Thursday Aug 30, 2012

Register Now! Oracle Hardware Sales Training: Hardware and Software - Engineered to be Sold Together!

Dear partner,

You can now register for Oracle’s EMEA Hardware Sales Training Roadshow: "Hardware and Software - Engineered to be Sold Together!"

The objective of this one-day, face-to-face, free of charge training session is to share with you and your Oracle peers the latest information on Oracle’s products and solutions and to ensure that you are fully equipped to position and sell Oracle’s integrated stack.

Please find agenda, schedule, details and registration information here.

The EMEA Hardware Sales Training Roadshow is intended for Oracle Partners and Oracle Sales working together. Limited seats are available on a first-come-first-serve basis, so kindly register as early as possible to reserve your seat.

We hope you will take maximum advantage of these great learning and networking opportunities and look forward to welcoming you to your nearest event!

Best regards,

Giuseppe Facchetti
Partner Business Development Manager,
Servers, Oracle EMEA

Sasan Moaveni
Storage Partner Sales Manager
Oracle EMEA

Monday Jul 09, 2012

New ACS Resell Portfolio for OPN Members

Oracle Advanced Customer Support (ACS) Services is pleased to announce availability of the ACS Resell Portfolio to Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) members on June 28, 2012. The ACS Resell Portfolio is available to Gold level OPN members and above selling to end users with valid Oracle Premier Support/End User agreements, and in countries where ACS has the ability to support the indirect country business.

ACS provides mission critical support services for complex IT environments to help maximize performance, achieve higher availability, and reduce risk. The ACS Resell Portfolio can be leveraged to reduce time to market and drive improved end user satisfaction. Including ACS services at point of license sale can maximize your success as an Oracle partner.    

Oracle ACS is hosting two 60-minute resell portfolio training sessions. Topics include:

  • ACS Resell Portfolio objectives  
  • Partner participation requirements
  • ACS portfolio services enabled for partner resell
  • ACS sales engagement and transaction processes
  • Contracting requirements

Attend one of the following sessions to hear how you can maximize your profit opportunities by including ACS services, which compliment your solutions with integrated Oracle advanced support technologies.  

Please note that you only need to attend one session; all sessions will provide the same information.   

July 10, 2012
4:00 PM CEST

July 25, 2012
4:00 PM CEST

Session Number: 591 988 820
Session Password: ebh12345

Session Number: 596 475 912
Session Password: ebh12345

Int'l: 706.501.7506
US: 866.589.6202
Call ID: 95867658

Int’l: 706.501.7506
US: 866.589.6202
Call ID: 98095011

Click here for a list of toll-free international numbers.

Please contact with any questions or visit the ACS website.

Wednesday Jun 06, 2012

OPS Update

Transactions OPS Can Support. A presentation of transactions supported by OPS and those not supported is available on OPS Home.

For any questions on OPS please contact

OPS Announcement

Since January 30th, 2012 OPS also supports Linux, Oracle Virtual Machine (OVM) and MySQL orders to be placed online.

For any questions on OPS please contact

Thursday May 03, 2012

Upgrade Advantage Program (UAP) Requests Are Now Live on the Oracle Partner Store

UAP requests are now live on OPS. Partners simply add the new product requested to your cart, fill in the DAT form and use our Additional Discount Request (ADR) process to initiate the UAP request online. Once the UAP request has been approved, the cart submitter will be notified via email to check out their cart in OPS. A guide on how to submit a UAP request can be located here.

Thursday Mar 29, 2012

Web Seminar - The Oracle Database Appliance: How to Sell a Unique Product!

Dear partner,

You are exclusively invited to join us for a webcast, dedicated to Oracle’s EMEA Partners, on the Oracle Database Appliance value proposition, positioning and ecosystem – to help you capture new business and help your customers roll out their solutions fast, easily, safely and with maximum cost efficiency!
Join us to learn about:

  • ODA Benefits: Fast, Easy, Cost Efficient, Highly Reliable
  • Feedback from early Customer Wins: What can we Learn?
  • Objection Handling: Overcoming the most common customer questions
  • Going beyond the Database: The ODA ECO System for applications, backup & more…

When combined with your high-value services (e.g., migration, consolidation), the end result is a database system that you can use to grow the business in your existing accounts, or capture new business.

