Friday May 27, 2016

Dedicated to EMEA Partners: Next Generation Oracle Database Appliance: June 2nd at 11am CET

Join us for this specific OPN EMEA webcast to learn about the next generation of the Oracle Database Appliance.

In this session we will introduce new products with an emphasis on sales positioning and market opportunities.

This webcast will provide useful information about how to monetize Oracle Database Appliance as well as sales, marketing and training resources to ensure you are successful in your selling efforts.


Logistics Logistics

Calendar Thursday,
June 02, 2016

10am UKT
(11am CET)

Duration: 1 hour

Webcast Webcast Details

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Samantha Pavia


» Executive Welcome

» Market Opportunity/Product Positioning

» Product Overview

» Use Cases/Sales Plays

» OPN Programs/Resources

» Q & A

Who Should Attend:

» Oracle VAR Sales/Pre-Sales & Marketing Personnel


Best regards,

Alistair Hopkins
VP Sales & Strategy Technology Solutions, EMEA A&C, Oracle

Speakers Spakers

Presenter name

Alistair Hopkins
VP Sales & Strategy Technology Solutions, EMEA A&C, Oracle

Mascha Barantschik
Principal Product Manager EMEA, Oracle Database Appliance

Presenter name

Giuseppe Facchetti
Director, Engineered Systems Partner Programs, EMEA A&C 

Monday Apr 04, 2016

New: Oracle Infrastructure Blog

I’m excited to announce the launch of our new Oracle Infrastructure Blog.

We’ve recruited passionate bloggers like Chuck Hollis, Juan Casal, David Rubal, and Jim Gargan to produce exciting content about current trends, interesting customer stories, product launches, and our vision for the future.

This is an extremely valuable resource for you, when looking for thought leadership pieces to share with your customers in all stages of the sales cycle. I encourage you to subscribe to the blog for email updates and socialize articles that are relevant to your customers, today.

Thursday Jan 07, 2016

SPARC T7 Demo Equipment Purchase Initiative

Oracle is pleased to announce the new SPARC T7 DEP Initiative as part of the Demo Equipment Purchase Program. This initiative will extend reduced pricing on SPARC T7 demo units for VAR’s demonstration purposes. It also allows VARs to sell the demo configuration after a six month demonstration period.

Rules and Guidelines

  • Only authorized VADs are allowed to sell the SPARC T7 demo units.
  • Purchase time frame is from initiative launch until May 31, 2016
  • All SPARC T7 configurations are approved for purchase at the prescribed discounts.
  • Each partner VAR may order a maximum of two pieces of demonstration equipment per Oracle product per Oracle fiscal unless otherwise approved by Oracle*.
  • Supply is allocated per region and it’s limited. No additional supply will be allocated.
  • Order must be placed via a VAD.
  • VAR must sign the Partner Demonstration Hardware Terms.

For more information contact your VAD.

*For countries in which Oracle does not deliver support services, only support delivery partners are eligible for the program.

Monday Dec 28, 2015

Re-play Available! Secure Cloud with Software in Silicon: New Business Opportunity for Oracle Partners

Whether or not you attended this webcast, that was run last December 16 and dedicated to EMEA OPN partners, you may find the following information helpful:

· if you are already a member of the EMEA Hardware Partner Community, you can find the slides presented, and you can re-play the webcast, by clicking here.

· If you are not a member of the Community yet, please join by clicking here (select the "Hardware" Community when asked)

Wednesday Dec 09, 2015

Invitation - Secure Cloud with Software in Silicon: New Business Opportunity for Oracle Partners

FY16 EMEA Sales Play: Secure Cloud Infrastructure

Wednesday, December 16, 2015 at 11:00am UK / 12:00pm CET

At the last Oracle OpenWorld, Larry Ellison pointed out that in the modern datacenter security must be always on, at every layer of the stack - actually, at every layer of the Cloud!

And he announced Oracle's Software in Silicon technology based on the SPARC M7 microprocessor, for on-chip security, query acceleration and world-record performance.

Data breaches already cost 100s of millions of dollars every year, and with the impressive growth of devices, mobile users and data, security is a more and more a critical component in the private cloud solutions you develop for your customers.

You are invited to a webcast, dedicated to Oracle Partners in EMEA, where we will show how to turn this evolution into a business opportunity for you!

During the webcast you will learn about:

» Security and Private Cloud market trends, and the business opportunity for you

» Oracle's Secure Cloud Infrastructure (SCI) solution, based on SPARC M7's Software in Silicon technology, and how to implement it for your customers

» SCI success stories, and how you can identify the best target customers for an SCI proposition

» Contents and resources available to you to help you grow your business as you build private cloud solutions for your customers.

You can now register for the webcast here:

Register here

To add this event to your calendar, please click here.
We look forward to talking to you on December 16th!

