Friday Jun 06, 2014

Announcing Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 4

Richer Service Catalog for Database and Middleware as a Service; Enhanced Database and Middleware Management Help Drive Enterprise-Scale Private Cloud Adoption.

  • Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 4, available today, lets organizations rapidly adopt Oracle-based, enterprise-scale private clouds.
  • New capabilities provide advanced technology stack management, secure database administration, and enterprise service governance, enabling Oracle customers and partners to maximize database and application performance and drive innovation using self-service IT platforms.
  • The enhancements have been driven by customers and the growing Oracle Enterprise Manager Ecosystem, comprised of more than 750 Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) Specialized partners. Oracle and its partners and customers have built over 140 plug-ins and connectors for Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Watch Dan Koloski introducing Enterprise Manager 12c Release 4 in this video

Tuesday May 27, 2014

New Infographic: Private Cloud Management

Download this new infographic that will allow you to explain in a simple and graphical way the transition to the cloud and how Oracle Enterprise Manager helps to manage the cloud.

Monday May 26, 2014

Oracle Database In-Memory Launch - Featuring Larry Ellison - June 10 - Joint the live webcast!

For more than three-and-a-half decades, Oracle has defined database innovation. With our market-leading technologies, customers have been able to out-think and out-perform their competition. Soon they will be able to do that even faster. At a live launch event and simultaneous webcast, Larry Ellison will reveal the future of the database. Promote this strategic event to customers. 

Watch Larry Ellison on Tuesday, June 10, 2014

19:00 – 20:30 a.m. CET 

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm UK 

Join the webcast here!

Wednesday Apr 16, 2014

April issue of the Enterprise Manager Indepth Newsletter

The April issue of the Enterprise Manager Indepth Newsletter is now available here.


Dramatically Speed Routine Tasks with Oracle Real Application Testing’s SQL Performance Analyzer Quick Check Feature

With a single click of a button, database administrators (DBAs) can now test the impact of routine administrative operations directly on the production database itself, thanks to a new feature of Oracle Real Application Testing called SQL Performance Analyzer Quick Check.
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Webcast: Gartner Research Director Explores the Latest Trends in Application Testing

On April 23, 2014, Oracle will host a new webcast devoted to the latest trends and technologies in application testing, with special guest Thomas E. Murphy, research director, Gartner. Learn more about Oracle’s application quality management solutions.
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OpenStack: Look Under the Hood at the Growing Open-Source Cloud Management Platform

Oracle recently announced sponsorship of the OpenStack Foundation, which supports the development of an open-source cloud management platform for both public and private clouds. Read what Oracle Senior Director Moe Fardoost has to say about how to best leverage OpenStack technology.
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Thursday Jan 30, 2014

January issue of the Enterprise Manager Indepth Newsletter

The January issue of the Enterprise Manager Indepth Newsletter is now available here.


OVUM: How DBAs Can Use Database as a Service to Drive IT Transformation

In a new on-demand webcast, Roy Illsley, principal analyst at OVUM, argues that in the age of database as a service, database administrators can play a kingmaker role in transforming IT from a supply-led to a demand-led enterprise. Find out where to access the webcast.
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Cloud Odyssey: A Hero's Quest

New Cloud Odyssey Events Take Data Center Leaders on a Heroic Quest

Learn what key success factors you should aim for during your organization’s journey to cloud computing. Cloud Odyssey, a global series of one-day events that provide strategic and practical solutions for cloud computing, is coming soon to a city near you. Find out how to register.
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Seven Real-World Journeys to Self-Service IT

Cloud computing comes with the promise of self-service IT—the ability to provide on-demand IT resources across the organization, from developers to business managers. Hear what seven real-world Oracle Enterprise Manager customers have to say about turning the promise of self-service IT into reality.
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Thursday Nov 28, 2013

Managing across the entire Oracle stack with Oracle Enterprise Manager: IDEXX Laboratory

IDEXX Laboratory delivers innovative diagnostics and technologies for better veterinary care and safer food and water. Oracle Enterprise Manager enables IDEXX to gain visibility across its entire Oracle technology stack.

