Tuesday Feb 23, 2016

JDE Summit Presentations are available

All Presentations from the JDEdwards Global Partner Summit are available on the OPN Portal for Partners here

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How to Position and Sell Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne on Oracle Infrastructure as a Service

Webinar Series for Partners
Learn How to Position and Sell Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne on Oracle Infrastructure as a Service.
This Oracle Product Development-led webinar series consist of live presentation and Q&A.
Target Audience: Enterprise Architects, Cloud Architects, Solution Leads, Business Development Managers

For registration please sent an Email to shella.henry@oracle.com with the following information on or before MAR 4th.

A confirmation email alert will be sent to registrants upon approval. Participants will have a choice to attend one or more sessions.

*1 row per participant
Thank you for your continued support and partnership!

Monetizing the Internet of Things with JD Edwards

Monetizing the Internet of Things with JD Edwards

The Internet of Things is expected to create great value in a variety of business processes across all industries. As the leading ERP system from Oracle, JD Edwards is likely to be one of the leading platforms that will be used to help companies monetize IoT applications.

Monetizing the IoT with a Little Magic

The right application integration platform with be vital to make this happen. The Magic xpi Integration Platform is a good candidate for organizations’ IoT to ERP integration needs. Utilizing standard protocol adapters included in Magic xpi such as REST, SOAP and TCP Listener, IoT events may be monitored and deployed as triggers as well as orchestrated for control. With pre-built adapters for Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, SugarCRM, IBM and other popular IT systems, Magic xpi Integration Platform conforms to ERP integration standards and allows an organization to leverage IoT for profit.

More than Ever, the IoT Means Requires Robustness

As devices and sensors proliferate, IoT transaction volumes are expected to reach carrier-class and Big Data scale. Vast networks of sensors, controllers, beacons, smartphones, tablets and other devices involving millions of micro-transactions per second i will require systems using in-memory computing approaches. Magic xpi Integration Platform’s built-in In-Memory Data Grid architecture ensures a middleware messaging layer that is robust enough to keep pace with the most demanding “At Scale” scenarios for IoT. This makes Magic xpi an ideal candidate for IoT integration and monetization projects.

Proven Integrations at Work

Oracle JDE customers like visual display leader, Christie Digital, and sound solution leader, Sennheiser, and are using Magic’s integration process to automate processes and interfaces throughout their organizations. Christie Digital is using Magic to integrate and automate processes across its many Oracle and non-Oracle systems including its JD Edwards EnterpriseOne ERP system, Agile PLM, Fusion CRM, SharePoint, as well as its corporate website and a partner’s Warehouse Management System. These integrations enable Christie to speed sales process and product deliveries, to gain accurate and timely insights about production, sales and operations activities, which result in increased efficiencies and improve customer service. While Sennheiser brought in Magic xpi to integrate its Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne system with its new Sugar CRM system. The seamless integration, standard interfaces across systems and ease of maintenance is making it quickly become Sennheiser’s central integration platform for all types of applications and databases.

A Central Integration Platform

With the proper integration infrastructure in place for JD Edwards, organizations can concentrate on creating the right business processes rather than on the complex technology required to create the connectivity. All this makes the Magic xpi Integration Platform an excellent choice for all your IoT and non-IoT integration efforts.

Friday Jan 09, 2015

"JD Edwards in a box"

JAN 13: Oracle on Oracle Resource Page available to Oracle Partner:

JAN 09: For those of you who are interested in deploying JD Edwards on Oracle Engineered Systems: just found this E-book explaining the different kinds of Oracle´s Engineered Systems. 

Wednesday Dec 10, 2014

Steltix offers Test drive for Tools Release 9.1.5

The latest Tools Release of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, Tools Release 9.1.5, is now generally available.
With our close relationship to Oracle, Steltix already has a great deal of experience of using this latest version of the JD Edwards Toolset.

We would like to invite you to test drive the new Tools Release and all it’s new features today. Please visit: http://www.steltix.com/tools for an introduction to the latest functionality or http://demo.steltix.com  to get started with the new release.

The latest functionality includes:

  • Enhanced email functionality
  • New clear look & feel
  • Breadcrumb History
  • Enhanced Attachment Editor
  • Drag and Drop for Attachments
  • And much more!
Like with the previous releases, JD Edwards Tools 9.1.5. installs seamlessly into the existing environments. For more detailed information regarding this new release please feel free to contact us directly or request the Steltix Tools Tips.

Also please feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback regarding Tools 9.1.5. and we will put this directly to the Oracle JD Edwards development team in Denver.

