Tuesday Apr 16, 2013

'In Touch' with David Callaghan (Hardware Edition): Webcast Highlights

A great discussion around the topic of Hardware and Oracle's new SPARC Servers was had during our live broadcast of the In Touch Oracle Partner Cast.

David Callaghan, Senior Vice President EMEA Alliances and Channels, posed your questions to studio guests Sue Oliva, VP Oracle Systems Product Management & Operations, and Olivier Tordo, Senior Director A&C Sales & Strategy, to see how partners can capitalise on these developments and to find out how Oracle will support them in doing this. Read more highlights.

If you missed the live cast, you can now catch up on demand here.

Wednesday Apr 10, 2013

Important: Resell Rights for SPARC T5 and M5

Please take note of the following information on the Resell Rights for the newly announced SPARC T5 and M5 systems.

SPARC T5 Resell Rights

  • The existing T-Series Knowledge Zone tabs have been updated with T5 content!
  • The “Sell” tab reflects the updated Sales and PreSales Guided Learning Paths (GLPs)
  • Important: Resellers already authorized to resell T4 can also resell T5, until their renewal comes up. In other words, if a partners can sell T-Series servers (ie, T-Series Server Knowledge Zone), then automatically they can sell the T5. 
    • At renewal, partners will need to complete the newly posted T5 Sales/PreSales GLPs as part of their renewal process
    • At renewal, partners will need to get T5 Resell Rights even if they just need to resell T4 servers

SPARC M5 Resell Rights

  • New product - new Knowledge Zone!
  • New criteria for Resell Authorization

In order to apply to distribute Oracle SPARC M5-32 Server products, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a Gold, Platinum, or Diamond member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork in good standing with a valid OPN Agreement.
  • Have confirmed acceptance from Oracle into the SPARC M5-32 Servers Knowledge Zone.
  • Have a valid Full Use Distribution Agreement (FUDA) v041610 or later with Oracle, be in the process of applying for one, or have a valid addendum to your existing Full Use Distribution Agreement with current hardware terms.
  • Have met the resale competency criteria set forth below:
    • SPARC M5-32 Servers Sales Specialists: 4
    • SPARC M5-32 Servers PreSales Specialists: 4

For more details please visit http://www.oracle.com/partners.

Thursday Feb 07, 2013

In Touch (February 2013): David Callaghan's Review

In Touch

Welcome to In Touch

In my role as leading the Alliances & Channels organisation for Oracle in EMEA I am keen that we take every opportunity to share our experiences, be clear about our direction and build mutual success from which our customers may benefit.

This brand new In Touch quarterly newsletter accompanies the last In Touch PartnerCast (aired on Friday 11th January), and contains the latest key focus areas and regional highlights from Oracle EMEA to ensure that we make the most of our partnership and generate increased growth and positive impact in the market.

Now that 2013 is well underway it’s a good time to not only focus on the new initiatives and opportunities that are being created but also to reflect on our joint successes and best practice. For example, the Europe South region performed very well recently, and in this edition you’ll learn their tips for success.

As I review our recent performance, my top ‘take-aways’ are:

  • The 'Apps to Disk' momentum is getting stronger, let’s keep it going!
  • Engineered Systems have become a clear channel success story.
  • Sparc systems are flourishing with T4 being the fastest growing Sparc product ever.
  • OMM adoption is up by 170% this year, thank you! The more you use OMM, the more your reach with Oracle increases.
  • Partners are truly at the centre of Oracle’s growth strategy, and with so many opportunities in the EMEA market, now is the time to capitalise!

Finally, Cloud is an extremely high interest area for our customers and a priority growth area for Oracle, and our Cloud Partner Program helps you engage in a way appropriate for your business. I strongly encourage you to get involved and be an active partner in the rapidly evolving Cloud business.

I'd like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your exceptional contribution, your innovation, and for your commitment to delivering high customer value through Oracle-based solutions and services.

David Callaghan
David Callaghan
Senior Vice President, Oracle EMEA Alliances & Channels

PS. Don’t forget you can tweet #DCpickme, browse for more In Touch news or send your questions into emea-intouch_ww@oracle.com.

Wednesday Feb 06, 2013

Oracle Partners in EMEA are taking advantage of Oracle’s payment solutions to improve sales and lower risk

Oracle FinancingAt Oracle we have been working with numerous partners of all types and in all regions to create compelling offers that enable customers to optimize their IT investments. By offering your customers the right technology combined with the simplest and most cost effective way to acquire IT, you can:

Improve Sales

  • Provide a more affordable solution by lowering the cost-of-entry
  • Grow deals and sell into multiple years’ budgets
  • Remove pressure to discount
  • Gain access to the economic decision-maker
  • Leverage another sales/presales resource

Lower Risk

  • Uncover closing obstacles
  • Proactively anticipate obstacles to avoid them altogether
  • Shorten sales cycles, qualify deals, and improve forecast accuracy
  • Remove end-customer credit risk
  • Reduce time, cost, and resources spent seeking invoice settlement

Oracle Financing Offers

Accelerate IT Transformation | Special Low Rates on Oracle Solutions

For a limited time, you can take advantage of the 'Accelerate IT Transformation' promotion to get special low rates on Oracle hardware, software, and first year support. Click here to read full details (OPN Portal access required).

For more information on Oracle Financing for partners, visit our page on OPN or email OracleFinancing_ww_grp@oracle.com

Tuesday Feb 05, 2013

Systems Sales Training for EMEA Partners on Next Generation SPARC Systems

On the successful completion of the SPARC architecture (25 years) and the Solaris operating system (20 years), Oracle will expand its line of SPARC/Solaris products in the near future.