Watch video here 

IDC Whitepaper - Managing Many Databases as One: Pluggable Databases from Oracle

A constantly increasing quantity of databases drives a “complexity crisis” that causes DBA workload, and errors, to skyrocket.  Oracle Multitenant addresses this by managing multiple databases in bulk. IDC spoke with three customers who verify that Oracle Multitenant drives dramatic savings in DBA time, performance gain, and lower resource use.

Report is posted to at the below link (rights expire November 2014).

Monday Nov 25, 2013

Whitepaper: Advanced Uses of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c (Aug. 2013)

Advanced Uses of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c. An Oracle Whitepaper (Aug. 2013)

The objective of this whitepaper is to help operational teams, administrators and IT managers comprehend some of the more advanced features of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, so you can take full advantage of all the features and capabilities within the software, in order to get the most out of your Oracle investment—rather than just use Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c for basic capabilities, such as monitoring, metrics, thresholds, alerting and so on. While such capabilities are very useful, we need to go beyond monitoring into deep-down management of your applications, databases, middleware and server hosts. 

Thursday Nov 21, 2013

November issue of the Enterprise Manager Indepth Newsletter

The November issue of the Enterprise Manager Indepth Newsletter is now available here.


Latest Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release Supports Advanced Self-Service Automation for Oracle Multitenant

The latest release of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c now provides a turnkey database as a service for Oracle Multitenant, an option for Oracle Database 12c. Find out how to minimize risk and improve agility with unique automation capabilities that dramatically simplify the process of consolidating on Oracle Database 12c’s multitenant platform.
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Sudip Datta

Q&A: Oracle VP Sudip Datta on Delivering Database as a Service

Find out how to access a replay of Oracle’s Database as a Service Online Forum, featuring Oracle’s complete, lifecycle-driven approach to database as a service, plus a range of real-world case studies, from a major bank to Oracle's own public cloud service.
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DBA Heroes: New E-Book Spotlights Oracle ACEs Who Go Above and Beyond

Information systems are more critical than ever, yet too often the outstanding contributions of the people who create good systems go unrecognized. A new e-book pays tribute to five cloud heroes who, in addition to technological prowess, provide leadership in the face of rapidly evolving technologies.
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Monday Nov 11, 2013

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Delivers Advanced Self-Service Automation for Oracle Database 12c Multitenant

Broadens Support for Managing Full Lifecycle of New Pluggable Database as a Service

Redwood Shores, Calif. – November 4, 2013

News Summary

Database as a Service (DBaaS) offers organizations accelerated deployment, elastic capacity, greater consolidation efficiency, higher availability and lower overall operational cost and complexity. Oracle Database 12c provides an innovative multitenant architecture featuring pluggable databases that makes it easy to offer DBaaS and consolidate databases on clouds. To support customers’ move to this model, Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c adds new automation capabilities to enable quick provisioning of database clouds through self-service, saving administrators time and effort. These new capabilities can help customers adopt Oracle Database 12c faster and pave the way to a DBaaS delivery model.

News Facts

Oracle today announced a new release of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, which provides a turnkey, full lifecycle DBaaS management solution for Oracle Multitenant, an option for Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition.

Read full press release here

Friday Oct 25, 2013

Database Developer - October 2013 issue: Download Database 12c and related products

The October issue of the Database Application Developer  newsletter is now available. The focus of this issue is on downloads of Database 12c and related products. (Full newsletter here)

Get Ready to Download, Deploy and Develop for Oracle Database 12c

This month we're focused on downloads. We've rounded up the top developer releases (both early adopter and BETA releases) and the articles that will help you do more with Oracle 12c. See the technical content that will help you get started.

If you're ready...Away we go!

Laura Ramsey, Database and Developer Community, Oracle Technology Network Team


Download: Oracle Database 12c

According Tom Kyte, the Oracle 12c version has some of the biggest enhancements to the core database since version 6 - Check it out for yourself.

Download: Oracle SQL Developer 4.0 Early Adopter 2 is Here

Oracle SQL Developer is a free IDE that simplifies the development and management of Oracle Database. It is a complete end-to-end development platform for your PL/SQL applications that features a worksheet for running queries and scripts, a DBA console for managing the database, a reports interface, a complete data modeling solution and a migration platform for moving your 3rd party databases to Oracle.  If you are interested in checking out this new early adopter version,Oracle SQL Developer 4.0 EA is the place to go.