JD Edwards Real-Time Financial Reconciliation Applications

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne releases new real-time interactive Financial Reconciliation applications. Month-end financial processing has until now involved running batch jobs to reconcile account information from numerous related tables in the General Accounting, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable systems. These batch jobs typically run for hours and require significant additional time to manually review the PDF output. The new interactive Financial Reconciliation applications perform the same function in real time and allow users to work with exceptions interactively. Real-time financial reconciliation provides users with immediate feedback and enables them to address exceptions immediately instead of having to wait for reconciliation processing at the end of a month or a quarter. This feature significantly reduces the amount of time needed for period-end closing. This release delivers the following highlights:

· 7 new Real Time Financial Reconciliation applications

o Accounts to Business Units, Transactions to Account Master, Account Balance without Account Master, Transactions to Batch Header, Companies by Batch out of Balance, Batches out of Balance, and Companies out of Balance

· Performance testing with 10 million accounts and 120 million transactions using the Oracle Database In-Memory option improved the overall processing performance 120 time faster in real-time compared to the prior batch processing.

· The new applications are available at no additional cost to customers licensed to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Financials.

· The new applications run on all platforms and databases supported by JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. However, the extreme performance improvements noted above were observed in testing with the Oracle Database In-Memory option.

· The new applications are available on a minimum Application Release of 9.1 and require a minimum Tools Release of 9.1 Update 5.

· Embedded Watchlist notifications within the new real-time Financial Reconciliation applications require a user license to One View Reporting Foundation. 

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Tuesday Nov 25, 2014

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Pre-InFocus Partner Day

Monday, December 1, 2014
9:30 AM – 5:30 PM MDT  (-7 UTC)

Dial-in Information:.
US Dial in: +1-866-682-4770
Meeting ID: 8561671
Security Code: 123456
International Call Link

Web Conference Information:
Event Number: Various
Password: OracleJDE01

This month, we are bringing a variety of topics that will be covered as part of our (now) annual Pre-InFocus Partner Day that will be hosted on the JDE Campus in Denver.

Please join each month’s call to hear the latest on various JDE technical topics, upcoming events, as well as current & new JDE project progress

Projected Topics & Speakers

(Links to each web conference the title of the session, (all times Mountain Standard Time)

Event  Number:  596 788 297
Time:  9:30 am – 10:00 am MST (-7 UTC)
Jeff Erickson
, Senior Manager, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools and Technology

Event  Number:  598 733 316
Time:  10:00 am – 12:00 pm MST (-7 UTC)
Darryl Shakespeare,
Product Development Director, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools and Technology

Event  Number:  590 369 010
Time:  1:00 pm – 2:00 pm MST (-7 UTC)
Janet Rans,
Principal Software Engineer, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools and Technology

Event  Number:  598 334 579
Time:  2:00 pm – 3:00 pm MST (-7 UTC)
AJ Schifano
, Senior Principal Product Manager, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools and Technology

Event  Number:  595 953 143
Time:  3:00 pm – 4:00 pm MST (-7 UTC)
Clayton Seeley
, Principal Product Manager, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools and Technology

Event  Number:  596 224 333
Time:  4:00 pm – 5:00 pm MST (-7 UTC)
Gurbinder Bali
, Director Product Strategy, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools and Technology

Thursday Nov 13, 2014

Now Generally Available: JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Mobile Framework for Developing and Extending Mobile Enterprise Applications

Now Generally Available: JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Mobile Framework for Developing and Extending Mobile Enterprise Applications

Extending its commitment to powering the world’s increasingly mobile workforce, Oracle is announcing support for mobile development and extensibility for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Mobile Enterprise Applications.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Mobile Framework

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Mobile Framework, in conjunction with Oracle Mobile Application Framework, addresses the challenge of simplifying mobile application development, enabling developers to securely create and deliver a more customer-specific mobile experience. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne customers can maximize IT investments and lower application development costs for enterprise mobility, using tools that enable organizations to easily build and securely extend mobile applications.

Oracle Mobile Application Framework (Oracle MAF) is a hybrid mobile framework that enables developers to rapidly develop single-source applications and deploy them to both Apple's iOS and Google's Android platforms. Oracle MAF leverages Java, HTML5, and JavaScript to deliver a complete Model View Control (MVC) framework with declarative user interface definition, device feature integration, and built in security. Oracle MAF provides a visual development experience and maximizes code reuse to achieve faster development of mobile applications.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Mobile Framework simplifies the development of mobile applications built with Oracle MAF for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne back office applications. Now customers and partners can leverage the same framework tools that enabled JD Edwards development to deliver many JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Mobile Enterprise Applications within one year. These framework tools enable customers and partners to build new mobile applications or extend existing Mobile Enterprise Applications.

Customers and partners can extend and modify existing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Mobile Enterprise Applications by downloading Mobile Application Archives (MAA) that are now available on the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud and JD Edwards Update Center. Extensibility with Oracle Mobile Application Framework 2.0 enhancements is now available for these eighteen (18) previously released JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Mobile Enterprise Applications with more MAA coming soon.

