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WebCenter Workshops and Seminars

The following workshops and eSeminars are already scheduled. You are allowed to forward eSeminars and events with registration links to any interested Oracle partner or consulting employee. If links are missing, please contact the organizer to be invited for this workshop (and get a registration link).

Oracle WebCenter Content Foundation

Oracle ADF Foundation

  • October 10 -12, 2012: Colombes, Paris, France

WebCenter Content Management

WebCenter Sites

  • November 20th - 22nd, 2012: Madrid, Spain

ADF - Oracle Application Development Framework

OPN Competency Center (OPN CC) Enhancements are Now available!

The newest OPN Competency Center (OPN CC) enhancements are now available. This release is focused on a new look and simplified navigation, and Resell Competency Tracking functionality.

Some of the key features released include:

  • New Look and Feel with Simplified Navigation
  • Resell Competency Tracker
  • Enhanced Training Manager Functionality

Deal Registration Moves to Oracle Partner Store (OPS)

In November 2012, Oracle's partner deal registration process will move to the Oracle Partner Store (OPS). During this time, OPS will become the single source for partners to register deals, obtain deal status, and place orders.

Detailed instructions on each of these tasks can be found on the OPS Information Page. OPS will offer several enhancements to the deal registration process, including:

  • Simplified Registration Form
  • Easier Product Selection
  • Expanded Browser Support
  • Shared Registration Visibility Between VAD and VAR
  • Pre-set Customer Selection From Partner Ordering Base

Oracle ADF Mobile

We are happy to announce that Oracle ADF Mobile is now available for our customers.

Oracle ADF Mobile enables developer to build applications that install and run on both iOS and Android devices from one source code.
Development is done with JDeveloper and ADF and leverages Java and HTML5 technologies, while keeping the same visual and declarative approach ADF is known for.

Please Click here to read more about the Oracle ADF Mobile release and learn more on our OTN Page.

Feature Highlights:

  • Java - Oracle brings a Java VM embedded with each application so you can develop all your business logic in the platform neutral language you know and love! (Yes, even iOS!)
  • JDBC - Since we give you Java, we also provide JDBC along with a SQLite driver and engine that also supports encryption out of the box.
  • Multi-Platform - Truly develop your application only once and deploy to multiple platforms. iOS and Android platforms are supported for both phone and tablet.
  • Flexible - You can decide how to implement the UI:
    • Use existing server-based UI framework like JSF.
    • Use your own favorite HTML5 framework like JQuery.
    • Use our declarative HTML5 component set provided with the framework.
  • Device Feature Access - You can get access to device features from either Java or JavaScript to invoke features like camera, GPS, email, SMS, contacts, etc.
  • Secure - ADF Mobile provides integrated security that works with your server back-end as well. Whether you’re using remote URLs, local HTML or AMX, you can secure any/all of your features with a single consistent login page. Since we also give you SQLite encryption, we are assured that your data is safe.
  • Rapid - Using the same development techniques that ADF developers are already used to, you can quickly create mobile applications without ever learning another language!
  • ADF Mobile XML or AMX for short, provides all the normal input and layout controls you expect and we also add charts/maps/gauges along with it to provide a very comprehensive UI controls. You can also mix and match any of the three for ultimate flexibility!

WebCenter Marketing and Upcoming Events


Date Event Name Location/Country
October 30, 2012 ResCare Solves Content Lifecycle Challenges with Oracle WebCenter Webcast
November 1, 2012 Paper Burying Your HR Processes? Dig Your Way Out With Oracle WebCenter! Webcast
November 15, 2012 Social Business Thought Leader Webcast: Three Ways to Fix Your Broken Organization, featuring Christian Finn Webcast


  • WebCenter Sites Sales eVite:
    Embrace the Base: Create an Exceptional Online Customer Experience with Oracle WebCenter Sites
    Directs recipients to the Connected Customer Experience Resource Center to see the latest demos, analyst reports, and customer webcasts promoting WebCenter Sites. For more information Click  here.
  • WebCenter Social Business Thought Leaders Series:
    • Digital Darwinism: How Brands Can Survive the Rapid Evolution of Society and Technology
      Brian Solis, Altimeter Group digital analyst and futurist
      December 13, 2012 10am PDT
      Registration available soon, find other content from this speaker here.
  • Webcast: WebCenter Sites for Applications:
    Disconnected Online Customer Experience? Connect it with Oracle WebCenter
  • WebCenter in Action Customer & Partner webcast series: Started earlier in FY13, a new webcast series featuring WebCenter customer deployments that are executed by a partner.

    The next webcast in the series will be November 14th:

    Los Angeles Department of Building & Safety Lowers Customer Service Costs with Oracle WebCenter Click here to learn more.
  • OnDemand Webcast: ResCare Solves Content Lifecycle Challenges with Oracle WebCenter
    Complex documents must be created, assembled, reviewed, and tracked. To avoid fragmented, chaotic information processes, organizations must adopt an integrated set of strategies, standards, best practices, and technologies for managing information. Attend this webcast to learn how Oracle WebCenter has allowed ResCare to: solve content lifecycle challenges, reduce compliance and business risks and increase adoption of intranet as primary business communication tool.

On-Demand Assets

Date Event Name Location/Country
On Demand Avoid Social Media Fatigue - Learn the 9 C’s of Customer Engagement, featuring Ray Wang, Principal Analyst and CEO, Constellation Research Webcast
On Demand WebCenter in Action Series: Hitachi Data Systems Improves Global Web Experience with Oracle WebCenter, presented by Hitachi Data Systems and Lingotek. Webcast
On Demand Managing Social Relationships for the Enterprise, featuring Jeremiah Owyang, Industry Analyst, Altimeter Group and Reggie Bradford, Vice President, Oracle Webcast
On Demand Oracle’s Vision for the Social-Enabled Enterprise, presented by Mark Hurd, Thomas Kurian and Reggie Bradford Webcast
On Demand WebCenter in Action Series: Qualcomm Provides a Seamless Experience for Customers with Oracle WebCenter, presented by Qualcomm and Keste. Webcast
On Demand Social Business Thought Leaders Series: 6 Counterintuitive Best Practices for Social Collaboration Adoption, featuring John Brunswick, Oracle. Webcast
On Demand Oracle WebCenter Connects Patients and Researchers in Cancer Control Mission, presented by Canadian Partnership Against Cancer and App-Systems Webcast
On Demand Oracle WebCenter: Modernize, Aggregate and Extend Your Portals Webcast
On Demand Top 10 Technology Trends Driving Business Innovation, featuring Andy Mulholland, CTO, Capgemini Webcast
On Demand Helps Families Uncover History with Oracl e WebCenter Webcast
On Demand Organic Business Networks: Doing Business in a Hyper-Connected World, featuring Mike Fauscette, GVP, IDC Webcast
On Demand Social Business and Innovation, featuring John Mancini, President, AIIM Webcast
On Demand Do More with Oracle WebCenter: Expand Beyond Web Experience Management Webcast
On Demand Race Against the Machine, featuring Andrew McAfee, author and principal scientist at MIT Webcast
On Demand Introducing Oracle WebCenter Sites 11gR1: Transforming the Online Experience Webcast
On Demand Mobile is the New Face of Engagement, featuring Ted Schadler, Vice President & Principal Analyst, Forrester Research Inc Webcast

Analyst Report:

  • IDC Research: Oracle Debuts New Release of Oracle WebCenter Sites.

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