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· Java Cloud Service, JET, and ADF BC REST Production Experience: Technical Tips and Tricks Oracle ACE Director Andrejus Baranovskis and his team recently used Java Cloud Service, JET, and ADF BC REST to develop an application for a Lithuanian start-up. This article describes the development in deep technical detail and highlights tips and tricks learned in the experience. Read it.

· Video: The Moon, Jupiter, and Beyond: JavaFX and the Final Frontier Software development isn't rocket science -- except when it is. Sean Phillips and the A.I. Solutions team developed a tool called the Deep Space Trajectory Explorer, which is used to design trajectories for deep space missions. Sean describes that work in this short interview. Watch.

· Video: Who Needs Microservices Anyway? Who needs microservices? You do. Or at least you will at some point, when the circumstances are right. So best be well prepared for when the time comes, right? Software architect and indie consultant Reza Rahman offers some sound advice on separating the microservice hype from reality in this new 2 Minute Tech Tip. Watch.

· Developer Cloud Service May Update The May update for Oracle Developer Cloud Service adds over 30 new features, including a new top-level feature to track Releases, tools to provision Oracle Cloud services in Builds, new webhooks for external build systems, enhancements to Agile tools, and language aware Code Search. Learn more.

· Oracle Code Oracle Code is an event for developers building modern Web, mobile, enterprise, and cloud-native applications. The focus is on the latest software developer technologies, practices, and trends, including: Containers, Microservices/APIs, and DevOps; Databases; Open Source Technologies; Development Tools and Low Code Platforms; Machine Learning, Chatbots and AI. Click the link below for the complete schedule. Learn more.

· ForbesBrandVoice Article: Succeed By Failing: How To Speed Your Software Development -- And Why It Matters

· Podcast: Siddhartha Argawal talks how Oracle is supporting Application Developers

· Spark Java based Microservice - Deployment Automation in the Oracle Cloud - Spark Java is micro framework for creating web applications in Java 8. Learn the basics of Spark Java and how to develop and deploy applications to Oracle Cloud PaaS.

· Blog Post: Getting Started with Microservices: Basic Patterns and Best Practices

· Customer Reference: Nexen Tire Processes Orders 3x Faster and Improves Service with Oracle Cloud (Solutions used: DBCS, JCS, Sales Cloud) and Customer Reference: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries selects Oracle PaaS (Solutions used: JCS, DBCS)

· Deploying Dropwizard Application on Application Container Cloud Service - Get started with Dropwizard to build lightweight, REST-based microservices. Learn how to develop, package, and deploy to Application Container Cloud Service.

· Blog Post: Introducing Application Cache Client Java SDK for Oracle Cloud

· Blog Post: Caching with Oracle Application Container Cloud

· New Version of Oracle Application Builder Cloud Service: includes integration with Oracle Process Cloud Service, REST interfaces for external access to ABCS Business Objects, support for JET composite components for UI extensions, Mobile apps on top of Oracle SaaS and more.

· New Version of Oracle Developer Cloud Service: includes integration of PSM in the build steps enabling you to automate PaaS provisioning and configuration. Release management - mange the artifact that create a release of your application. Jenkins WebHooks - connect DevCS to external Jenkins CI/CD and more.

· Automating PHP-based Microservices Deployment in the Oracle Cloud - Learn how to develop PHP-based microservices in which run on Application Container Cloud Service

· Improved Oracle Maven integration in DevCS: Need to deploy Oracle SOA Cloud Service apps? Now it is simpler with the new Maven integration features in Developer Cloud Service.

· Developer Cloud Service New Features - Developer Cloud Service adds new tools for Database development, Docker integration, PHP application deployment and more.

· Oracle Developer Cloud for NodeJS application Testing Automation using Jasmine - Jasmine is a popular unit testing framework for Node.js applications. Learn how to incorporate unit testing for Node.js into your automated development processes.

· Infrastructure as Code with Oracle Stack Manager and Oracle Developer Cloud Service demo and presentation. Learn how to incorporate infrastructure provisioning with Oracle Stack Manager into your Continuous Delivery development and test cycles.

· Automating DevOps for the Oracle Database with Developer Cloud Service and SQLcl - New features in Developer Cloud Service enable Database developers to take advantage of build, test, and deployment automation of SQL and PL/SQL.

· iPaper: A New Wave of Digital Engagement: Using Mobile Technology to Increase ROI

· Customer LookBook - Oracle Mobile Helps Customers Succeed (PDF)

· Forbes Article, Rogers Group: Oracle Mobile Helps Rogers Group Pave the Way to Success

· Rogers Group Customer Reference using Oracle Mobile Cloud Service: Watch the video; Read the blog post

· Customer Video: Estapar Live in 30 Days with Oracle Mobile

· Customer reference Blog Post: Doosan Heavy Industries Modernizes with Oracle Mobile

· Customer Demo: New Oracle Mobile Demo App for Higher Ed - Sofbang recently created a "Campus Life" app for customers in higher education. The app demos Oracle Mobile Cloud Service and features everything from push notifications and GPS to a chatbot assistant and IoT and Beacon integration. Try them out! iOS app here, Android app here.

· Read the Blog Post: Implementing Your Own Chatbot Platform

· Chatbots 101 Infographic - Check out insightful stats on how bots will change the landscape and interface of future applications

· Video: What is a Chatbot? And Why Should You Care?

· Whitepaper by Oracle Partner, Rapid Value: Unified Mobile Application discusses details on how the company built "unified mobile apps" for Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (MCS) customers

Learn about Chatbot development, and how enterprises must adapt to shifting customer engagement preferences. Watch the video and share with your mobile customers.

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