Monday May 21, 2012

New whitepaper: Operational Impact of Deploying Exadata

Traditionally, highly skilled and focused administrators have been responsible for managing individual portions of the technology stack. With engineered systems, lifecycle management becomes a more integrated and, ultimately, less complex environment. From a business perspective, the engineered system will result in improved performance and throughput along with reduced lifecycle management costs.

Read the full whitepaper "Operational Impact of Deploying Engineered Systems (Exadata)". Full document is available for download at the Manageability Partner Community Collaborative Workspace (for community members only - if you get an error message, please register for the Community first).

Thursday May 17, 2012

Database Management Packs: new Demo now available

New Enterprise Manager 12c Database Management Packs Demo is now available

The EM PM team and DSS are pleased to announce the availability of a new demo environment: EM 12c DB Packs Demo Environment. This demo environment joins other previously available EM12c demo environments including the EM12c Grand Tour environment, DB Lifecycle Management environment, and SOA and BTM Management with EM12c Demo Environment.

This latest demo environment showcases key capabilities introduced in Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c and Database 11g R2 in addition to the existing database manageability features from prior releases. This demo provides complete access to backend servers and thereby enables the users to customize the demo setup per their needs.

This demo features the following products:

  • Diagnostics Pack
  • Tuning Pack
  • Real Application Testing
  • Data Masking Pack
  • Test Data Management Pack

The target audiences are application developers, IT managers and database administrators.

Demo Highlights

This demo highlights the following new additions and capabilities for database management in a single integrated demo environment while retaining the option to demonstrate individual features or products to the customers:

Database Diagnostics and Tuning Packs

  • ASH Analytics - a new tool to explore the ASH data that allows the administrator to rollup, drilldown, and slice or dice performance data across various performance dimensions.
  • Real-Time ADDM – adds the ability to analyze problems in unresponsive or hung databases.
  • Compare Period ADDM – provides the capability to compare performance across two AWR time periods.

Real Application Testing

  • Secure Testing – integration of Real Application Testing with Data Masking enables users to seamlessly perform testing in a manner compliant to data privacy regulations.
  • SPA Optimizer Statistics Refresh Validation – allows you to highlight that SPA can be used for day-to-day performance tuning activities such as Optimizer Statistics refresh validation.

Data Masking and Test Data Management Packs

  • Application Data Modeling – a marquee feature that automatically helps discovers data relationships and builds an Application Data Model to drive other test data operations.
  • Sensitive Data Discovery – enables automatic discovery of  sensitive data in databases including cases where referential and application integrity is to be maintained
  • Key-Based Reversible Masking – allows masked data to be reverted to original values using the key used for masking, useful when validating testing done by third parties.
  • Data Subsetting – reduces storage costs and improves developer productivity in test environments through automated and flexible data subsetting solution.

Oracle Demonstration Services system usage is intended to provide environments for qualified OPN members to deliver demonstrations of Oracle's technology and applications products. Learn more about how to access Oracle Demonstration Services for Partners.

Monday May 14, 2012

New marketing kit for partners - Enterprise Manager 12c

Check the new marketing kit to help you generate sales around Enterprise Manager 12c:

Enterprise Manager 12c - Improve Service Delivery and Lower Costs

Thursday May 10, 2012

UK Oracle User Group - Call for papers

Call for papers for the UK Oracle User Group 2012 Conference is now open. Deadline for submissions of abstracts is June 1st.

The conference will take place in Birmingham, UK, on December 3rd-5th. 

If you are working in the UK market speaking at the UK Oracle User Group Conference 2012 is a rewarding experience that provides fantastic networking opportunities and an excellent forum for the presentation and exchange of ideas and practical experiences. It is a chance to share your knowledge and raise your personal and your company profile.

Wednesday May 09, 2012

Key resources for partners (1): Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Quick Reference

In the next posts, let me remind you of some key resources that may be useful for Oracle Enterprise Manager Specialized Partners to navigate the large amount of training and sales material available around Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c:

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Quick Reference

Includes a great collection of materials including:

  • Strategy
  • Installation, upgrade, configuration
  • Mini-tutorials: how to setup and use Cloud Control 12c

(Thanks to Steve Lemme for building this Quick Reference)

Tuesday May 08, 2012

C is for Cloud in Oracle Magazine

The Jan/Feb issue of Oracle magazine features a great article "C is for Cloud" on Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c and how three customers in different industries - CERN in physics research, Cerner in Healthcare and Epsilon in Marketing Services - are using the cloud management features or Enterprise Manager 12c.

Read the full article here.


Monday May 07, 2012

May issue of the Enterprise Manager Indepth Newsletter

The May issue of the Enterprise Manager Indepth Newsletter is now available here.

Some features articles include:

Oracle Launches Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c
To help organizations adopt cloud computing faster and with less effort and risk, Oracle has launched Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c.
Read More

Independent Analyst Finds Companies Can Expect 224 Percent ROI for Oracle Real Application Testing
In a newly released study, leading independent analyst firm Forrester found that Oracle Real Application Testing customers can expect significant ROI. According to Forrester, a typical organization can expect a 224 percent risk-adjusted ROI over a three-year timeframe, with a payback period of 5.9 months.
Read More

Q&A: Sushil Kumar on Highlights of Latest Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Update
Oracle recently released Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c bundle patch 1 and Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c release plug-in updates. To find out more about these latest developments, we spoke with Sushil Kumar, vice president of product strategy and business development for Oracle Enterprise Manager.
Read More
Oracle Application Testing Suite 12.1 Debuts at StarEast 2012
Designed to simplify testing, Oracle Application Testing Suite 12.1 debuted in April at StarEast 2012, the premier software testing conference. General availability is expected in May 2012.
Read More

Specialization Update – New Program Enhancement, June 2012

In June 2012, Oracle will launch a redesign to our Specialization Program.  
  • The program will be redesigned to appropriately recognize product versions.
  • When the suite of products within a Specialization has significantly changed product versions (e.g., Database 11g to Database 12c) a new Specialization will be created. 
  •  Partners will be expected to migrate to the newest product version within one year of the version launch date.
  • Partners maintaining the most current product version Specialization will receive Specialization benefits and their Specializations will count towards meeting Platinum and Diamond membership criteria.

Learn more here.


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