Friday May 27, 2016

Dedicated to EMEA Partners: Next Generation Oracle Database Appliance: June 2nd at 11am CET

Join us for this specific OPN EMEA webcast to learn about the next generation of the Oracle Database Appliance.

In this session we will introduce new products with an emphasis on sales positioning and market opportunities.

This webcast will provide useful information about how to monetize Oracle Database Appliance as well as sales, marketing and training resources to ensure you are successful in your selling efforts.


Logistics Logistics

Calendar Thursday,
June 02, 2016

10am UKT
(11am CET)

Duration: 1 hour

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Samantha Pavia


» Executive Welcome

» Market Opportunity/Product Positioning

» Product Overview

» Use Cases/Sales Plays

» OPN Programs/Resources

» Q & A

Who Should Attend:

» Oracle VAR Sales/Pre-Sales & Marketing Personnel


Best regards,

Alistair Hopkins
VP Sales & Strategy Technology Solutions, EMEA A&C, Oracle

Speakers Spakers

Presenter name

Alistair Hopkins
VP Sales & Strategy Technology Solutions, EMEA A&C, Oracle

Mascha Barantschik
Principal Product Manager EMEA, Oracle Database Appliance

Presenter name

Giuseppe Facchetti
Director, Engineered Systems Partner Programs, EMEA A&C 

Monday Nov 30, 2015

Oracle Database Appliance - Strategy and Product Updates

Come to hear about the latest ODA Product news. Understand how you can take advantage of the ODA’s cash back trade-in program on existing hardware through the Oracle Financing Program.

Learn more about the latest ODA storage capacity and how you can position this appliance as a cost effective platform for Test and Development environments.


Introduction and Product Strategy. Henny van Galen, ODA Sales Leader

Update on how to position the ODA as a cost effective Test and Development Appliance. Mascha Barantschik, ODA Product Manager EMEA

Update on ODA Trade-in Offer: Stephan van Beek Director Oracle Finance Department, EMEA

Live Webcast


Dec 10, 2015
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM GMT

For ISV's: Oracle Database Appliance: Your Solution in a Box

Oracle Corporation

Oracle Database Appliance Your Solution in a Box

Fast moving trends in application deployment, manageability and support are posing new and higher requirements for the application developers.

As an application solution provider or a developer of your own your in-house application you will enjoy hearing first hands from one of our best ISV how they have faced this reality and secured their future.

This time InPS will explain how they have enlarged their offering and simplified their implementation by creating a unique package for their customers, with ODA and their Vision Data Hub


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Introduction - Mascha Barantschik, ODA Product Manager EMEA

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Graeme Hodgens, Senior Infrastructure Engineer at InPS Ltd

Live Webcast



Thursday, 10 December 2015
12:30 – 13:30 GMT

Monday Feb 25, 2013

Partner Webcast: Oracle Database Appliance Pre-Launch Briefing, dedicated to Partners


Oracle will soon be launching its next-generation Oracle Database Appliance. Join us for this webcast on March 4th at 4 pm CET to learn about the new Oracle Database Appliance and its hardware refresh update, positioning, and the Oracle Database Appliance DEP Initiative.