Wednesday Mar 11, 2015

Have you registered yet for the next Oracle ‘In Touch’ PartnerCast: Real opportunities for real growth?

Dear Partners,

You might have seen that our next Oracle ‘In Touch’ PartnerCast is coming up on Wednesday 1st April 2015 at 10:30am UK/ 11:30 CET. If you have not already registered and would like further information on the cast, then follow the link below.

This last edition of Oracle 'In Touch' webcast in FY15 is not to be missed as the studio team will reveal latest news from within Oracle EMEA Alliances and Channels. It is all about 'Real Opportunities for Real Growth'!  David Callaghan, Senior Vice President Oracle EMEA Alliances and Channels, and his studio guests, which include Linda Mihalic, Senior Director Oracle EMEA Alliances & Channels Systems Sales Leader, will look at the launch of the X5 generation of our Engineered Systems, Oracle Database Appliances and will review customer case studies about what others are doing around Cloud.

If you haven't already, you can get in touch with us on Twitter using the hashtags #OracleInTouch #OPN or email Your comments and questions could be featured in the next PartnerCast!

Stay tuned for further updates, and we really hope you can join us!

You can now Register for the cast here:

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To find out more information and to watch previous episodes on-demand, please visit our webpage here.

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Wednesday Mar 04, 2015

Your Invitation to Oracle ‘In Touch’ PartnerCast: Real opportunities for real growth

Dear Partners,

It is a pleasure to announce that we have a new edition of Oracle ‘In Touch’ PartnerCast coming up, broadcast on Wednesday 1st April 2015 from 10:30am UK / 11:30 CET. We would be delighted if you could tune in and join our discussion around real opportunities for real growth.

This webcast promises to reveal latest news from within Oracle EMEA Alliances and Channels as David Callaghan, Senior Vice President Oracle EMEA Alliances and Channels, and his studio guests look towards ending FY15 on a high! The studio team will review the launch of the X5 generation of our Engineered Systems and will debate customer case studies about what others are doing around Cloud.

With many more exciting topics lined up and studio experts that are yet to be announced, we really hope you can join David!

If you have seen our previous edition of Oracle ‘In Touch’ PartnerCast, you will already be familiar with our exciting live polling tool. We encourage interaction and value your opinion, which you can now share with us live during the cast.

You can now Register for the cast here:

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We would love to hear from you! Connect with us on Twitter using the hashtags #OracleInTouch #OPN and share your comments. You can also send us your burning questions and feedback by emailing

To find out more information and to watch previous episodes on-demand, please visit our webpage here.

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Monday Jan 26, 2015

Oracle Cloud Integration Combos Webcast for Oracle EMEA Partners

Please join our live webcast on the brand new "Oracle Cloud Integration Combos" on Monday, 26th January, 2015 at 1pm UKT / 2pm CET which is exclusively for Oracle Partners in EMEA.

During the webcast you will not only learn more about Oracle Cloud Integration solutions (business processes, security, user interface) but also how to position and take advantage of the three following new Oracle PartnerNetwork Smart Combos:
  • Oracle Siebel with Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud Service
  • Oracle PeopleSoft with Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management Cloud Service
  • Oracle Sales Cloud with Oracle RightNow Service Cloud Service

Learn more and register now.

Visit the Oracle PartnerNetwork Smart Combo page on

Wednesday Oct 29, 2014

You spoke. We listened. Both OPN members and Oracle benefit

Oracle continues to enhance and evolve the Oracle PartnerNetwork program based on feedback from our OPN members and internal stakeholders. New and enhanced benefits have recently been added to the OPN Benefits Table.

A few highlights include:

  • Engage with Oracle around Cloud Services (OPN Cloud Connection; Silver level and above);
  • Publish approved integrations on Oracle Cloud Marketplace and issue a related press release with an Oracle quote (Silver level and above);
  • Leverage discounts on Oracle Validated Integrations (Platinum level and above);
  • Advertise or sponsor Oracle publications at discounts for each membership level (Silver level and above);
  • Earn increased visibility on OPN Solutions Catalog through Specialization and Advanced Specialization;
  • Streamlined access to executive and regional support. (Platinum level and above)

Through the continued evolution of OPN, Oracle is delivering partners at every level new opportunities to excel and grow in their respective markets. Take advantage of the benefits offered to you. They’ll provide you with development and engagement opportunities that results in greater visibility.  

