Understanding Oracle Workforce Reputation Management

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Mark Bennett, Director of Product Strategy at Oracle, contributed an article entitled “Workforce Reputation Management: Is social media the vital skill you aren’t tracking?”

He starts with the premise that employees on social media present opportunities, as well as risks for organizations. When their presence is managed well, it can become a rich source of influence, collaboration, and brand recognition.

“Workforce reputation management technology helps organizations discover, mobilize and retain talent by providing insight into the social reputation and influence of the workforce while also helping organizations monitor employee social media policy compliance and mitigate social media risk.”

Bennett says it is a tool that can support HR by helping to harness social media. He cites using it to improve talent processes, such as hiring, training and development, and discovering hidden talent. It can aid in uncovering a more complete picture of an employee’s knowledge, skills and attributes. Workforce reputation technology provides a clearer picture of how a candidate or employee is viewed by peers and the communities he / she works across.

“Social media holds untapped insights about your talent, brand and business, and workforce reputation management can help unlock them,” says Bennett. He asks his readers to think about how much more productive and efficient their organizations could be with this valuable information.

Read the full article on page 15 of the publication. No need to register or login.


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