Friday Oct 17, 2014

Oracle ‘In Touch’ PartnerCast – Available On Demand now!

Dear Partners,

We hope you were able to join the recent broadcast of Oracle ‘In Touch’ PartnerCast. A range of exciting topics was covered and David was joined by inspirational studio guests. In case you missed the cast we would like to encourage you to catch up on demand by following this link:

The cast includes fresh impressions from Oracle OpenWorld, exclusive footage of the EMEA Partner Awards as well as interviews with the A&C Regional Sales leaders who shared their successes of Q1 and their focus for the upcoming quarter.

Alex Louth, Managing Director e-DBA, who returned from San Francisco with an EMEA Award of Excellence and Global Award, joined David in the studio. Alex emphasized the importance of business partnerships and the potential for business growth.

A key message from Oracle OpenWorld was the huge opportunity that Cloud has to offer. David also welcomed Alan Hartwell, Vice President Security & Identity Solutions Oracle EMEA, who shared his views on Security and Oracle-on-Oracle as well as Conor Gleeson, VP Oracle Direct Applications Sales, who provided us with the latest news and information on SaaS and Oracle Direct.

For further information on some of the areas covered here are some useful links to guide you in the right direction.

Make sure you follow #OracleInTouch for news and updates around these topics. We would also welcome your feedback and comments which you can send us via e-mail at

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Wednesday Jul 09, 2014

Oracle ‘In Touch’ PartnerCast – Watch On Demand now!

Dear Partners,

Did you tune into the latest Oracle ‘In Touch’ PartnerCast on Tuesday, 1st July, 2014? 

It was a busy show as David Callaghan, Senior Vice President, Oracle EMEA Alliances and Channels, and his studio guests kicked off FY15 with the key message of growth and discussed topics such as SaaS, Oracle on Oracle and Cloud.

It really was a must-see cast as David was able to speak exclusively with Rich Geraffo, Senior Vice President, Oracle Global Alliances & Channels, about the Global Partner kick off and how it will effect EMEA in the upcoming year.

David also interviewed three new members of the A&C Global leadership team about what they hope to bring to their roles and where they think Oracle is looking to excel in FY15.

The regional leaders found out exactly what it is that creates a successful partner relationship with exclusive interviews with some of their regions highly acclaimed partners.

So if you were unfortunate to miss out on this PartnerCast there is no need to panic! You can still catch up on demand by using Watch on-Demand link:

If you haven’t quite got the time to watch the whole broadcast or if there is a specific part you would like to re-visit, you can now choose from shorter individual sections of the cast easily, on the Oracle 'In Touch' YouTube playlist, Or you can visit the Oracle 'In Touch' homepage for the quick links.

To help you stay up-to-date on some of the topics covered in this webcast here are some useful links:

We hope you enjoyed the latest PartnerCast. We will be in touch soon with more information on the next edition, where we will be sharing the best bits from Oracle OpenWorld!

Speak soon,

Oracle PartnerNetwork

Tuesday Jun 24, 2014

One week to go! Oracle 'In Touch' PartnerCast: Be prepared for a year of growth

Hi there Partners!

This is our final blog post prior to the next Oracle ‘In Touch’ PartnerCast which is to be broadcast on Tuesday 1st July from 10:30am UK/11.30am CET.

Host David Callaghan, Senior Vice President EMEA Alliances and Channels, will be joined in the studio by Alistair Hopkins and Adrian Schlund as they discuss the hot topics surrounding Oracle, and you, the Partners, as we move into FY15.

David has first hand information gathered from the key players at the Global Partner Kick Off in Redwood Shores, San Francisco, and he is excited to share this with you!
With interviews from Rich Geraffo and his Worldwide A&C Leadership Team, there will be plenty of high quality info from the most influential members of the Oracle Team.

It’s really easy for you to have your questions featured on the cast! Have your say by tweeting us using the following hashtag #OracleInTouch or by emailing to get your questions featured.

To find out more information and to watch previous episodes on-demand, please visit our webpage here.

We hope you can make it!

Oracle EMEA Alliances & Channels

Thursday Jun 12, 2014

Oracle FY15 Global Partner Kickoff: Register Now!

Join Oracle PartnerNetwork for our FY15 Global Partner Kickoff and get up close with Oracle executives including Rich Geraffo, SVP, Worldwide Oracle Alliances & Channels.

Watch online and listen as our sales and product executives outline Oracle's strategy and direction for FY15, and learn about the different ways you can accelerate sales & revenue through Oracle's full-stack offering.

The EMEA Regional Event will be held on June 25th at 3:00pm BST / 4:00pm CET.

Learn more and register now!


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