Oracle's next generation SPARC products will extend, expand and augment both the T-Series and the M-Series servers families, making them an even richer offering for you as an Oracle partner. And a face to face free of charge sales training has been set up for our EMEA Partners.

For more information and registration please click here!

Monday Sep 17, 2012

Server virtualisation is a breeze with the T4

Server virtualisation is a breeze with the T4. Oracle VM server for SPARC (LDOM) is implemented on the T4 chip and carries very low overhead. It can 'slice and dice' your server however you want and it acts as a hard licensing boundary for Oracle software. Plus it is completely free with T4!

Please contact Lucy Hillman or Graham Scattergood for more details.

Tuesday Jul 03, 2012

Partner WebCasts: EMEA Alliances and Channels Hardware Webinars, July 2012

Dear partner

Oracle is pleased to invite you to the following webcasts dedicated to our EMEA partner community and designed to provide you with important news on our SPARC and Storage product portfolios. Please ensure you don't miss these unique learning opportunities!

1. How to Make Money Selling SPARC!
3PM CET (2pm UKT), Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The webcast will be hosted by - Rob Ludeman, from SPARC Product Management.

Agenda: To bring our partners timely, valuable information, focused on increase in their success during selling SPARC systems. The webcast will be focused and targeted on specific topics and will last approximately in 30 minutes.You can submit your questions via WebEx chat and there will be a live Q&A session at the end of the webcast.

2. Introduction to Oracle’s New StorageTek SL150 Modular Tape Library
3pm CET (2pm UK), Thursday, July 12, 2012

This webcast will help you to understand Oracle's New StorageTek SL150 Modular tape library which is the first scalable tape library designed for small and midsized companies that are experiencing high growth.

Built from Oracle software and StorageTek library technology, it delivers a cost-effective combination of ease of use and scalability, resulting in overall TCO savings. During the webcast Cindy McCurley, from Tape Product Management will introduce you to the latest addition to the Oracle Tape Storage product portfolio, the SL150 Modular Tape Library.

This 60 minutes webcast will cover the product’s features, positioning, unique selling points and a competitive overview on StorageTek. You can submit your questions via WebEx chat and there will be a live Q&A session at the end of the webcast.

Delivery Format
This FREE online LIVE eSeminar will be delivered over the Web and Conference Call.

Note: Please join the call 10 minutes before the scheduled start time.

We look forward to your participation.

Best regards,

Giuseppe Facchetti
EMEA Partner Business Development Manager, Oracle Hardware Sales

Sasan Moaveni
EMEA Storage Sales Manager,
Oracle Hardware Sales

Thursday Jun 21, 2012

TODAY! Partner Webcast: SPARC Marketing And Go-To-Market

THURSDAY, JUNE 21ST, 2012 AT 2:00 PM GMT (3:00 PM CET)

Dear partner

Oracle is pleased to invite you to our new webinar series on "Sparc Marketing and Go-to-Market" intended for our partners.

Please join our second session in a series of new monthly webinars focused on everything related to SPARC and specifically designed to provide insights and selling guidance for channel partners worldwide on Thursday, June 21.


This month's guest speaker will focus on SPARC / T4 Marketing: a review of current assets and where we are going into FY13. Our presenter will be Bud Koch, Sr Principal Product Marketing Director.

Please mark your diaries for this date and be sure to join.


International Toll Free Dial-in
Conference call ID: 90617465

To join the WebEx Conference

Meeting Number: 590 744 943
Meeting Password:

Delivery Format
This FREE online LIVE eSeminar will be delivered over the Web and Conference Call.

1 hour

For assistance
1. Go to https://oraclemeetings.webex.com/oraclemeetings/mc
2. On the left navigation bar, click "Support".

Note: Please join the call 10 minutes before the scheduled start time.

We look forward to your participation.

Best regards,

Cinzia Mascanzoni
EMEA Partner Marketing Director

Giuseppe Facchetti
EMEA Partner Business Development Manager

Wednesday Apr 04, 2012

Trade In, Trade Up Promotion: SPARC Consolidation Now Through May 31st

Dear Partner,

Installed Base Business (IBB) technology refresh is one of the most important activities for Oracle, for you and for your customers. It allows your existing customers to benefit from the most up-to-date, best-of-breed Oracle products.

And it’s an exciting time to perform a technology refresh: a new SPARC promotion is available now, closing 31st May 2012. Customers trading in older SPARC systems and upgrading to a new SPARC SuperCluster T4-4 or SPARC Enterprise M8000/M9000 can get $4,000 per CPU. Discount is pre-approved and upfront (maximum discounts apply).

The major highlights are as follows:

Targeted Systems: Upgrade to SPARC M8000, M9000, SuperCluster
Qualified installed base upgrade from:
All older-generations of SPARC systems
Promotional offer:

  • Trade-in Value: $4K per CPU
  • Pre-approved maximum discount (including trade-in) not to exceed 60% on M8/9000 systems and 25% on SuperCluster
  • No-cost dock-to-dock shipping, and environmentally safe disposal of the returned hardware through Oracle best-of-class recycling processes.

We recommend you to take the following actions:

  1. As usual, please register your opportunities in OMM
  2. When you do so, please make sure you place the following Campaign Names in the “Marketing Initiative” field of OMM:
    Campaign Name
    : EMEA_Tech Refresh-IBB Campaign_12H1_Follow Up_O

For all the details:
Please view rules, and FAQs. For more information, please visit the Promo Partner Site here.

For more information on IBB and the Oracle Upgrade Advantage Program (UAP):


For questions, please contact your favorite Oracle Partner Account Manager.


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