Wednesday Sep 25, 2013

EMEA A&C News from Oracle OpenWorld: Another busy day in San Francisco!

Oracle OpenWorldThe America's Cup race is still going, we expect a big day tomorrow for the finale.

We heard strong announcements on Cloud: Thomas Kurian presented new UI and functionalities in Oracle Sales Cloud and HCM (watch the highlights). Great looks & feel, intuitive and links to other enterprise systems. He also introduced the Oracle Cloud marketplace, where 3rd party apps can be accessed in Oracle Cloud environment. Expect to hear more on this in the coming days / weeks.

A full stream colleagues at the Leader Circle and OPN Exchange General sessions, including 2 EMEA Partner community sessions focusing on Engineered Systems & Manageability and Hardware.

We are looking forward to the many country receptions this evening during which all of our partners from EMEA will meet, network among compatriots and have fun. The UK team will enjoy the sunset in Sausalito.

Lastly, we are looking forward to an exclusive EMEA Partner Advisory Board tomorrow!

Wednesday Apr 17, 2013

First special TechCast on "Configuration & Technical Overview on new T-Series" - April 2013 Material is available on eStep Portal!

We would like to thank you for attending our First special TechCast on "Configuration & Technical Overview on new T-Series".

You can access the TechCast materials (presentation, replay) via our eSTEP portal and for download, please use your email-address and PIN: eSTEP_2011.
The link to the portal is also mentioned below.


The downloads can be found under the tab Events --> TechCast.

Please feel free to explore the other delivered TechCasts and more useful information can be found under the Download and Links tab. Any feedback is appreciated to help us improve the service and information we deliver.

Tuesday Apr 16, 2013

'In Touch' with David Callaghan (Hardware Edition): Webcast Highlights

A great discussion around the topic of Hardware and Oracle's new SPARC Servers was had during our live broadcast of the In Touch Oracle Partner Cast.

David Callaghan, Senior Vice President EMEA Alliances and Channels, posed your questions to studio guests Sue Oliva, VP Oracle Systems Product Management & Operations, and Olivier Tordo, Senior Director A&C Sales & Strategy, to see how partners can capitalise on these developments and to find out how Oracle will support them in doing this. Read more highlights.

If you missed the live cast, you can now catch up on demand here.

eSTEP TechCast - April 2013 Material is available now!

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to all who attended our TechCast on "Update on SPARC Product-Family".

The TechCast materials (presentation, replay) are now available via our eSTEP portal. To access the downloads, use your email-address and PIN: eSTEP_2011.
The link to the portal is also mentioned below.


The downloads can be found under the tab Events --> TechCast.

Please feel free to explore the other delivered TechCasts and more useful information can be found under the Download and Links tab. Any feedback is appreciated to help us improve the service and information we deliver.

Tuesday Mar 26, 2013

Join us at the Exadata, Exalogic & Manageability and Hardware EMEA Partner Community Forums

Optimize Your Time and ROI: Two Key Partner Community Forums in the Same Location!

  • This year the Exadata, Exalogic and Manageability Partner Community Forum, Vienna, 23-24 April, expands its scope to cover all the building blocks of the Cloud infrastructure: Exadata, Exalogic and Manageability! with the sponsorship of Intel. Selected partners will be presenting and sharing their experiences with real-life customer cases, and  Oracle speakers will provide you the latest on these three solution areas and the best way to go to market together.
    Check the Exadata, Exalogic and Manageability Partner Community Forum agenda.
  • The Hardware Partner Community Forum takes place immediately after the above Forum, same location, on 24-25 April. This is a unique opportunity for partners to meet Oracle's Global and EMEA Hardware leaders, learn about the business and technology strategy for Servers, Storage, Optimized Solution, and the value of selling the complete Oracle stack. Success stories will be presented by selected partners which helped customers accelerate their business by providing IT solutions based on these platforms.
    Check the Hardware Partner Community Forum
Register Today! There is no registration fee for Oracle partners to attend these face-to-face events.
Travel once and benefit from the two events!

Tuesday Mar 19, 2013

'In Touch' with David Callaghan: Live Webcast (4th April, 2013)

We would like to invite EMEA Oracle Partners to register for the next episode of 'In Touch' with David Callaghan, Senior Vice President Oracle EMEA Alliances and Channels.