All the best,
The OPN Comms team

Tuesday Oct 28, 2014

Join Us: New Oracle Cloud Services Launch Webcast for EMEA Partners on November 05, 2014 , 1pm UK / 2 pm CET

Dear Oracle valued Partner,


We are pleased to invite you to join the New Oracle Cloud Services Launch Webcast for EMEA Partners on November 5, 2014 at 1pm UK / 2 pm CET. The Partner cast is focused on Oracle’s Cloud Strategy across both the Technology and Middleware business at Oracle.

Many of you will have seen first hand or listened remotely to the Cloud announcements at Oracle OpenWorld 2014.

This is an exciting time for us at Oracle as we look to build capabilities and offerings in the Cloud that Partners and Customers can leverage.

During this session you'll find an opportunity to hear from Paul Thompson, Commercial Director, Oracle , Stephane Broquere, Business Initiative Director - Private and Hybrid Clouds, Oracle EMEA and Lionel Dubreuil, Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle - the details behind the key services we have just launched, how and why you should be using them, and what’s the benefit for you as important Partners for Oracle.





Don't miss this unique opportunity and Join the Oracle Cloud Webcast on November 5, 2014.


For more information, please click here.


We look forward to your participation.


Best Regards

Oracle PartnerNetwork

Monday Oct 27, 2014

Announcing Oracle PartnerNetwork Cloud Connection

Dear partners,

Discover a new community for partners to engage, explore and learn about the Oracle Cloud business opportunities.

What is OPN Cloud connection?

  • Open community
  • Partner focused
  • Access to Oracle Cloud content
  • Best Practices and technical resources
  • Engagement with Oracle experts
  • No fees to join the community

OPN Cloud Connection is the new single-source to engage with Oracle experts and other partners. Decide your Cloud strategy and leverage the appropriate OPN programs to monetize the relationship. Also, you can ask your Cloud related questions to the Oracle experts and share your best practices with the rest of the community.

Join the conversation in OPN Cloud Connection!

The Oracle PartnerNetwork Team

Wednesday Sep 25, 2013

EMEA A&C News from Oracle OpenWorld: Another busy day in San Francisco!

Oracle OpenWorldThe America's Cup race is still going, we expect a big day tomorrow for the finale.

We heard strong announcements on Cloud: Thomas Kurian presented new UI and functionalities in Oracle Sales Cloud and HCM (watch the highlights). Great looks & feel, intuitive and links to other enterprise systems. He also introduced the Oracle Cloud marketplace, where 3rd party apps can be accessed in Oracle Cloud environment. Expect to hear more on this in the coming days / weeks.

A full stream colleagues at the Leader Circle and OPN Exchange General sessions, including 2 EMEA Partner community sessions focusing on Engineered Systems & Manageability and Hardware.

We are looking forward to the many country receptions this evening during which all of our partners from EMEA will meet, network among compatriots and have fun. The UK team will enjoy the sunset in Sausalito.

Lastly, we are looking forward to an exclusive EMEA Partner Advisory Board tomorrow!

Thursday Feb 07, 2013

In Touch (February 2013): David Callaghan's Review

In Touch

Welcome to In Touch

In my role as leading the Alliances & Channels organisation for Oracle in EMEA I am keen that we take every opportunity to share our experiences, be clear about our direction and build mutual success from which our customers may benefit.

This brand new In Touch quarterly newsletter accompanies the last In Touch PartnerCast (aired on Friday 11th January), and contains the latest key focus areas and regional highlights from Oracle EMEA to ensure that we make the most of our partnership and generate increased growth and positive impact in the market.

Now that 2013 is well underway it’s a good time to not only focus on the new initiatives and opportunities that are being created but also to reflect on our joint successes and best practice. For example, the Europe South region performed very well recently, and in this edition you’ll learn their tips for success.

As I review our recent performance, my top ‘take-aways’ are:

  • The 'Apps to Disk' momentum is getting stronger, let’s keep it going!
  • Engineered Systems have become a clear channel success story.
  • Sparc systems are flourishing with T4 being the fastest growing Sparc product ever.
  • OMM adoption is up by 170% this year, thank you! The more you use OMM, the more your reach with Oracle increases.
  • Partners are truly at the centre of Oracle’s growth strategy, and with so many opportunities in the EMEA market, now is the time to capitalise!

Finally, Cloud is an extremely high interest area for our customers and a priority growth area for Oracle, and our Cloud Partner Program helps you engage in a way appropriate for your business. I strongly encourage you to get involved and be an active partner in the rapidly evolving Cloud business.

I'd like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your exceptional contribution, your innovation, and for your commitment to delivering high customer value through Oracle-based solutions and services.