Best regards,

Linda Mihalic
Systems Sales Leader,
Oracle EMEA Alliances & Channels

Giuseppe Facchetti
Director, Engineered Systems Partner Programs, Oracle EMEA Alliances & Channels

Monday Nov 16, 2015

PCA: new success story, new video, new infographics!

Whether your customer is a service provider like BT Spain, or an enterprise developing their own cloud services, a new reference video shows a concrete example of how Oracle’s Private Cloud Appliance (PCA) provides the best option to build a general purpose private cloud services environment for your clients. 

The Oracle Private Cloud Appliance proves, yet again, to be the best choice for savvy IT buyers -- and beats out its competitors, or the build your own approach.  

We are also launching an updated 5-minutes PCA product overview, and a new Infographic for you to use with your customers in your sales efforts. 

Please find the links here:

New Customer Video: BT Spain Builds "Cloud of Clouds" on Private Cloud Appliance
For its "Cloud of Clouds" vision, BT Spain uses Oracle Private Cloud Appliance to address its needs for incremental scalability, operational efficiency, workload consolidation, and Trusted Partitions licensing.
YouTube url:

New version of Private Cloud Appliance video
In 5-minutes, customers will learn the business benefits and features of the Private Cloud Appliance
Youtube version:

      New Infographic for Private Cloud Appliance PDF

The Oracle Private Cloud Appliance is a simple converged infrastructure system designed for quick cloud deployments and consolidating Microsoft Windows, Linux and Oracle Solaris applications. Good asset for demand generation and mail to customers

Good selling with Oracle's PCA!

Monday Aug 17, 2015

Register Now! Oracle Systems, the Foundation of Cloud

Learn all about Oracle Cloud solutions running on Oracle Systems
in a face to face, free of charge sales training roadshow

The evolution to the modern datacenter, based on cloud technologies to maximize business agility and minimize costs, is a top priority for companies everywhere. You, as an Oracle partner, can take a leadership position with your customers, be their trusted advisor and guide them through a successful journey to the cloud.

Oracle Systems and Software are the best foundation for you to build a cloud platform for your customers. Oracle has created Sales Plays and Programs to show you how to do that.


Explore your business opportunity with the cloud!
This training will explain the business value of Oracle's solutions as the foundation to build your cloud environments - and their competitive positioning in the market.


Sales Representatives
Business Managers
Pre-Sales Specialists

Agenda Highlights

  • Oracle’s Cloud vision and strategy
  • Partner Sales Plays: how to win with Oracle Engineered Systems as Cloud foundation
  • Programs and resources for partners
  • Competitive positioning of Oracle's Converged Infrastructure systems
  • Commercial aspects and sales tools


Date & Location - Register Now
Number of seats are limited!

October 5, 2015: London, UK
October 6, 2015: Frankfurt, Germany
October 8, 2015: Moscow, Russia
October 8, 2015: Dubai, UAE
October 13, 2015: Paris, France
October 13, 2015: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
October 15, 2015: Johannesburg, South Africa
October 15, 2015: Munich, Germany
October 20, 2015: Istanbul, Turkey
October 20, 2015: Madrid, Spain
October 22, 2015: Milan, Italy
October 22, 2015: Zurich, Switzerland


Looking forward to meeting you at the Oracle Cloud Sales Foundation Workshop!

Best regards,

Linda Mihalic
Linda Mihalic
Senior Director
EMEA A&C Systems
Sales Leader
Alistair Hopkins
Alistair Hopkins
Vice President
EMEA A&C Sales & Strategy
Technology Solutions

Tuesday Jul 14, 2015

New Assets for the Oracle Private Cloud Appliance

Several assets have been updated to align to the new branding of the Oracle Private Cloud Appliance.

All new webpages:
- Oracle Private Cloud Appliance main product page with new photos,
new Overview bullets on Cloud, new Customer Success tab, updated list of Resources

- Corresponding Private Cloud Appliance sections were modified on Engineered Systems webpages:

- New Oracle Private Cloud Appliance page on Oracle Technology Network (OTN)

- New short vanity URL:
If you use the old VCA URL's you will get redirected to new
Private Cloud Appliance webpages.

- New data sheet with new logo, new photos and in new template with "Integrated Cloud" tagline
- New external FAQ
in new template with "Integrated Cloud" tagline
- New Quick Reference Card 1-pager for Customers with new photo and new logo

Stay tuned! We will roll out more updated assets as they become available.

VCA is now Private Cloud Appliance

Virtual Compute Appliance (VCA) has just been re-branded as Private Cloud Appliance. Check out the PCA page to get familiar with the new material and learn more.

Friday Jul 10, 2015

Oracle Private Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS): Towards the Hybrid Cloud - Launch Webcast for Oracle EMEA Partners

Webcast now available on-demand here!

