Thursday Mar 12, 2015

VNIIA Reduces Database Administrative Time and Effort by 70 Percent, Lowers Costs

All-Russia Research Institute of Automatics (VNIIA), founded in 1954, is part of the state-owned atomic energy corporation ROSATOM. The institute’s core activities include exploration, research and development (R&D), and full-scale product manufacturing. Its efforts focus on nuclear material control and accounting, complex technical-system safety, research and reporting on material behavior under high temperature and shock stress, and nonproliferation of nuclear and radioactive materials. In 2011, VNIIA established its Fundamental and Applied Research Center to extend theoretical research. 

Helped by Oracle and partner Croc, VNIIIA deployed Oracle Enterprise Manager to flexibly manage VNIIA’s multivendor environment, so it can consolidate monitoring, control, diagnostics, and reporting for heterogeneous hardware and software products in a single console.

Full story here

Wednesday Nov 05, 2014

New Engineered System Operational Management Page for Partners

Oracle EMEA Engineered Systems group has been working for some time on an initiative called ESOM - Engineered Systems Operational Management - to demonstrate that Engineered Systems are easier and cheaper to manage than traditional architectures, enabling to achieve 20-40% reduction in administration effort, 50% less Tier 1 Service Requests and 31% faster incident resolution times (on average for EMEA customers).

It is a pleasure to announce that ESOM webpage is now available for our partners! All Oracle Partners Gold and above will be able to access the site using their credentials.

The page contains most of the material posted in the ESOM internal webpage. It has very useful content to use in deals, proposals and projects The content will continue to be updated with new documents and presentations related to Operational Management of Engineered Systems.

Please visit the page at Engineered Systems Operational Management Partner Page

For questions or comments, you can contact the ESOM Core Team:


ESOM Partner Page

Thursday Aug 28, 2014

Paragon Data Enhances Its Customer and Employee Experience Across 450 Bookstores Following 10-Day Migration

Paragon Data GmbH runs the data center for its parent company, Deutsche Buch Handels GmbH & Co. KG (DBH), a book-trading market leader in Germany. Paragon provides high-performing, secure, and stable IT infrastructure to more than 450 bookstores across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland—each with up to 80,000 items in stock and more than 10 million deliverables. 

“Deploying Oracle Exadata Database Machine—combined with the integrated management capabilities of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c—has greatly reduced the number of distinct environments we have to monitor, patch, and back up, lowering overall management effort by more than 50%. The Oracle Exadata platform has an excellent price-to-performance ratio, and receiving the system and support from a single vendor helps us ensure business continuity and to provide an outstanding customer experience.” – Christian Trieb, Senior Database Administrator, Paragon Data GmbH 

Read full story here 

Tuesday May 27, 2014

There are Cloud Heroes Among Us: download the ebook


Given the importance of information systems in today's business world, database administrators (DBAs) and other technology professionals often perform heroic deeds for their organizations. While many of these IT pros are too humble to acknowledge their worth, we profiled five real-world IT heroes to demonstrate their value to their organizations-and the industry at large. 

Many of our heroes are bloggers who share new ideas and developments with their colleagues. Our heroes are creative individuals who can accurately assess a situation and rally their colleagues to address pressing issues.

These heroes are authors and known Oracle technology user group leaders.

Read their stories today and join them in leading a greater future for the IT industry.

Monday Dec 02, 2013

Who Should Manage an Oracle Exadata Database Machine?

The Database Admin? The Systems Admin? What about the storage admin? Brian Bream, CTO of Collier IT, gives us his opinion on the matter, as well as other reactions about the Exadata that he gets from the students of his Oracle University classes.

Watch the video discussion here

Friday May 10, 2013

New Whitepaper on Exalytics Operational Management

Jules Lane, Manageability Solution Architect at Oracle has written two new whitepapers describing the manageaility aspects of the Exalytics platform.

Improved performance and capacity and a more agile project implementation are primary drivers for Exalytics, however, a great additional benefit is the potential to reduce administration and management costs by 20-40% as compared to traditional platforms, hence dramatically reducing the Total Cost of Ownership.

The target audience is operations managers and team leaders and technical architects.

  • Part 1 is sales oriented and discusses the potential offered by Exalytics for more than 20-40% savings in the costs of operational management of Oracle B.I. systems, and what actions should be taken to fully realize it. These relate to people (and their organisation structure), processes and technology.
  • Part 2 is more post sales oriented and has a summary of the key points in Part 1 one but also a detailed discussion of best practices around carrying out the actual administration tasks for each part of the Exalytics stack.