David Callaghan
David Callaghan
Senior Vice President, Oracle EMEA Alliances & Channels

PS. Don’t forget you can tweet #DCpickme, browse for more In Touch news or send your questions into

In Touch (February 2013): Secrets of Success in Europe South

Johan Doruiter
Johan Doruiter

Oracle SVP Technology Southern Europe
Eric Fontaine
Eric Fontaine

Head of Oracle Alliances & Channels in Europe South

What does the Oracle Europe South region do to perform so well with their partners? David Callaghan caught up with Johan Doruiter, Oracle Senior Vice President Technology Southern Europe and Eric Fontaine, Head of Oracle Alliances & Channels in Europe South to find out.

David Callaghan David: Eric, the partner business in Europe South is performing very well so far this year. In which specific countries and solutions areas did you see the major growth?
Eric Fontaine Eric: I’m happy to say that all countries performed consistently well. The hardware business felt the impact first and this has 100% supported our objective to drive ‘Apps to Disk’.
David Callaghan David: What specific factors helped you to achieve this impact?
Eric Fontaine

Eric: It’s mainly due to the new simplified Oracle Alliances & Channels model, which generated good results in all areas, and has really increased our footprint and our presence in the partners.

On top of that, we leveraged all the European resources available, and we focused all our activities on four key cross-LoB priorities:  Engineered systems, Cloud-Application, Hosting, and Transformation deals.

In Engineered systems we really saw the benefits of our investment, with more than 65% of our Engineered systems being now sold by our partners, who are truly part of our ‘One Red Team’. Plus, we’ve now doubled the number of boxes sold with the partners.

David Callaghan David: Johan, what’s your take on this? What do you attribute this accomplishment to, particularly in Engineered Systems, bearing in mind the regional context?
Johan Doruiter

Johan: Partners were absolutely instrumental in the success of Engineered systems in our region.

The results are, thanks to the time we spent right from the start, evangelising the benefits of Engineered systems with specially selected partners.

In terms of the economic context and the challenges faced by partners, there’s a simple answer: Oracle and its partners are there to make it happen! You have to go after the right industries, where customers are willing to invest in innovation and are looking to cut their costs.
David Callaghan David: Eric, can you explain how the strategic partners are impacting the success of Exadata?
Eric Fontaine

Eric: It’s quite simple - we focus on transformational deals and large hosting deals with the large alliances, and a coverage model with the channel partners.

Last quarter we saw good traction with transformation deals and success with some very high profile business. The strategic integrators add huge value through their vertical knowledge and by providing complete solutions, from Apps, to BI, to Exalytics to Hardware.  For instance, I can mention a large tax project in the Netherlands and a large manufacturing customer who launched a new BI project.

Hosting is very strong in Europe South. Due to the tough economy, a lot of companies are working with partners to update their IT environment and it’s a unique opportunity for us to introduce our technology and to reduce the cost of ownership by an integrated approach.

With the channel partners it’s all about coverage. With their wide knowledge of the broad market, we’re engaging them to cover this marketplace, and incentivising them with the Open Market Model (OMM)* rebate program.

David Callaghan David: Johan, what do you see as the growth areas in the market for Oracle partners?
Johan Doruiter

Johan: Oracle’s full stack is definitely where partners should base their growth plans, either in the whole stack or in parts of it. Analysis demonstrates that selling across the Oracle stack increases the chance to win a project.

Oracle Red Stack
  • Win rate with 1 layer – 33%

  • Win rate with 2 layers – 41%

  • Win rate with 3 layers – 50%

  • Win rate with 4 layers – 69%

Based on Oracle FY12 results

Cloud is a huge opportunity, so partners should also invest in combining our Engineered systems with their Cloud approach. Oracle has made a lot of announcements around Cloud aiming to provide value in public and private clouds, as well specific partner cloud programs tailored to their business. Eric has launched a Europe South Cloud Task Force which will help us to engage with partners in the Cloud application business. We’ll see a strong impact in the coming quarters.

In addition, now that the Oracle Alliances & Channels organisation is streamlined, partners have a great opportunity to cross-sell across the product suite. It’s low hanging fruit where partners can grow revenue straight away. Database Options are an obvious further growth area, enabling partners to upsell and differentiate themselves from the competition.

David Callaghan David: Eric, what is your strategy to capitalize on these opportunities?
Eric Fontaine

Eric: We’ve invested to help partners in each country get specialized and develop their proof of concept, so we can demonstrate the value of our portfolio customer by customer. It already generated a lot of business and now we need to leverage this.

