Thursday Jun 06, 2013

Partnership Opportunities: Oracle on VMware Licensing Monitoring for Oracle EM12c

Blue Medora, an Oracle Enterprise Manager Integration Partner, is seeking interested Oracle partners to help validate the features and functionality of Blue Medora's latest Beta plugin for Oracle Enterprise Manager, the Blue Medora Oracle Enterprise Manager (12c) Plugin for Oracle on VMware Licensing.

Running Oracle workloads on VMware introduces licensing expense exposure if your customers or partners don't pro-actively monitor their Oracle on VMware deployments against their entitlements. Customer often end up with license true-up fees they weren't anticipating.

The plugin provides an Oracle-based solution to the problem of managing Oracle workloads on VMware mixed Cluster environments where virtual machine mobility dramatically increases the risk of Oracle license over deployment and overspending.

Read the full story here.

Thursday Apr 04, 2013

Partner White Paper (Blue Medora): Enterprise Manager Plugin for VMware Use Cases

Uncovering virtualization performance bottlenecks with the Oracle Enterprise Manager Plugin for VMware

This paper by Oracle Enterprise Manager Partner 'Blue Medora' will illustrate the challenges of virtualization, the impact on Oracle workloads, and how to uncover potential performance bottlenecks due to VMware based virtualization.

This paper is a resource for Enterprise Manager 12c administrators living in a virtualized world. Administrators may range from systems operators to DBAs moving toward virtualized instances.

Tuesday Mar 26, 2013

See Blue Medora at the Community Forum! CEO Nathan Owen is now a confirmed speaker!

See Blue Medora at Oracle Exadata, Exalogic and Manageability EMEA Partner Forum

The Leading Provider of 3rd Party Plugins for Enterprise Manager 12c is presenting!

23 - 24, April 2013 at Hilton Vienna Plaza, Schottenring 11, Vienna, Austria

Nathan Owen, CEO, of Blue Medora, LLC,  will be speaking along with Tania Le Voi, Director, Product Management, Oracle on:

"Managing Heterogeneous IT Environments & the Extensibility Exchange for Partners"

Tuesday, 23, April at 16:45
Room B

Full Agenda
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Resell Blue Medora Plugins

Wednesday Feb 20, 2013

Partner Webcast: Cloud Opportunities for Partners with Enterprise Manager 12c - 7 March 2013

Oracle Cloud Solutions unlock new revenue, margin and competitive differentiation opportunities for Partners
Oracle offers a comprehensive portfolio of best-in-class, integrated applications, platform, and infrastructure products and solutions.

Cloud computing brings significant advantages to customers, such as lower operational IT costs, business agility, time-to-market, performance & availability. However, it imposes new challenges for IT to deliver and demonstrate these gains to the business. The transformation from traditional IT architectures to enterprise clouds requires complete lifecycle management of the cloud; from capacity planning and self-service provisioning to policy-based resource management and metering & chargeback.

An enterprise cloud must also be managed from a business perspective:
  • Balancing service levels and functionality with cost and availability is required.
  • Managing the user experience, business transactions and services are imperative to ensure cloud services are meeting business expectations.
  • Streamlining IT operations to reduce cost and complexity is a prerequisite to achieve the scalability needed in a cloud infrastructure.

Oracle Private Cloud portfolio enables organizations to have complete control and visibility over security, regulatory compliance, service levels and functionality. This enables tremendous business opportunities for Oracle partners.

Oracle Partners can utilize Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c to build, deploy, manage, integrate, and secure customer-facing cloud environments. Moreover, Partners can take full Control over customer cloud environments by holistically managing complex componentry in the cloud from a single, integrated console.

Join us in this live webinar while we explore the business opportunities available to Oracle Partners, both for your own and your customer journey to the Cloud.


  • Challenges & Business Drivers – 'Why' vs. 'What'
  • Cloud Computing – The Momentum & Oracle's Play
  • Services Opportunity for Partners
  • Oracle Cloud Solutions in the Partner Ecosystem
  • What's in it for Partners?
  • Partner Cloud Cases
  • Key Take-Aways & Next Steps

Delivery Format

This FREE online LIVE eSeminar will be delivered over the Web. Registrations received less than 24hours prior to start time may not receive confirmation to attend.