  • Manage Equipment for Tablet & Smartphone
  • Manage My Work Orders for Tablet & Smartphone
  • Template Meter Readings for Tablet
  • Create Work Order for Tablet
  • Review Team Work Orders for Tablet & Smartphone
  • Work Order Time Entry for Tablet & Smartphone
  • General Ledger Batch Approvals for Tablet & Smartphon
  • Invoice Batch Approvals for Tablet & Smartphone
  • Receipt Batch Approvals for Tablet & Smartphone
  • Voucher Batch Approvals for Tablet & Smartphone

The MAA download includes a license for the Oracle Mobile Application Framework Foundation supplying limited, but valuable change capabilities without a full-use Oracle Mobile Application Framework license. This limited license permits changes, such as signing and deploying the mobile application, and leveraging Mobile Application Management solutions to manage applications. The license also allows customers and partners to make modifications to apps, such as changing the icon and skin, adding additional fields integrated with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, and modifying business logic.

For additional information on JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Mobile Framework and a full description of the MAF license usage, refer to the Developing and Customizing Mobile Enterprise Applications Guide.

For additional information on JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Mobile Framework Java APIs for developing custom mobile enterprise applications, refer to the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Mobile Framework Java API Reference Guide.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Mobile Framework is available on a minimum Tools Release  Development of new mobile applications is supported for application releases 9.0 and 9.1. Mobile Application Archives are delivered for Release 9.1.

For additional information on JD Edwards EnterpriseOne mobile applications, refer to the Mobile Enterprise Applications Implementation Guide.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Mobile Enterprise Applications are available on Release 9.1 and minimum Tools Release Tablet and Smartphone apps are available for download from Apple’s App Store for iOS and from Google Play for Android.

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Tuesday Nov 11, 2014

Internet of Things (IoT) - Real life JD Edwards example from OpenWorld

IoT, enabled by Oracle Fusion Middleware and JD Edwards

With each Open World we continue to see incredible innovations carried out by our customers and partners. One theme that has gained a lot of traction this year is Internet of Things (IoT). Today we will take a closer look at a session that covered a live IoT story at one of our customers, co-presented with our customer, partner, and product teams. We will look at Oracle’s IoT platform and how Fusion Middleware bridges the gap between device data and enterprise applications.

IoT drives industrial innovations but also presents various challenges. For example, the lack of standardization and the lack of integration prohibit a lot of businesses from benefiting from this industrial trend. Oracle has a complete IoT platform that answers to those challenges in the following ways:

  • Standardized Java platform to develop & deploy applications across devices and applications
  • Scalable analytics with Big Data, event processing and Business Intelligence
  • Integrate processes between people, applications and devices 
  • Enable security, compliance and data protection across devices and enterprise data center

Middleware especially provides key functionalities such as real-time analysis (through our Fast Data offering), integration (delivered by SOA and BPM), security (through our Identity Management stack), and monitoring (through our WebCenter products and Mobile Application Framework)

Let us take a closer look at our customer, Superior Industries, who presented in this Open World session. Superior implemented an automatic equipment tracking and JD Edwards process automation solution with an Oracle Gold Partner, EmeraldCube Solutions. A Minnesota manufacturing company selling material-handling equipment, Superior Industries is a JD Edwards customer that faced a particular problem: they had no automated way to track machine usage and maintenance. Their manual tracking using paper, vocal communication, and manual work orders produced a number of issues: lack of accuracy, consistency, reliability and scalability. Machines were often either over-maintained or under-maintained.  

To address these problems, Superior reached out to EmeraldCube, an Oracle partner who provides an IoT solution including sensor technology and a Java-embedded platform for JDE users. Their EmeraldSensor was used to track Superior’s equipment utilization and cycles via electric current monitoring; when machines need maintenance, the platform automatically creates work orders in JDE through the Assets & Maintenance module.

Superior benefits from this implementation in numerous ways. 

  • Safety: Machines maintained based on actual usage equal safer equipment and fewer injuries
  • Liability: Hard data reflecting actual usage allows Superior to legally prove that maintenance follows manufacturers recommendations
  • Maintenance: Technicians only do preventive maintenance when needed thus recovering some lost opportunity costs
  • Trends: Visibility into usage patterns and how they correlate with production. Allows plant managers to detect if machines are over/under utilized

The projected savings amount to over $80,000/year in labor costs alone, and over $100,000/year in maintenance costs.

The session concludes with a demo from Oracle’s Fusion Middleware product management team, showing a facility monitoring scenario that happens to closely resemble the use case from Superior. Equipment temperature data is monitored and analyzed by Java-embedded gateways, which perform first level of processing. Alerts are sent to the Fusion Middleware enterprise back end to go through a second level of event processing. Business processes are driven by these alerts. When a work order needs to be created, Fusion Middleware also performs that automatically through JDE EnterpriseOne’s asset management API. Meanwhile, user interactions are performed in an Oracle MAF application, where business rules on the gateway can also be updated. Because the gateway is smart, it can open up APIs and understand commands coming from outside.

This session proves that IoT is no longer a catchphrase. Oracle customers are already benefiting and innovating from this revolution, and Oracle has a complete IoT platform with best-in-class technology in every level, from Java-embedded devices and gateways to middleware and applications – engineered to work together. 

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