Friday Jan 06, 2012

Oracle Hardware Systems: The Extreme Performance Tour

Take it to the extreme! Join Oracle Hardware Systems on The Extreme Performance Tour to see the future of enterprise hardware—and discover how you can get it today. Learn about the future of enterprise hardware and how every Oracle system is engineered to deliver extreme, industry-leading performance—driving reduced complexity, higher productivity, and igniting faster innovation.

Don't miss this unique event, and invite your customers to join!

This is Oracle's largest investment ever to bring to you, and to your customers, Oracle's strategy and direction -- and it is dedicated to Hardware as key enabler of the Red Stack!

More information will be available soon; in the meantime, check it out at

And you can invite your customers by leveraging the standard Oracle invitation letter in your preferred language:

Tuesday Dec 20, 2011

Webcast Replay: Improve Data Warehouse Capacity Management with Oracle Storage HCC

View the webcast replay of Improve Database Capacity Management with Oracle Storage and Hybrid Columnar Compression to learn how Oracle's Hybrid Columnar Compression (HCC) on the ZFS Storage Appliance and Pillar Axiom storage system provides a better approach to storing data, drastically increasing the storage savings and efficiency achieved from compression.

Watch the webcast here.

Tuesday Dec 06, 2011

Webcast Replay: ZFS Appliance and Pillar Axiom Overview

Watch this ZFS Storage Appliance and Pillar Axiom 600 replay. Learn about ZFS's screaming new performance, efficiency and great pricing. Also, get a fantastic overview of the Pillar Axiom 600 - Oracle's new best in class SAN Storage.

Live Webcast: Oracle Database Appliance - Engineered For Simplicity - December 13th

Click here to register for this webcast.

Please note that it also mentions the Oracle Database Appliance webcast on December 14th

Thursday Nov 24, 2011

Webcast Replay: ZFS Appliance and Pillar Axiom Overview

Watch the replay, ZFS Storage Appliance and Pillar Axiom 600. Learn about ZFS's screaming new performance, efficiency and great pricing. Also, get a fantastic overview of the Pillar Axiom 600 - Oracle's new best in class SAN Storage.

Tuesday Nov 08, 2011

Partner Installation Services for Oracle Hardware

Based on Oracle's Enterprise Installation Services (EIS) methodology, hardware installations performed by OPN Specialized partners are recognized by Oracle for the purposes of support and product warranty.  Partners who perform installations are now required to accept the Oracle Installation Service Addendum and report installations to Oracle. 

Click here to learn more.

Important: Oracle Standard Installation (OSI) Services - Hardware Upgrade Services

This communication is to inform you of important updates in respect to Oracle Advanced Customer Support (ACS) Services' Oracle Standard Installation (OSI) Services. Oracle is pleased to announce the release of additional OSI parts for ordering packaged installation services for upgrades to installed systems including: additional server central processing units (CPUs), memory, network cards; storage appliance, and tape library upgrades. The OSI installation services for hardware upgrades can be ordered as follows:

  • at Hardware Point of Sale (POS) - using the Hardware Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) Partner Offline Process
  • After Point of Sale (APOS) stand alone orders - via the ACS Services Order Desk Offline OSI Process. These processes, as well as the updated OSI part mapping files can be found on the Oracle Partner Store (OPS) site.

OSI parts for hardware upgrades will be available to order on OPS in late 2011. Should you have questions regarding this update, please contact the Global Support Partner Operations team at

Tuesday Oct 25, 2011

Fast Track Your Sales with the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance

Just what your customers have been waiting for: Oracle's 3rd Generation Sun ZFS Storage Appliance. The ideal NAS storage platform for production OLTP databases, Tier-2 databases for test, development and quality assurance.

Click here to learn more.

Oracle Beats Netapp with 2x The Performance At Less Than Half The Cost

Oracle is shaking up the North American market with third generation, enterprise-class upgrades to its Sun ZFS Storage Appliance. View this on-demand webcast from Oracle OpenWorld where Phil Bullinger, Senior Vice President of Storage, announced a number of enhancements that are sure to establish Oracle as the clear leader in enterprise NAS storage market.

Tuesday Oct 11, 2011

New Dates: Oracle Q2 Hardware Sales Training!

EMEA Hardware Sales Readiness Roadshow - Accelerate your Business with Oracle’s New Solutions

Dear Partner,

We’d like to invite you to the Oracle Sales Enablement face-to-face Training “Oracle Q2 Hardware Sales TrainingAccelerate your Business with Oracle’s New Solutions

The objective of this one-day training session is to share with you and your Oracle peers the latest information on how to position and sell:

  • The latest Oracle Hardware Products and Solutions being announced at Oracle OpenWorld
  • In particular, ODA, SPARC T-4, SPARC Supercluster, Pillar Axiom, Engineered Systems, Solaris 11, and more…
  • Oracle Hardware products and solutions versus the competition
  • The business value of the end-to-end Oracle stack.

The focus will be on how to maximize your sales opportunity with Oracle Server and Storage technology, and Optimized Solutions!

Please check new dates, details, agenda and schedule: click and bookmark this link, as exact location address, and details on how to register for the event in the city nearest to you, will be communicated soon, in the same web page.

We look forward to meeting with you at your nearest “Oracle Q2 Hardware Sales Training” event!

Giuseppe Facchetti
Partner Business Development and Enablement Manager, Hardware
Oracle EMEA
Sasan Moaveni
Storage Partner Sales Manager
Oracle EMEA

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