Manageability Community members can download the files from the Community Workspace. (Download here)

(Remember that you need to be a registered community member to have access to the workspace. Otherwise you will get an error message. You can register here)

Debunking some persistent myths about Oracle Enterprise Manager (#1)

Blogger, Hans Forbrich of Forbrich Consulting, has posted the first in a six part series on "Debunking some persistent myths about Oracle Enterprise Manager". 

Myth 1: There are too many versions. It’s all confusing. (Read more)


Thursday Mar 21, 2013

Blue Medora Oracle Enterprise Manager Plugin for VMware gets Oracle seal of approval

Press release from Blue Medora:

"Wednesday, March 20, 2013, GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. — Today, enterprise management and monitoring solution developer Blue Medora announced they have achieved an important milestone for their Oracle Enterprise Manager Plugin for VMware. The plugin, which allows for deeper monitoring and management for users deploying VMware virtual machines as part of their Oracle enterprise virtualization, achieved the Oracle Validated Integration designation from the enterprise management giant."

Read full press release and more info about Blue Medora plugins for Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Blue Medora will be presenting at the Exadata, Exalogic and Manageability Partner Community Forum in Vienna, 23-24 April, 2013, and are willing to meet with EMEA partners.


Tuesday Feb 05, 2013

Exadata Operational Management - Whitepaper series

New whitepapers have been published on Exadata Operational Management. These whitepapers are a must for anyone involved in managing Exadata environments.

The whitepapers are available for download for Manageability Community members:  (If you are not a community member you will get an error. You should first register here)

Monday May 14, 2012

New marketing kit for partners - Enterprise Manager 12c

Check the new marketing kit to help you generate sales around Enterprise Manager 12c:

Enterprise Manager 12c - Improve Service Delivery and Lower Costs

Monday Nov 28, 2011

Atos and Oracle collaboration around Application Testing - Press release

Atos’ Expertise in Test & Acceptance Management and Oracle Application Testing Suite Form a Winning Combination for Oracle Fusion Applications Customers. Clients can bring Oracle Fusion Applications to market faster and more cost effectively.

See full press release here

Friday Sep 02, 2011

Welcome to the Oracle EMEA Partner Community for Manageability!

Oracle PartnerNetwork

Applications Systems ManagementThe EMEA Partner Community for Manageability is the place where partners in Europe, Middle East and Africa can share experiences and best practices about selling and implementing Oracle Manageability solutions.

You will also receive first-hand information from Oracle on products, training and tools that can help you better market, sell and implement your Manageability projects and services

Who should I join the Community?

  • Community membership is for individuals. If you are working for a company that is an Oracle partner and your job is selling, implementing or supporting Manageability solutions in EMEA then this community is for you.

How is this different from the Oracle Enterprise Manager Knowledge Zone?

  • The Oracle Enterprise Manager Knowledge Zone is the fundamental source of information from Oracle for partners interested in specializing on Oracle Enterprise Manager. It is higly recommended that you get access to the Knowledge Zones related to the product areas of your interest. To get access to any of the Knowledge Zones an application must be completed by the Partner Program Administrator for your company.
  • The Manageability Partner Community complements the Knowledge Zone by providing partners with information which is specific for the EMEA market (market, references, training, events..) and it is also a mechanism to share experiences and best practices among partners in marketing, selling, implementing and supporting Manageability projects.

How to join?

How do you get access to the information for the community members?

We use two mechanisms to provide and share information:

  • The EMEA Manageability Partner Community blog. This is a public blog and we use it to provide quick and easy communication to the community members. For detailed or restricted material we will point you to a restricted area
  • The EMEA Manageability Partner Community Collaborative Workspace. This is an area with restricted access that only community members can access. It contains materials from community events, sales kits, implementation experiences... reserved to community members. It also allows for partners to share content and collaborate with other community members. You will get access to this restricted area when you register as a member of the EMEA Manageability Partner Community.

Need help?

I hope that you will find useful the resources and the experience exchange provided by the community. If you need help or any further clarification, don't hesitate to contact us!

Javier Puerta ( )
Director Core Technology Partner Programs
Oracle Alliances & Channels EMEA
Phone: +34 916 312 141
Mobile: +34 609 062 373
Patrick Rood (
EMEA Partner Programs for Manageability
Oracle EMEA Technology
Phone: +31 306 627 969
Mobile: +31 611 954 277

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