We’ve created an engagement plan for marketing, lead generation, and enablement with selected Cloud application partners, which will deploy this month, and you will see Oracle very present in the cloud arena, with significant growth.

We’ll then work with a joint approach with the Oracle field to support these partners to make the most out of this opportunity.

Overall, our approach is to work with selected partners who have trust in Oracle, engage with our strategy and are willing to invest in us.

Finally I’d stress that the OMM* program will also help partners capitalise on the opportunities in the market. By referring or registering their deals they can benefit from increased margin from Oracle. Every partner should use it!

David Callaghan David: Johan, as a final thought from you, what message, above all, would you like to see Oracle partners embracing for the rest of this FY13?
Johan Doruiter Johan: I'd be delighted if partners continue in the same way they are now. Partners are really important to us, and they are why we had so much success in Europe South. It’s all based on trust, so if they leverage on the success they have achieved by continuing to invest into Oracle and offering great solutions to customers, we’ll repay that trust by investing in them.

* The Open Market Model is Oracle’s referral and rebate program for partners. OMM policies can be found here (PDF).

In Touch (February 2013): Spotlight on Cloud

CloudOracle believes that enterprise organizations are on a journey towards cloud computing.  Most will evolve their IT infrastructure and develop into being more “cloud like” to become a better internal service provider to the business.  This will result in greater levels of agility and responsiveness, improved quality of service in terms of latency and availability along with lower cost of ownership and higher utilization.

Because we see organizations adopting cloud in so many different ways, our goal at Oracle is to offer customers choice and a broad set of products and services that allow us to lead and support the transition to the cloud at every stage. That goal of offering choice is a key theme than runs within the Partner Cloud Program which is rolling out across the region now.  “Our Cloud offering is complete and the most comprehensive in the industry. This gives partners the flexibility to decide how they engage, the ability to increase their competitiveness, and the opportunity to deliver Cloud solutions that are designed specifically to meet their customers’ needs.” Christian von Stengel, Senior Director Application & SaaS Strategy & Sales, Oracle EMEA Alliances & Channels said.

The program, announced at Oracle OpenWorld last September, brings together five Cloud Service programs that enable you to make the most of this cloud opportunity.   Partners can deploy Oracle Cloud services across varying levels of end client engagement by choosing the program that best fits their business model:

  • Referral Cloud Program
    Refer a SaaS opportunity to Oracle through the Open Market Model that Oracle subsequently closes, then receive compensation based on the guaranteed contract value. This program provides a low cost and low barrier of entry for all OPN members that seek participation in the broader cloud opportunity. Register your Oracle Cloud Referral.

  • Resell Cloud Program
    Provides the opportunity for partners to broaden and deepen engagement by managing the subscription directly with your client. With specializations rolling out across the 16 Oracle Cloud Services, qualified partners have the opportunity to market and sell Oracle Cloud solutions and take a margin off the list subscription. By owning that end relationship, you participate in the lifetime value of that subscription as well as any renewals or up sell opportunities that may arise.

  • Rapid Start Program
    Oracle has added the Rapid Start program to each of the specializations to help you develop the skill set needed to successfully set up, manage and deploy Oracle Cloud services.  Rapid Start gives you the capability to deliver fixed scope implementation services around both implementation and configuration. Partners may customize, brand and price these services to meet their own business requirements, and retain 100% of the Rapid Start revenue.

  • Cloud Builder Specialization
    The Cloud Builder Specialization is an umbrella specialization anchored around private clouds. It is targeted at technology-oriented partners who are highly skilled across the Oracle portfolio, and who wish to build a private cloud within a data center, which can then become part of a broader public cloud offering. Specialized status provides end customers with assurance that they will be engaging with an insightful, knowledgeable partner who is an expert in the defined product or industry area, and able to work with them to develop and implement specific solutions.

  • Platform as a Service Program
    This program offers System integrators and ISVs the ability to develop bespoke applications that leverage a secure and flexible architecture.  You can build and deploy new applications, or extend existing on-premise offerings to the Oracle Cloud without any additional infrastructure or platform investments so eliminating costly IT resources and accelerate time-to-market.

To help partners familiarize with the program and capitalize on the opportunities offered by the Oracle Cloud, there is a wide range of communications, links and videos at your disposal, plus you can talk to your Oracle contact or the Partner Business Center.

In addition, to fast track your transition to offering Oracle Cloud services, don’t miss the opportunity to attend the Oracle CloudWorld tour happening now, for access to real-world case studies, in-depth Q&A sessions, hands-on demos and dedicated tracks.

Cloud Links

Cloud Videos


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