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ADF and JavaScript hands-on Developer Meetup July 6th Utrecht Netherlands

Juergen Kress
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ADF is a rich web client framework that internally uses plenty of JavaScript to power rich UI components, partial page rendering and other aspects of the user experience. Although ADF is largely declarative and focused mainly on the (Java) server side for creating the user interface, there is a lot to be gained with ADF Faces from using JavaScript. A richer, faster and leaner user experience can be achieved, functionality is sometimes much harder or even virtually impossible to implement with only server side programming, with smart JavaScript we may lower the load on the server thereby improving the scalability of the application, we can leverage the fairly recent HTML5 APIs for client side persistence, file upload, etc. and through JavaScript we are able to embed rich 3rd party components in our ADF Faces UI – from Google Maps to advanced visualization (beyond ADF DVT).

In this session - presented by Lucas Jellema - we will discuss how JavaScript can be integrated into out-of-the-box ADF Faces – release 12c. What are the available hooks for injecting JavaScript, how can we programmatically manipulate UI components, how do we achieve client to server (AJAX) and server to client (including push) interaction and how do we embed 3rd party web components. We will discuss the development with JavaScript in JDeveloper and the browser – including source control, debugging, logging, JSON. The session will introduce JavaScript and some of the main language concepts in the context of the browser. We will revisit briefly the notion of functions, variables, data scope, DOM manipulation and event handling. Through a number of real world use cases, we will then start using JavaScript in an ADF Faces application, from simple field validation to complex intra and inter-page navigation, the client event bus and highly interactive user interfaces through server to client push. The source code is discussed for many examples – and it will become clear how easy it can be to make an ADF Faces application much more interesting and responsive. No experience with JavaScript is required – the code samples will be small and straightforward to anyone with any programming experience.

In the handson workshop you will go through a number of use cases yourself. Please bring your own laptop with JDeveloper 12c (preferably 12.2.1.x) installed and running (no database required). Note: all materials are made available for use at home or in your office.



Thursday July 6th 2017

Tijd: 17.00 – 21.00 uur (inclusief diner)

Locatie: Edisonbaan 15, Nieuwegein


For more information please visit our Meetup group here and the Amis website here.

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