Thursday Apr 10, 2014

Tips for hardening Oracle Linux Servers

If you have Linux servers, you will find this article very interesting, it discusses how to improve and harden your security policies in your Linux servers.

Which are the challenges faced by Cloud Security?

You may have heard a lot of hype around security in the cloud computing, some of the factors that make such a trend a convenience for managing resources raise considerable security concerns. See which are the challenges faced by companies nowadays around security in the cloud in this interesting article.

Authenticating OIM APIs without the end user’s password

A common requirement in an OIM implementation is to not expose the OIM user interface to all types of end users. Learn more about authenticating OIM APIs without the end user’s ‪password in this interesting post Daniel Gralewski.

Will BYOD become 'Bring Your Own Cloud’?

BYOD can also be heavily disruptive to IT processes and policies, and it's taken some time for enterprises to embrace the change. To minimize risk and ensure that employees use these devices appropriately, CIOs and CTOs must carefully consider a few factors, don't miss this interesting article.

New Oracle Identity Governance 11gR2PS2. Product update

Oracle identity Management is a suite of highly flexible and scalable enterprise Identity administration solutions that provides operational and business efficiency.

Learn more in this post by Darin Petergraf where he unveils the new features of the upcoming release of the Identity Governance 11gR2Ps2.

MDM and MAM in a Mobile Security architecture

MDM (Mobile Device Management) and MAM (Mobile Application Management) stack up against Mobile Security requirements.

Read this interesting post where Matt Flynn analyses how MDM and MAM stack up against your Mobile Security requirements.

Wednesday Apr 09, 2014

6th IAM Partner Forum in Berlin

We just held the 6th Identity and Access Management, more than 60 people representing more than 30 different partners across EMEA attended the sessions in Berlin. Many topics were covered but the recent Bitzer acquisition drew a lot of attention. Bitzer mobile has been rebranded now to OMSS (Oracle Mobile Security Suite). There were many discussions around Oracle’s strategy on the mobile security and our Product Management colleagues were quite busy answering many questions in this regard.

We have uploaded all the presentations here. I hope you can review them all and get the most out of the sessions.

Moreover, this year, we had three partner presenting their business cases, SimeioSolutions around “IdM in the cloud”, AurionproSena about “Context and attribute aware gateway to secure info” and Esentri on “Mobility Security on a red Stack” a big thanks to all of them for their great collaboration.

I would like to thank you and on behalf of all the Product management team for your time with us. We hope to meet you all next year. In the mean time, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you need some help when doing business with us.

All the best.


Tuesday Apr 08, 2014

Cloud and Mobile Strategy Update Webcast

 The 11gR2 PS2 Cloud and Mobile Launch webcast is coming up on April 10 @ 10:00 am PST.  There will be important announcements in this regards that you can't miss.

 This is a great opportunity to get the latest news on the upcoming  IdM versions. As cloud applications and personal mobile devices continue to drive new business models, new security challenges for IT teams are on the rise.

  Please, join our key executives Amit Jasuja and Marc Boroditsky for a discussion of the key themes to Oracle’s cloud and mobile security strategy. You’ll also see a demonstration of the new cloud access portal and mobile security suite

Tuesday Mar 18, 2014

Secure Oracle Database 12c eBook - Now Available

Oracle Database 12c represents a profound shift in database technology and includes a multitude of new and improved security features. With the cost of data loss growing as customers store increasing amounts of sensitive information, how can administrators understand and effectively utilize the capabilities provided by Oracle Database to secure their data and improve controls? Oracle security experts have written a new book for database administrators and security professionals who want to learn how to secure Oracle Databases. Written by Oracle's Paul Needham and Scott Rotondo, along with Independent Oracle Users Group President Michelle Malcher, Securing Oracle Database 12c: A Technical Primer, is available as a free download.

Saturday Mar 08, 2014

Cloud and Mobile Strategy Update Webcast

Oracle IDM 11gR2 PS2: Cloud and Mobile Strategy Update Webcast

As cloud applications and personal mobile devices continue to drive new business models, new security challenges for IT teams are on the rise. Oracle recently announced the availability of its latest Oracle Identity Management 11g Release 2 PS2—which is heavily focused on securing the extended enterprise.

This live webcast will provide you with an overview of key themes in Oracle Identity Management 11g Release 2 PS2, and cover salient aspects of the release’s cloud and mobile security strategy. You’ll also see a demonstration of the new cloud access portal and mobile security suite. The Twitter feed #OracleIDMPS2 can be used for questions during the live Q&A session at the end of the presentation.

Attend this webcast to:
Hear about the latest updates in Oracle Identity Management 11g Release 2 PS2 including new, strong authentication and installation automation features
See how Oracle is taking an application-focused approach to mobile security
Learn how you can secure your cloud applications with enterprise identity management

Register now to attend this important webcast.

Tuesday Mar 04, 2014

Database security

There are three New Oracle Advanced Security Videos, it is important that organizations that want to quickly understand Oracle Advanced Security can now view three short videos by product manager, Todd Bottger, including:

· Oracle Advanced Security Overview

· Transparent Data Encryption

· Data Redaction

Oracle Advanced Security with Oracle Database 12c delivers industry leading encryption and data redaction capabilities, vital to protecting sensitive application data.

Learn more about Oracle Advanced Security.

I hope you find the sessions useful. 


Friday Feb 14, 2014

Oracle MobileSecurity Suite video

This is our new video showing the benefits of our Mobile Security Suite. This will also take you to our redesigned mobile page. It highlights our mobile slogan "Simplify Enterprise Mobility" and the sub-topics Mobile Platform, Mobile Security and (Mobile) Applications.


Monday Feb 03, 2014

Bitzer becomes Oracle Mobile Security Suite (OMSS)

Oracle has finally released the new Oracle Mobile Security Suite, this is our new Mobile Application Management (MAM) solution offering that is focused on simplifying and securing enterprise mobility. It leverages technology from the acquisition of Bitzer Mobile including mobile application containerization, secure access server and administrative console.

You may find more information in the new OMSS section on our corporate portal. Just as quick heads up, we'll be presenting officially this new technology at the Partner Community Forum on the 27/28 of March in Berlin. The Bitzer acquisition has generated a lot of expectation and many partners are willing to incorporate our technology to their portfolio of solutions, especially to address the BYOD initiatives that many corporations are facing nowadays. OMSS fully addresses this projects.

Moreover, we'll be shortly delivering all the technical enablement like VM images, workshops, how-to guides etc. These materials will be posted to the internal Oracle IdM Technical Enablement Portal.

Wednesday Jan 08, 2014

Save the date 27th/28th of March. 6th IAM Partner Community Forum.

Dear partner

I am delighted to announce that the 6th edition of the Identity & Access Management Partner Community Forum will be held in Berlin, Germany the next 27th and 28th of March 2014.
By attending this Community Forum you will have the opportunity to get Oracle’s insight on the security products and the current market trends. You'll be also able to get in touch with the Oracle executives in charge of the Identity Management solutions and security and raise all your questions.

Stay tune for the agenda and the details of the venue. They'll be published shortly.

All the best.


Friday Nov 22, 2013

Oracle announces the acquistion of Bitzer Mobile

Oracle has announced the acquisition of the company Bitzer mobile, you can get the full story here. This is a strategic movement to address the growing security needs created by the bring your own device (BYOD) trend. Bitzer Mobile increases Oracle's industry-leading portfolio of Fusion Middleware products by allowing organizations to provide employees access to corporate data and applications from their smart devices.

Cesar Armengol