Download: Oracle 12c Multitenant Self Provisioning Application -BETA-

The -BETA- is here. The Multitenant self provisioning Application is an easy and productive way for DBAs and Developers to get familiar with powerful PDB features including create, clone, plug and unplug.   No better time to start playing with PDBs. Oracle 12c Multitenant Self Provisioning Application.

Download: New! Updates to Oracle Data Integration Portfolio

Oracle GoldenGate 12c and Oracle Data Integrator 12c is now available. From Real-Time data integration, transactional change data capture, data replication, hi-volume, high-performance batch loads, event-driven, trickle-feed integration process..its now available. Go here all the details and links to downloads...and Congratulations Data Integration Team!.

Download: Oracle VM Templates for Oracle 12c Features Support for Single Instance, Oracle Restart and Oracle RAC

Support for all current Oracle Database 11.2 versions as well as Oracle 12c on Oracle Linux 5 Update 9 & Oracle Linux 6 Update 4. The Oracle 12c templates allow end-to-end automation for Flex Cluster, Flex ASM and PDBs. See how the Deploycluster tool was updated to support Single Instance and the new Oracle 12c features. Oracle VM Templates for Oracle Database.

Download: Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler 4.0 EA 3

If you're looking for a datamodeling and database design tool that provides an environment for capturing, modeling, managing and exploiting metadata, it's time to check out Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler. Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler 4.0 EA V3 is here.

Wednesday Oct 23, 2013

DBaaS Online Forum - Now available on-demand

The Database-as-a-Service Online Forum  was originally broadcasted on Monday, October 21, 2013, at a US-timezones time. All the content of the forum is now available on-demand for customers and partners to watch and listen to.

The content is available on demand here.

Watch the on-demand forum to hear from analysts and experts on how companies are beginning to transform with Database as a Service, and learn the prescriptive steps your organization can take to design, deploy, and deliver Database as a Service today 



  • Carl Olofson, Research VP, IDC
  • Juan Loaiza, Senior Vice President, Oracle Systems Technology
  • Todd Kimbriel, Director, State of Texas, eGovernment Division
  • Eric Zonneveld, Oracle Architect, KPN
  • James Anthony, Technology Director, e-DBA

Breakout 1: Design DBaaS

  • Alan Levine, Senior Director, Oracle Enterprise Architects

Breakout 2: Deploy DBaaS

  • Michael Timpanaro-Perrotta, Director of Product Management, Oracle

Breakout 3: Deliver DBaaS 

  • Sudip Datta, Vice President of Product Management, Oracle

Closing Session

  • Michelle Malcher, IOUG President
  • Juan Loaiza, Senior Vice President, Oracle Systems Technology

Wednesday Sep 04, 2013

ESG report: Introducing Oracle Database 12c: Manage Many Databases as One

ESG has published a strong endorsement of Oracle Database 12c that profiles two beta customers - Aramark and Postbank.

ESG states: "Oracle's dramatic re-architecture of  Oracle Database 12c, offers database customers a long list of real improvements to support cloud implementations, enable the consolidation and management of many databases as one, and streamline the day-to-day work of DBAs."

ESG notes the following Oracle Database 12c benefits: (1) consolidation (2) patching (3) upgrades (4) less memory (5) no application modification (6) secure multitenancy at database tier (7) stable beta product (8) plug/unplug to leverage cheaper resources.

Read the full report here  (Oracle has purchased electronic distribution rights to this report)

Saturday Jul 13, 2013

Webcast - Oracle launches Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 3 - July 18th at 19:00 CET

Join this Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release webcast to hear from Thomas Kurian and the Oracle experts on the latest capabilities in Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 3 for cloud lifecycle and operations management.

Webcast takes place on July 18th at 19:00 CET

Thursday Jul 11, 2013

Featured video: Meet Growing IT Demand for Databases with Private DBaaS

This video discusses the difference between traditional database deployment and database as a service. It also provides an overview of Oracle Enterprise Manager's capabilities for rapid deployment of database as a service.


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