Duration: 1 hour

Registration: here

Partner Note: Prepare Oracle Linux for EM12C agent deployment

Deploying an Oracle Enterprise Manager agent on a Linux host is a simple task; it can almost automatically be done from within Oracle Enterprise Manager. Some mandatory settings need to be completed on your Linux host before you can automatically deploy the agent via the Oracle Enterprise Manager user interface. This article describes the basic steps that needs to be taken for achieving this.

By Johan Louwers. Johan Louwers is a Capgemini global expert on cloud computing and Oracle technology. Johan is Oracle Enterprise Manager champion within Capgemini Group. Johan Louwers blogpost. Capgemini Global Expert page.

Wednesday Feb 13, 2013

New Enterprise Manager 12c Connectors

The following Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c connectors are now available:

  • Microsoft SCOM 2012 Connector 
    • The Event Connector for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2012 (SCOM 2012) is now available. This connector enables sharing of Enterprise Manager events with Microsoft SCOM 2012.
  • HP Service Manager 9 Connector 
    • The Helpdesk Connector for HP Service Manager 9 is now available. This connector integrates Enterprise Manager's incident management features with HP Service Manager’s helpdesk capabilities to provide a seamless workflow for incident management and resolution.

Partners and Customers should use the Self-Update page of the Enterprise Manager 12c console to download and apply the connector to their Enterprise Manager 12c site. The connector documentation is available with the Enterprise Manager 12c documentation on OTN.

For the EM 12c Extensibility Exchange, click here.

Tuesday Feb 12, 2013

Adding discovery hosts within Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c

Interesting and useful article on 'Adding discovery hosts within Oracle Enterprise Manager'. By Johan Louwers, Oracle Enterprise Manager champion within Capgemini.

Wednesday Jan 30, 2013

Zero to Cloud: New Resources Help Dramatically Speed Transformation to Enterprise Private Cloud

To help organizations deploy a fully operational, enterprise-grade private cloud environment in less than half a day, Oracle has brought key content together into a single, user-friendly zero-to-cloud resource center.

The online resource center includes best practices from Oracle experts and early adopter customers as well as interviews with Oracle development executives responsible for Oracle’s private cloud solutions and roadmap. Additionally, you can access productivity tools such as assessment tools, cloud-builder demos, tips, and the latest product and solution information.

The resource center is being launched just as the
Oracle Cloud Builder Summit series moves into full swing. Designed for executives, cloud architects, and IT operations professionals, the day-long event series will eventually reach nearly 100 cities around the globe.

Get Started with Our New Self-Assessment Tool
For cloud deployments, organizations cannot rely on traditional planning, deployment, and management processes and tools. To help determine readiness for a successful private cloud deployment, Oracle has created a new
self-assessment quiz that addresses the following key concerns.

  • A complete cloud lifecycle approach. Determine if you have the tools and processes in place to manage every phase of building, managing, and consuming an enterprise cloud.
  • Integrated cloud stack management. Learn how to eliminate the integration pains and costs that occur when you have to integrate multiple point solutions.
  • Business-driven clouds. Determine whether you are able to deliver clouds that can measure up to the business requirements and the user experience demanded by your company.
  • Proactive management. Determine if you can benefit from automatic service requests and the other key proactive management tools for all the technology deployed within a cloud, including proactive patch recommendations, health checks, and end-of-life advisory tools.

Once you've determined organizational readiness, explore early adopter tips, demos, guides, exclusive white papers, and more at the zero-to-cloud resource center.

Monday Jan 28, 2013

Announcement of Enterprise Manager for Big Data Appliance (BDA) Plugin

Earlier this month (Jan 2013) we announced the General Availability of Enterprise Manager for Big Data Appliance (BDA) Plugin -

This is the first version of Enterprise Manager for Big Data Appliance (BDA) Plugin release. The plugin is available to EM customers on Self Update (screenshot below), and certification information for this plugin is also available to customers on MyOracleSupport certify (

Using the Enterprise Manager 12c Big Data Appliance Plug-in, users can:

1. Discover the software and hardware components of a Big Data Appliance Network and add them as managed targets.
Manage the hardware and software components that comprise a Big Data Appliance Network as a single target or as individual targets.
Study collected metrics to analyze the performance of the network and each Big Data Appliance component.
Trigger alerts based on availability and system health.
5. Respond to warnings and incidents.

Friday Jan 18, 2013

Sales Masterclass for Partners - EMEA rollout

Oracle EMEA is pleased to announce a series of live Sales Masterclasses for Partners on Lifecycle Management for Exadata, Cloud and Applications.

