Wednesday Oct 31, 2012

OPN Competency Center (OPN CC) Enhancements are Now available!

The newest OPN Competency Center (OPN CC) enhancements are now available. This release is focused on a new look and simplified navigation, and Resell Competency Tracking functionality.

Some of the key features released include:

  • New Look and Feel with Simplified Navigation
  • Resell Competency Tracker
  • Enhanced Training Manager Functionality

Oracle ADF Mobile

We are happy to announce that Oracle ADF Mobile is now available for our customers.

Oracle ADF Mobile enables developer to build applications that install and run on both iOS and Android devices from one source code.
Development is done with JDeveloper and ADF and leverages Java and HTML5 technologies, while keeping the same visual and declarative approach ADF is known for.

Please Click here to read more about the Oracle ADF Mobile release and learn more on our OTN Page.

Feature Highlights:

  • Java - Oracle brings a Java VM embedded with each application so you can develop all your business logic in the platform neutral language you know and love! (Yes, even iOS!)
  • JDBC - Since we give you Java, we also provide JDBC along with a SQLite driver and engine that also supports encryption out of the box.
  • Multi-Platform - Truly develop your application only once and deploy to multiple platforms. iOS and Android platforms are supported for both phone and tablet.
  • Flexible - You can decide how to implement the UI:
    • Use existing server-based UI framework like JSF.
    • Use your own favorite HTML5 framework like JQuery.
    • Use our declarative HTML5 component set provided with the framework.
  • Device Feature Access - You can get access to device features from either Java or JavaScript to invoke features like camera, GPS, email, SMS, contacts, etc.
  • Secure - ADF Mobile provides integrated security that works with your server back-end as well. Whether you’re using remote URLs, local HTML or AMX, you can secure any/all of your features with a single consistent login page. Since we also give you SQLite encryption, we are assured that your data is safe.
  • Rapid - Using the same development techniques that ADF developers are already used to, you can quickly create mobile applications without ever learning another language!
  • ADF Mobile XML or AMX for short, provides all the normal input and layout controls you expect and we also add charts/maps/gauges along with it to provide a very comprehensive UI controls. You can also mix and match any of the three for ultimate flexibility!

Monday Jul 30, 2012

Oracle Validated Integration

Oracle Validated Integration establishes credibility with Oracle customers by providing them with confidence that the integration of your complementary solution with Oracle Applications or Oracle Fusion Middleware products:

  • has been tested as functionally and technically sound
  • is designed in a reliable, standardized way
  • operates and performs as documented

In addition to gaining access to integration enablement resources, hundreds of partners have invested in Oracle Validated Integration to accelerate sales opportunities and attract new customers by leveraging exclusive Oracle Validated Integration go-to-market benefits (Click here to see benefits).

Tuesday May 22, 2012

WebCenter Training

Oracle Webcenter Content (UCM) Workshop June 12-14, 2012: Reading, United Kingdom. Please Contact Clive Simpkins for invite.

Wednesday Apr 25, 2012

Meet the Oracle WebCenter Team: Loren Weinberg, Vice President of Product Management and Strategy

The Oracle WebCenter team includes some of the best minds in the industry, and in this series of articles we are introducing readers to some of the team's key players. In this edition, we turn the spotlight on Loren Weinberg, vice president of product management and strategy, who joined the Oracle WebCenter team last September, following Oracle's acquisition of FatWire.

Read More

Customer Snapshots

WebCenter Sites on OTN

Pages for WebCenter Sites are now live! 
  • Customers can access content and information on the Overview, Documentation, Community, and Learn More tabs. 
  • A new discussion forum is available for Sites from the Community tab.  This new forum is under the WebCenter umbrella category.
  • The Downloads tab will become available with the release of 11gR1.
  • Direct any questions, concerns, or suggestions about the WebCenter Sites presence on OTN to Joe Duane.

Tuesday Mar 27, 2012

WebCenter Sites Documentation

To get access to the FatWire branded support material, please go to and register for a new account. When WebCenter Sites 11gR1 is available, all relevant documentation will be available through the normal Oracle support infrastructure.

Tuesday Jan 03, 2012

WebCenter Specialization Logos

Did you know that Specialized Partners and Certified Implementation Specialists can use their logos?

As a result of the rebranding you can use the WebCenter Content and WebCenter Portal logos. Here are two examples of how this can look like:

Tuesday Oct 25, 2011

Certified Implementation Specialist Logos

In order to differentiate yourself in the market place you are now able to use Certified WebCenter Implementations Specialist Logo's on your Company Business Card or C.V. You can now easily download your achieved OPN Certified Specialist logos from within the "MyCurrent OPN Certificates" section accessible from the home page of OPN Competency Center.

Who can access?
Any authorized user who has achieved OPN Certification can download an OPN Specialist logo.

How to download?

Take these few simple steps:

1. Go to
OPN Competency Center (OPN CC)
2. Go to "Click Here for Your Complete Training History"
3. Download your OPN Specialist logo

Is that simple!

How to create a new Pearson VUE account? Click here for instructions on how to map your profile.

*If your Certification does not appear, please ensure that you follow these instructions to link your training profile.
**Only OPN Certification logos are available. Online exams for OPN sales, presales or support do not have Certified logos. Click
here for a complete list of exams.

If you have any questions, please contact

Download your OPN Specialist logo today!


Monday Oct 17, 2011

WebCenter Implementation Specialist EXAM

For Partners who want to become a WebCenter certified implementation specialist we have made available useful material that will prepare you for the EXAM:

 WebCenter Content Essentials Exam (1Z0-542) Preparation Presentation

WebCenter Portal Essentials 11g Exam (1Z0-541) Preparation Presentation

Good luck!

Saturday Sep 17, 2011

WebCenter Sites Specialization

In order to give value for Partners as a result of the Fatwire acquisition Oracle also announced Specialization for WebCenter Sites. Watch this space !!!

See also The Specialization Guide which offers a consolidated view of the Specialization Competency Readiness for all launched and planned Specializations and the Criteria that need to be met for joining the OPN Specialized program.


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