Join us live from the studio on Thursday 4th April at 10.30am UK / 11.30am CET.


David has invited Sue Oliva, Vice-President of Oracle Systems Product Management & Operations and Olivier Tordo, Senior Director Sales & Strategy, Hardware, Oracle EMEA Alliances & Channels to join him in answering your questions on the topic of Hardware, so make sure you send them any burning questions that you would like answered.

You can post your comments/question(s) on the Oracle EMEA Partner News Blog (you can simply do this at the bottom of this article), via the hashtag #DCpickme on Twitter, or by emailing at

We look forward to talking to you on the 4th April!

Thursday Feb 07, 2013

In Touch (February 2013): Secrets of Success in Europe South

Johan Doruiter
Johan Doruiter

Oracle SVP Technology Southern Europe
Eric Fontaine
Eric Fontaine

Head of Oracle Alliances & Channels in Europe South

What does the Oracle Europe South region do to perform so well with their partners? David Callaghan caught up with Johan Doruiter, Oracle Senior Vice President Technology Southern Europe and Eric Fontaine, Head of Oracle Alliances & Channels in Europe South to find out.

David Callaghan David: Eric, the partner business in Europe South is performing very well so far this year. In which specific countries and solutions areas did you see the major growth?
Eric Fontaine Eric: I’m happy to say that all countries performed consistently well. The hardware business felt the impact first and this has 100% supported our objective to drive ‘Apps to Disk’.
David Callaghan David: What specific factors helped you to achieve this impact?
Eric Fontaine

Eric: It’s mainly due to the new simplified Oracle Alliances & Channels model, which generated good results in all areas, and has really increased our footprint and our presence in the partners.

On top of that, we leveraged all the European resources available, and we focused all our activities on four key cross-LoB priorities:  Engineered systems, Cloud-Application, Hosting, and Transformation deals.

In Engineered systems we really saw the benefits of our investment, with more than 65% of our Engineered systems being now sold by our partners, who are truly part of our ‘One Red Team’. Plus, we’ve now doubled the number of boxes sold with the partners.

David Callaghan David: Johan, what’s your take on this? What do you attribute this accomplishment to, particularly in Engineered Systems, bearing in mind the regional context?
Johan Doruiter

Johan: Partners were absolutely instrumental in the success of Engineered systems in our region.

The results are, thanks to the time we spent right from the start, evangelising the benefits of Engineered systems with specially selected partners.

In terms of the economic context and the challenges faced by partners, there’s a simple answer: Oracle and its partners are there to make it happen! You have to go after the right industries, where customers are willing to invest in innovation and are looking to cut their costs.
David Callaghan David: Eric, can you explain how the strategic partners are impacting the success of Exadata?
Eric Fontaine

Eric: It’s quite simple - we focus on transformational deals and large hosting deals with the large alliances, and a coverage model with the channel partners.

Last quarter we saw good traction with transformation deals and success with some very high profile business. The strategic integrators add huge value through their vertical knowledge and by providing complete solutions, from Apps, to BI, to Exalytics to Hardware.  For instance, I can mention a large tax project in the Netherlands and a large manufacturing customer who launched a new BI project.

Hosting is very strong in Europe South. Due to the tough economy, a lot of companies are working with partners to update their IT environment and it’s a unique opportunity for us to introduce our technology and to reduce the cost of ownership by an integrated approach.

With the channel partners it’s all about coverage. With their wide knowledge of the broad market, we’re engaging them to cover this marketplace, and incentivising them with the Open Market Model (OMM)* rebate program.

David Callaghan David: Johan, what do you see as the growth areas in the market for Oracle partners?
Johan Doruiter

Johan: Oracle’s full stack is definitely where partners should base their growth plans, either in the whole stack or in parts of it. Analysis demonstrates that selling across the Oracle stack increases the chance to win a project.

Oracle Red Stack
  • Win rate with 1 layer – 33%

  • Win rate with 2 layers – 41%

  • Win rate with 3 layers – 50%

  • Win rate with 4 layers – 69%

Based on Oracle FY12 results

Cloud is a huge opportunity, so partners should also invest in combining our Engineered systems with their Cloud approach. Oracle has made a lot of announcements around Cloud aiming to provide value in public and private clouds, as well specific partner cloud programs tailored to their business. Eric has launched a Europe South Cloud Task Force which will help us to engage with partners in the Cloud application business. We’ll see a strong impact in the coming quarters.

