JDE Global Partner Summit

What a good event! More than 120 sessions have been delivered to 700 people in total over the last 4 days. As every human being I could only attend one out of 12 streams which have been delivered in parallel. Here are my personal highlights during the last days:

Lyle has mentioned and showed a couple of very important information. OneView Reporting is now available for 9.0 customers. This was announced during the Keynote speech from Lyle on Tuesday morning. I strongly recommend all partners to reach out immediately (before Oracle is doing that) and resell OneView reporting to your customers. We have also seen a preview of the next enhancements regarding the User Interface. Please stay tuned for the 9.1.3 tools release announcements in the future.

Once again JD Edwards Development delivered a new functionality regarding Health & Safety Management. There has been a detailed workshop on Monday and also a breakout session to explain the functionality in more depth. Also Lyle highlighted this. For those who participated you might always remember "nails in head" like I do.

We have also seen the new User Interface for the JDE E1 Business Accelerator. There has been a Super Session on Tuesday and a breakout session on Wednesday with a detailed live presentation. The new Portal has a shopping card experience to select the needed processes for a customer implementation. Also the whole navigation has changed and it is really intuitive and very easy to understand, to use and to manage during future JDE implementations. This new UI only exists for JDE. Again a commitment from Oracle to JDE and to the Accelerator approach. I recommend each partner to verify the three existing JDE Accelerators and to use them for your implementations to get your customers live easier and faster. You find more information in the Accelerate Knowledge Zone here

Partners hiring new junior consultants should verify www.ilearnerp.com. This Partner has created an online learning tool which is targeted only to get new hires to a junior consultant level. This offer is explicitly targeted for JDE Edwards partner only. They do not do any implementation. The estimated time to get to this level is 6-8 weeks. Currently the offering is available for Finance and Distribution. After each "lesson" there are all kinds of links to the content Oracle provides. This partner is willing to invest into translations and more content based on requests. They are offering standard packages but they are happy to discuss individual needs as well. The benefit for a partner using this service is simply that the senior consultants can be billed throughout the time and the junior are able to understand the seniors after that period.

Also very important to know and to use is the Oracle Learning Library. For those who are looking for dedicated content this is the place to go. Lots of new content and good filters to easily find the content you are looking for.

But the most important think to take away is the passion and power which I felt in every session. EnterpriseOne as a product has never been so strong as it is today. Oracle and Business Partner around the globe are very successful in winning new customers, upgrading the existing customers and also in retaining customers who has been out of maintenance.

A big "Thank you" to all EMEA Partner who participated this summit in Broomfield (Denver). We started with the first EMEA JDE Partner Community meeting already on Sunday prior to the event. I am going to provide the content from that session on the beehiveonline workspace in the near future. Regarding the event I truly believe everybody has his personal "takeaways" like me. Please share your feedback, comments and highlights regarding the summit here as well. 


Dear Hartmut,

Indeed it was the most successful JDE summit; lots of information has been provided and the out look for the product is very clear; I recommend that the C level sessions to be more strategic than it was this year; Less Slides rather focus on one topic and leave the room for interactive discussion and experience exchange. I also, recommend to Video Record the session and include it in the library of the Summit content first for whom he/she was interested in specific session but it overlapped with other more interesting second, to be exchanged within partner's concerned staff so, they can get some sense of that has been offered in the summit

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