Dear Oracle Valued Partner,

The need for business agility, cost reductions and risk control is driving the adoption of the Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) model by enterprises all over the world. Databases are a key component of any business application and therefore the agility in provisioning and managing Database services has a direct impact on the business.

Companies are adopting the Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) model both by rearchitecting their internal IT database infrastructure (Private DBaaS) or by moving some database workloads to Public Clouds. Eventually most enterprises will have a mix of Private DBaaS and Public DBaaS services, in what will constitute a Hybrid Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) platform.

We launched the FY16 “Private Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS): towards the Hybrid Cloud” Sales Play for Oracle EMEA Partners in a webcast we ran on Thursday, July 9th, 2015 where we discussed:


Olivier Tordo

Olivier Tordo
Senior Director, Partner Solutions, Oracle EMEA Alliances & Channels

Javier Puerta

Javier Puerta
Director, Core Technology Partner Programs, Oracle EMEA Alliances & Channels

  • Customers challenges and market trends in the database area
  • Selling private Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS): why, what, when
  • Private and Public DBaaS environments: towards the hybrid cloud
  • What’s in it for the partners: products, services and business opportunity

You can now replay the webcast:

Best regards,

Olivier Tordo
Senior Director, Partner Solutions, Oracle EMEA Alliances & Channels

Javier Puerta
Director, Core Technology Partner Programs, Oracle EMEA Alliances & Channels

Monday Jul 06, 2015

New Sales Play for EMEA Partners! Engineered Systems for Managed Service Providers

Many thanks to those of you who joined our partner webcast on July 2nd, where we launched the new FY16 Partner Sales Play "Engineered Systems for Managed Service Providers" (ES4MSP)!

The re-play link, the webcast slides, and additional resources are available in our Community Workspace, in the ES4MSP folder. Remember: you must be a Community member to access, and if you are not, please register here (select the "Hardware" Community when asked).

 Why ES4MSP?

Over the next five years, a majority of organizations will stop managing their own infrastructure. Many of them will make greater use of dedicated and shared cloud offerings from Managed Service Providers (MSP) datacenters.

According to IDC, European managed hosting revenues will grow at +20% CAGR in the same timeframe.

The new Oracle Engineered Systems X5 family provides MSP's with the most cost-effective, reliable, high performance and easy to manage infrastructure for their datacenters - hence allowing MSPs to grow their business and minimize their costs.

In the launch webcast, Olivier Tordo, Paul Thompson and Giuseppe Facchetti talked about:

  • Datacenter and Cloud market trends, and the business opportunity for partners
  • The Oracle Engineered Systems value proposition for Managed Service Providers
  • How to identify the best target customers for an MSP proposition
  • Contents and resources available to you, for growing your business by building an MSP offering.

Monday May 25, 2015

Celebrating 20 Years of Java!


Oracle, users and the development community worldwide are celebrating 20 years of Java. Today, Java serves as the critical backbone of software that touches both our work and personal lives. From innovations in enterprise big data, cloud, social, mobile and the Internet of Things, to connected cars, smartphones and video games, Java continues to help developers push the boundaries in technology innovation.

See here for more information, and here for the Java Timeline since 1991!

Wednesday May 20, 2015

Meet our Systems Product Development Team in Paris! June 10, 2015

Be a part of thinking about IT Transformation for the next decade!
We invite you to this unique opportunity to meet with our Product Development Teams across Oracle's Systems portfolio:  Engineered Systems, SPARC and  x86, Storage and Archiving Solutions, and Media and Entertainment with Front Porch.

Key points of our agenda will be the overview of the Systems strategy and a sneak peak into the new products and features we will introduce in the next months. All presentations will be in English.
We will share dinner after the sessions,  you will then get to engage directly  with our experts during a cocktail party.

Click here for additional details and to register for the event.
We look forward to seeing you there!

Friday May 15, 2015

Virtual Compute Appliance X5-2 Demo Equipment Purchase Initiative

Oracle is pleased to announce that, for a limited time, Oracle VARs may purchase Virtual Compute Appliance X5-2 units for demonstration purposes at reduced price.

Submit your order today for a Virtual Compute Appliance X5-2 unit and you can start showcasing this product in customer demonstrations and proof-of-concepts. The offer also allows VARs to sell the demo configuration after a six month demonstration period.

For more information contact your VAD and see the official announcement here.

Also short presentation with details of the program can be found in the Community Workspace here: remember you must be a Community member to access, and if you are not, please register here.

Monday Apr 27, 2015

Solaris Running Mission-Critical Applications: Real Life Examples

The majority of Oracle’s top enterprise customers run their most mission-critical applications on Oracle Solaris today.  Solaris is the vehicle by which Oracle customers leverage the power of the SPARC microprocessor - - delivering world-record performance, maximum scalability, and continuous reliable service. 

There are 113 examples of this on the Oracle customer & partner success portal.  Take a look!