In addition, now that the Oracle Alliances & Channels organisation is streamlined, partners have a great opportunity to cross-sell across the product suite. It’s low hanging fruit where partners can grow revenue straight away. Database Options are an obvious further growth area, enabling partners to upsell and differentiate themselves from the competition.

David Callaghan David: Eric, what is your strategy to capitalize on these opportunities?
Eric Fontaine

Eric: We’ve invested to help partners in each country get specialized and develop their proof of concept, so we can demonstrate the value of our portfolio customer by customer. It already generated a lot of business and now we need to leverage this.

We’ve created an engagement plan for marketing, lead generation, and enablement with selected Cloud application partners, which will deploy this month, and you will see Oracle very present in the cloud arena, with significant growth.

We’ll then work with a joint approach with the Oracle field to support these partners to make the most out of this opportunity.

Overall, our approach is to work with selected partners who have trust in Oracle, engage with our strategy and are willing to invest in us.

Finally I’d stress that the OMM* program will also help partners capitalise on the opportunities in the market. By referring or registering their deals they can benefit from increased margin from Oracle. Every partner should use it!

David Callaghan David: Johan, as a final thought from you, what message, above all, would you like to see Oracle partners embracing for the rest of this FY13?
Johan Doruiter Johan: I'd be delighted if partners continue in the same way they are now. Partners are really important to us, and they are why we had so much success in Europe South. It’s all based on trust, so if they leverage on the success they have achieved by continuing to invest into Oracle and offering great solutions to customers, we’ll repay that trust by investing in them.

* The Open Market Model is Oracle’s referral and rebate program for partners. OMM policies can be found here (PDF).

Wednesday Nov 28, 2012

New EMEA Partner Community for Hardware

Hardware We are delighted to announce the availability of the EMEA HW partner community.

The EMEA Partner Community for Hardware is the place where partners in Europe, Middle East and Africa can share experiences and best practices about selling and implementing Servers, Storage and Solaris based projects. You will also receive first-hand information from Oracle on products, training and tools that can help you better market, sell and implement your projects and services based on Oracle Hardware.

If you are an individual  working for an Oracle partner and your job is selling, implementing or supporting Oracle Servers, Storage and Solaris projects in EMEA then this community is for you.

For further information on the EMEA HW partner community and instructions on how to become a member please visit:

Thursday Aug 30, 2012

Register Now! Oracle Hardware Sales Training: Hardware and Software - Engineered to be Sold Together!

Dear partner,

You can now register for Oracle’s EMEA Hardware Sales Training Roadshow: "Hardware and Software - Engineered to be Sold Together!"

The objective of this one-day, face-to-face, free of charge training session is to share with you and your Oracle peers the latest information on Oracle’s products and solutions and to ensure that you are fully equipped to position and sell Oracle’s integrated stack.

Please find agenda, schedule, details and registration information here.

The EMEA Hardware Sales Training Roadshow is intended for Oracle Partners and Oracle Sales working together. Limited seats are available on a first-come-first-serve basis, so kindly register as early as possible to reserve your seat.

We hope you will take maximum advantage of these great learning and networking opportunities and look forward to welcoming you to your nearest event!

Best regards,

Giuseppe Facchetti
Partner Business Development Manager,
Servers, Oracle EMEA

Sasan Moaveni
Storage Partner Sales Manager
Oracle EMEA

Friday Aug 10, 2012

Oracle IT Storage on Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Surpasses the 100PB Mark

  • Oracle IT reaches 103PB of crucial Oracle "IT storage on Sun ZFS Storage Appliances in an on-going storage upgrade program to replace NetApp and EMC storage.
  • Oracle Customer IT and On Demand "cloud" alone is able to deliver ~3.2 billion business critical database transactions per hour, Oracle IT realized 3:1 consolidation of existing NAS platforms, and 12x faster in compute farm workload benchmarks using industry-leading performance and efficiency of ZFSSA.
  • Today, prospective customers can have confidence in the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance for their Tier 1 Enterprise storage environments.

For more details on how Oracle IT  Reaps the Benefits of Storage Modernization please download the following whitepaper:

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