Friday Jul 17, 2015

Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance (VCA) is now Oracle Private Cloud Appliance (PCA)

Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance (VCA) has just been re-branded as Oracle Private Cloud Appliance (PCA)

Oracle Private Cloud Appliance simplifies the way customers install, deploy, and manage converged infrastructures for Linux, Windows, or Oracle Solaris applications.

Visit the Oracle Private Cloud Appliance page to learn more.

Friday Aug 08, 2014

Oracle Tape Storage – The Future is Bright!!

Oracle Tape Storage is a key component of current and future storage architectures and its future looks quite promising. To learn more about the benefits of Oracle Tape storage solutions, Market Opportunities and to find the answers to the questions below click here:

  • Why Tape continues to be a key component of storage architectures?
  • Where are the main Tape market opportunities?
  • What is the opportunity for Oracle Tape certified resellers?

Please contact your VAD or Oracle sales representative for further information.

Tuesday Jan 14, 2014

Announcing New Pricing for StorageTek LTO 5 and LTO 6 Drives on the StorageTek SL150

We are pleased to announce lower pricing for StorageTek LTO 5 and StorageTek LTO 6 tape drives for the StorageTek SL150 modular tape library.  The change will sharply increase the competitiveness of the SL150 in the entry tape market.



  • Drastically lower pricing - LTO drives sold into new and existing StorageTek SL150 libraries are now a full 50% off of existing pricing
  • Pricing change affects both ATO and PTO drives for the StorageTek SL150 modular tape library
  • With one exception - base library configurations shipping with a single drive are not affected by the pricing change

For More Information please contact you local Oracle representative and visit:

Tuesday Sep 17, 2013

ZS3 Storage System Demo Equipment Purchase Initiative

Oracle is pleased to announce that, for a limited time, Oracle VARs may purchase ZS3 Storage Systems for demonstration purposes at a significantly reduced price.

Submit your order today for a ZS3 Storage System and you can start showcasing this product in customer demonstrations and proof-of-concepts. The offer also allows VARs to sell the demo configuration after a six month demonstration period. Why wait? Order today!

Rules and Guidelines

  • Only authorized VADs are allowed to sell the ZS3 Storage System demo units.
  • Purchase time frame is from product launch until May 31, 2014.
  • All ZS3-2 and ZS3-4 Storage System configurations are approved for purchase at the prescribed discounts. Contact your VAD after product launch (Sep 10, 2013) for information on recommended configurations
  • Supply is allocated per region and it’s limited.
  • Order must be placed via a VAD.
  • VAR must sign the Partner Demonstration Hardware Terms.

For more information please contact your VAD.

Wednesday Apr 10, 2013

Important: Resell Rights for SPARC T5 and M5

Please take note of the following information on the Resell Rights for the newly announced SPARC T5 and M5 systems.

SPARC T5 Resell Rights

  • The existing T-Series Knowledge Zone tabs have been updated with T5 content!
  • The “Sell” tab reflects the updated Sales and PreSales Guided Learning Paths (GLPs)
  • Important: Resellers already authorized to resell T4 can also resell T5, until their renewal comes up. In other words, if a partners can sell T-Series servers (ie, T-Series Server Knowledge Zone), then automatically they can sell the T5. 
    • At renewal, partners will need to complete the newly posted T5 Sales/PreSales GLPs as part of their renewal process
    • At renewal, partners will need to get T5 Resell Rights even if they just need to resell T4 servers

SPARC M5 Resell Rights

  • New product - new Knowledge Zone!
  • New criteria for Resell Authorization

In order to apply to distribute Oracle SPARC M5-32 Server products, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a Gold, Platinum, or Diamond member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork in good standing with a valid OPN Agreement.
  • Have confirmed acceptance from Oracle into the SPARC M5-32 Servers Knowledge Zone.
  • Have a valid Full Use Distribution Agreement (FUDA) v041610 or later with Oracle, be in the process of applying for one, or have a valid addendum to your existing Full Use Distribution Agreement with current hardware terms.
  • Have met the resale competency criteria set forth below:
    • SPARC M5-32 Servers Sales Specialists: 4
    • SPARC M5-32 Servers PreSales Specialists: 4

For more details please visit

Tuesday Feb 05, 2013

Systems Sales Training for EMEA Partners on Next Generation SPARC Systems

On the successful completion of the SPARC architecture (25 years) and the Solaris operating system (20 years), Oracle will expand its line of SPARC/Solaris products in the near future.

Oracle's next generation SPARC products will extend, expand and augment both the T-Series and the M-Series servers families, making them an even richer offering for you as an Oracle partner. And a face to face free of charge sales training has been set up for our EMEA Partners.

For more information and registration please click here!

Thursday Oct 11, 2012

Oracle StorageTek SL150 – Now Available Resale by Silver Partners and Remarketers

Oracle is granting both Silver OPN Members and Remarketers the ability to distribute the Oracle StorageTek SL150 Modular Tape Library products by adding them to the 1-Click Technology for Midsize Companies Knowledge Zone.

For further info on this announcement, click here

Monday Sep 17, 2012

Server virtualisation is a breeze with the T4

Server virtualisation is a breeze with the T4. Oracle VM server for SPARC (LDOM) is implemented on the T4 chip and carries very low overhead. It can 'slice and dice' your server however you want and it acts as a hard licensing boundary for Oracle software. Plus it is completely free with T4!

Please contact Lucy Hillman or Graham Scattergood for more details.

Thursday Sep 06, 2012

For business information and web traffic T4 and Solaris 11 stand head and shoulders above the crowd

Everyone is talking about encryption of business information and web traffic. T4 and Solaris 11 stand head and shoulders above the crowd. 

Each T4 chip has 8 crypto accelerators inside the chip - that means there are 32 in a T4-4.  These are faster and offer more algorithms than almost all standalone devices and it is all free with T4!  What are you waiting for?

Please contact
Lucy Hillman or Graham Scattergood for more details.

Your weekly tea time soundbite of the latest UK news, updates and initiatives on the SPARC T Series servers. T4 good news, best practice and feedback is always welcome.

Thursday Aug 30, 2012

Register Now! Oracle Hardware Sales Training: Hardware and Software - Engineered to be Sold Together!

Dear partner,

You can now register for Oracle’s EMEA Hardware Sales Training Roadshow: "Hardware and Software - Engineered to be Sold Together!"

The objective of this one-day, face-to-face, free of charge training session is to share with you and your Oracle peers the latest information on Oracle’s products and solutions and to ensure that you are fully equipped to position and sell Oracle’s integrated stack.

Please find agenda, schedule, details and registration information here.

The EMEA Hardware Sales Training Roadshow is intended for Oracle Partners and Oracle Sales working together. Limited seats are available on a first-come-first-serve basis, so kindly register as early as possible to reserve your seat.

We hope you will take maximum advantage of these great learning and networking opportunities and look forward to welcoming you to your nearest event!

Best regards,

Giuseppe Facchetti
Partner Business Development Manager,
Servers, Oracle EMEA

Sasan Moaveni
Storage Partner Sales Manager
Oracle EMEA


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