Initial classes are:
- UK, Reading: 23 - 24 January 2013, Oracle UK Thames Valley Park
- France, Paris: 5 - 6 February 2013, Oracle France Colombes
- Portugal, Lisbon: 19 - 20 February 2013, Oracle Lagoas Park
- Saudi Arabia, Riyadh: 26 February 2013, Oracle Riyadh Offices (Application Lifecycle Management only)

Please contact your local Partner Enablement Manager or Alliance & Channel Manager for training events in your region.

Exadata & Cloud Management
Unlock the Potential of Exadata and the Cloud through integrated lifecycle management

Application Lifecycle Management
Quality & Performance of Oracle & Custom Web Applications

This Value Selling session will be offered to Oracle Manageability focus Partners over a live, 1 ½ day class.

Many organizations recognize the benefits and return on investment that Oracle-based business processes has brought to their business. However, as customers increasingly rely on technology, the growing complexity of the application landscapes and underlying infrastructures becomes more challenging. This is further enhanced by custom deployments and integrations, which makes each system different and unique to manage.

Whether in the cloud, or in traditional IT environments, Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c enables you to provision applications faster, reduce time-to-resolution of service requests, and easily manage user experiences for millions of customers. It also provides a complete solution to manage the entire cloud lifecycle and Oracle stack, from application to disk, through a single console.

We are happy to invite you for a 1 ½ day Value Selling workshop on Oracle Enterprise Manager’s Application Lifecycle Management and Exadata & Cloud Management.

This class is a comprehensive programme, prepared and presented by Oracle specialized sales leaders. This ensures you have all the knowledge and skills you need to effectively position, sell and support Oracle’s performance, quality and operational management solutions for Applications and Exadata.

·         The first half day is relevant for both Application Lifecycle Management AND Exadata & Cloud Management 
The second half of day one is focused on Application Lifecycle Management.
The first half of day two will be focused on Exadata & Cloud Management.

The sessions will be lecture-based with showcases to complement. These sessions are interactive and everyone is required to participate. Customer case studies will be used as appropriate and there will be plenty of opportunity for in-depth discussion. Please bring to the training an understanding of what Enterprise Manager 12c does for your customers, along with your own experiences to date.

Target Audience:
Partners: Sales Directors, Managers and Representatives. Sales Consulting (Managers). Marketing Directors / Managers. Oracle Practice Leaders. Application Management and Testing business unit leaders.

Learning Objectives & Coverage   
Sales-driven, non-technical; there will be no deep dive, technical features, or hands on labs. Instead, it is focused on customer value, positioning, sales plays & value propositions, competitive intelligence, pricing & licensing, case stories & top wins, objection handling, probing questions, spotting sweet spot opportunities, ROI & Proof-of-Value, etc. This session also provides sales tools, resources and how to engage with Oracle on the subject-matter.

Wednesday Jan 16, 2013

From Zero to Cloud: By the Oracle Partner Solution Center in Asia-Pacific

Interesting demonstration from the Partner Solution Center in Oracle Asia-Pacific: From Zero to Cloud - in five simple steps to an easy-to-use, simplified self-service portal for consuming IT resources and services without being brokered by IT!

Monday Jan 14, 2013

Partner Note: Set Up Exadata for Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12

Posted by Jeremy Schneider on Jan 9, 2013 at

I recently helped setup an Exadata X2-8 Database Machine with the latest version of Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control ( A few documents do exist for this process – the most useful of which are the Exadata Discovery Cookbook and the Setup Automation Kit. However I found a few inconsistencies and problems; I think the existing documents I found were written on older versions of Enterprise Manager and older versions of the tools. Also there are some additional steps for older Exadatas which didn’t apply to my case.

I’m publishing my final procedure here with hopes that it helps you, but as always please cross-reference this with the appropriate documentation before doing anything in your own environment.

At this customer’s request we also configured SNMP to integrate alerting with another system – in their case, Exadata-related alerts will be raised in BMC Event Manager. I’ve also included the steps I followed to enable this; it should be easy enough to tweak my procedure here for any SNMP-compatible monitoring system.

Tuesday Nov 08, 2011

IDC Report : Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Embraces the Cloud with Integrated Lifecycle Management

From the Oracle Enterprise Manager blog:

"IDC analysts Mary Turner and Tim Grieser covered the launch event and various Oracle Enterprise Manager sessions and demos at the Oracle Open World 2011 event. They published their observation in their Research Report : Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Embraces the Cloud with Integrated Lifecycle Management "

Read full post


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