Hours

clip_image022[1]OracleBlogs‏ WebFX: Running JavaFX as web page

clip_image024Jonathan Giles If anyone is looking for a JavaFX CSS challenge, this would be a good one: (adding connecting lines to TreeView)

clip_image017[2]luc borsChristmas present? Win a free copy of "Oracle #ADF Real World Developer's Guide". Read the review ( ) & leave a comment

clip_image007[5]OracleSupport_WLS New #WLS blog post: Data Source Connection Pool Sizing

clip_image007[6]OracleSupport_WLSConfiguring #Weblogic Server 10.3.6 from 32-bit mode to 64-bit mode

clip_image001[6]WebLogic Community @Gossmann_Gabor Hi Gabor please register online for the Java Developer Day at #OOP2013 … #wlscommunity #java

clip_image022[2]OracleBlogs‏ Java Cloud and Developer Service

clip_image025Adam Bien book got 5 stars at … and 2* 5 … Thanks!

clip_image007[7]OracleSupport_WLSSimple setting but easy to forget on new configuration, redirecting #JVM output

clip_image026GOKHAN ATILConfiguring Weblogic Server 10.3.6 from 32-bit mode to 64-bit mode … I may need to use it someday! :)

clip_image028Oracle MiddlewareDid you see the Exalogic demo? Visit the #Middleware blog now to see

clip_image030JavaOne‏ More about #DevoxxUK and #DevoxxFR. CFP open!

clip_image007[8]OracleSupport_WLS#Oracle Java Message Service (#JMS) on #WebLogic Server: Deep Dive, 12/12/12 10am PT/1pm ET

clip_image032Andrejus Baranovskis ADF Mobile - Geo Location and Google Maps

clip_image008[1]Maciej GruszkaADF Mobile development show - really impressive: …

clip_image025[1]Adam BienThanks for attending #jughh session yesterday. Sample project (and 34 slides !!!) checked in: … Thanks #oose and #jughh!

clip_image007[9]OracleSupport_WLS#weblogic troubleshooting with #JRockit

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