Join us at the EMEA partner webcast hosted by
Robert Van Espelo
Cloud and Virtualization Leader, EMEA Business Development

on Thursday, April 12, at 9:00am UK / 10:00am CET.
The presentation will be given in English.

To register for this webcast click here

We look forward to talking to you on April 12!

Best regards,
Giuseppe Facchetti

EMEA Partner Business Development Manager
Oracle EMEA, Hardware Sales
Paul Leonard
EMEA Partner Marketing Manager
Oracle EMEA, Systems Marketing

Friday Feb 17, 2012

New Ordering Options In Oracle Partner Store (OPS)

New ordering options are now live in OPS. Partners are able to submit online orders for following:
Software Licenses and Support, including 1-Click, Linux, Oracle Virtual Machine, MySQL and Royalty Reports.
In addition, several other enhancements are available too:

  • Oracle's Current Commercial Pricelist available for download
  • Cart export change to accommodate new enhancements
  • OLSA requirement flag
  • Multiple attachments allowed for Additional Discount Requests
  • Ability to request approvals for two and three years of support for software via ADR process
  • When support is being removed from an order, OPS will request a reason for the removal
  • Improvements to auto creation of addresses and contacts
  • Additional required fields for customer creation i.e. VAT ID, Telephone number

To accommodate the new system enhancements, OPS includes a new version of the Deal Approval Template. Effective Jan 30th, only use the updated version on all ADRs.

Wednesday Jan 25, 2012

Software indirect discount approvals now live on OPS

From the 30th of January Partners and VADs will be able to initiate software discount approval requests via OPS. This process is currently in place for indirect hardware orders and we are now extending this functionality to include software.

VADs and Partners requesting additional discounts must provide the name of their Oracle contact for the deal in question and also the Oracle PRM number (if applicable) in the Deal Approval Template (DAT). If this information is not provided it may cause a delay in approving your deal.

You can access OPS training materials and download the latest version of the DAT form on OPN.

Tuesday Jan 24, 2012

Important News About Enhancements to Oracle Partner Store (OPS) - Software is coming to OPS!

Beginning in February, 2012, the Oracle Partner Store (OPS) will become the point-of-entry for software orders plus the process for requesting and obtaining additional discounts. The roll-out is regional, please check with your VAD for more information on timing for your software ordering migration.

OPS is already the source for hardware orders. Now, OPS will also be used for software ordering. In addition, partners live on OPS will have the ability to request additional discounts on their carts and can track the progress of their request within their OPS account.

Get ready for the transition by setting up an OPS account today! You may request an OPS account by clicking here.

Benefits of placing orders via OPS include:

  • One stop shop for all Oracle products with a streamlined ordering process
  • Ability to include support on orders at point of sale
  • Easy royalty reporting

Please contact your VAD for questions about your company’s migration to OPS for combined hardware and software ordering.

FY12 Systems Update #12 - January 10th, 2012

Sun Servers, Storage and Systems Software

  • Price List Changes:
    • Oracle Systems Hardware and Software Global price list changes
    • Oracle Legacy Systems Hardware and Software Global price list changes

What Do You Need to Do?

Each Systems Update includes System price list changes and is comprised of two files: the announcement document (PDF) and the announcement details (XLS). The ID numbers in the announcement documents are the keys to help you find all the part numbers in the spreadsheet that are affected by a specific announcement.

For More Information

Visit the Systems Pricing page on the OPN portal regularly to read more about these updates and to stay current on the latest systems price list and resources.

* Please note: Oracle Systems Pricing information is Oracle confidential and is provided to you subject to the terms of your Oracle PartnerNetwork Agreement.

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