Saturday May 24, 2014

Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance (OVCA) Launch Channel Update Webcast - May 28

Join us for an Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance (OVCA) launch update for the channel.This training webcast is a follow up to the OVCA launch on April 16.

We will provide a brief product overview of OVCA followed by some great OPN program content, resell criteria, OPN Incentive Program and Demo Equipment Program details. There will be two sessions to accommodate each region.

Additionally, don't miss the latest Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance article packed with great information!

Monday May 12, 2014

SPARC The Base: a structured approach to refreshing the SPARC installed base

Dear Partner,

the Webcast SPARC The Base: a structured approach to refreshing the SPARC installed base is now available on demand.

SPARC The Base is a structured, tool-based program that allows you to address the SPARC installed base quickly and efficiently.

In this webcast, Olivier Tordo, Giuseppe Facchetti and Gerd Plewka shown the details of the STB Program, and how it makes it easier for you to start the conversation, create a refresh proposal for your SPARC customers, and hopefully win the opportunity.

If you've been unable to join us, you might find the following resources helpful:

  • To watch the Webcast again – or share it with a colleague – click here
    •  In the same space you can find the slides: have a look!

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We look forward to welcoming you to another webcast soon.