Friday May 15, 2015

Virtual Compute Appliance X5-2 Demo Equipment Purchase Initiative

Oracle is pleased to announce that, for a limited time, Oracle VARs may purchase Virtual Compute Appliance X5-2 units for demonstration purposes at reduced price.

Submit your order today for a Virtual Compute Appliance X5-2 unit and you can start showcasing this product in customer demonstrations and proof-of-concepts. The offer also allows VARs to sell the demo configuration after a six month demonstration period.

For more information contact your VAD and see the official announcement here.

Also short presentation with details of the program can be found in the Community Workspace here: remember you must be a Community member to access, and if you are not, please register here.

Wednesday Nov 28, 2012

Our new HW Demo Program for EMEA: SPARC T4 Servers and ZFS Storage Appliance!

We are pleased to announce that, for a limited time, Oracle Partners may purchase special SPARC T4 Servers configurations, and ZFS Storage Appliance configurations, for demonstration purposes at a significantly reduced price.
Talk to your preferred VAD to find out all the details of this very attractive program.

Submit your order today for these special T4 and ZFS configurations and you can start showcasing these products in partner demonstrations and proof-of-concepts in order to drive incremental demand for you!

For more information join our EMEA HW Partner Community and get access to the HW Partner Community Workspace; when you enter the Workspace, go to Library --> Servers --> EMEA T4 and ZFS Demo Program.