Monday Feb 29, 2016

March edition - JDEdwards Technical Task Force Meeting -

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Management of User Defined Objects

Please join each month’s call to hear the latest on various JDE technical topics, upcoming events, as well as current & new JDE project progress 

Projected Topics & Speakers  

EnterpriseOne Management of User Defined Objects

Clayton Seeley

Technical Product Architect

JD Edwards Tools and Technology Development

Robin Bellerson

Principal Product Manager

JD Edwards Tools and Technology Development

Thursday, March 3, 2016
10 AM – 11 PM MST  (-7 UTC)

Web Conference Information:
Meeting ID Number:
720 530 0192

Audio Information:.
Via  Web Conference or

US Dial in: +1 646 558 8656
Meeting ID: 720 530 0192

International Call Link

Tuesday Feb 23, 2016

JDE Summit Presentations are available

All Presentations from the JDEdwards Global Partner Summit are available on the OPN Portal for Partners here

Enjoy reading

How to Position and Sell Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne on Oracle Infrastructure as a Service

Webinar Series for Partners
Learn How to Position and Sell Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne on Oracle Infrastructure as a Service.
This Oracle Product Development-led webinar series consist of live presentation and Q&A.
Target Audience: Enterprise Architects, Cloud Architects, Solution Leads, Business Development Managers

For registration please sent an Email to with the following information on or before MAR 4th.

A confirmation email alert will be sent to registrants upon approval. Participants will have a choice to attend one or more sessions.

*1 row per participant
Thank you for your continued support and partnership!

Monetizing the Internet of Things with JD Edwards

Monetizing the Internet of Things with JD Edwards

The Internet of Things is expected to create great value in a variety of business processes across all industries. As the leading ERP system from Oracle, JD Edwards is likely to be one of the leading platforms that will be used to help companies monetize IoT applications.

Monetizing the IoT with a Little Magic

The right application integration platform with be vital to make this happen. The Magic xpi Integration Platform is a good candidate for organizations’ IoT to ERP integration needs. Utilizing standard protocol adapters included in Magic xpi such as REST, SOAP and TCP Listener, IoT events may be monitored and deployed as triggers as well as orchestrated for control. With pre-built adapters for Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, SugarCRM, IBM and other popular IT systems, Magic xpi Integration Platform conforms to ERP integration standards and allows an organization to leverage IoT for profit.

More than Ever, the IoT Means Requires Robustness

As devices and sensors proliferate, IoT transaction volumes are expected to reach carrier-class and Big Data scale. Vast networks of sensors, controllers, beacons, smartphones, tablets and other devices involving millions of micro-transactions per second i will require systems using in-memory computing approaches. Magic xpi Integration Platform’s built-in In-Memory Data Grid architecture ensures a middleware messaging layer that is robust enough to keep pace with the most demanding “At Scale” scenarios for IoT. This makes Magic xpi an ideal candidate for IoT integration and monetization projects.

Proven Integrations at Work

Oracle JDE customers like visual display leader, Christie Digital, and sound solution leader, Sennheiser, and are using Magic’s integration process to automate processes and interfaces throughout their organizations. Christie Digital is using Magic to integrate and automate processes across its many Oracle and non-Oracle systems including its JD Edwards EnterpriseOne ERP system, Agile PLM, Fusion CRM, SharePoint, as well as its corporate website and a partner’s Warehouse Management System. These integrations enable Christie to speed sales process and product deliveries, to gain accurate and timely insights about production, sales and operations activities, which result in increased efficiencies and improve customer service. While Sennheiser brought in Magic xpi to integrate its Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne system with its new Sugar CRM system. The seamless integration, standard interfaces across systems and ease of maintenance is making it quickly become Sennheiser’s central integration platform for all types of applications and databases.

A Central Integration Platform

With the proper integration infrastructure in place for JD Edwards, organizations can concentrate on creating the right business processes rather than on the complex technology required to create the connectivity. All this makes the Magic xpi Integration Platform an excellent choice for all your IoT and non-IoT integration efforts.

Wednesday Mar 04, 2015

MAR 2015 - EMEA JD Edwards Partner Community News

MARCH 2015:


#2 (MAR 4): Oracle Sizing Process: A sizing questionnaire is uploaded to the community workspace and the Process you need to follow is described here. You need to be a member of the EMEA JD Edwards Partner Community to be able to download the questionnaire


#1 (MAR 3): How to join the EMEA JD Edwards Partner Community: In case you are not a member yet please join here. In order to speed up the process (which can take a week) please sent a screenshot of the returning confirmation screen to

Friday Feb 06, 2015

FEB 2015 - EMEA JD Edwards Partner Community News


#8 (FEB 27): How to find the products your Customers have licensed? Go to and look for Document ID: 1339956.1

#7 (FEB 27): The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Italy Solution Factory has been refreshed and brought up to date. You can open that Portal when logging in to the EMEA JD Edwards Partner Community here


#6 (FEB 27): Verify the E-Book (Overview) for all Oracle Engineered Systems currently available here

#5 (FEB 12): Happy to announce this JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Training delivered by BMS on FEB 26. See Details here

#4 (FEB 6): Oracle is announcing enhancements for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Mobile Applications, Rental Management and applications that leverage Oracle´s Database In-Memory. Find out details about this release here

#3 (FEB 6): Updates on

JD Edwards has published a number of new white papers related to server clustering and platform support. Access the white papers
from the White Papers page on Please note that several of these technical white papers are posted on MyOracle Support and require an MOS login. Check out this new white paper on JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Maximum Availability Architecture.

#2 (FEB 6): Impressions from the Summit in Broomfield/Denver

#1 (FEB 6): JD Edwards Newsletters from Oracle Support have been released:
EnterpriseOne Newsletter / EnterpriseOne Newsletter archive / World Newsletter / World Newsletter archive

Wednesday Jan 28, 2015

New FRENCH Portal for JD Edwards Partners - ITALIAN exists already

Great news for all French Speaking JD Edwards Partners.

The Partner PreSales Support Team has created a new JD Edwards Solution Factory portal which is now available to Oracle Partners.

The portal supplies a user-friendly experience and, most importantly, it features rich content, including hundreds of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne knowledge resources: data sheets, presentations, webcast ppt’s, UPK’s, videos, useful links, on practically all the areas covered by JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.

A big number of documents on the portal are in French.

The best part is that it will continue to be updated regularly with useful content, helping Oracle partners in France to increase their JD Edwards EnterpriseOne skills and win deals!”

A similar Portal in Italian language exists already. Partners get access to both Portals by logging into the EMEA JD Edwards Partner Community Workspace first. If you are not able to login you potentially need to register for this Community first.

Wednesday Jan 21, 2015

RightNow & JDEdwards Integration Demo

RightNow & JDEdwards Integration Demo by SOA Suite 12c including mobile app - hosted at Oracle

To get access to the Oracle demo system please visit first OPN (OPN account required)

Oracle GSE account members with interest in Tech, FMW, JDEdwards or Service Cloud; +GSE +PDIT DSS

Customers today constantly engage with companies across multiple channels. Companies need to be able to engage, sell to, and service customers across all channels: the web, in a store, over the phone, via a mobile device or through social channels. Customers desire a simple, secure and consistent experience, whether it is a bank they are interacting with, or a retail store they are ordering a product from, or a service and maintenance request they are creating.


The demo illustrates how to

  • Leverage common development technologies to enable compatibility and re-usability across multiple channels
  • Access information and applications intuitively and securely through self-service portals for customers, employees and partners
  • Automate and manage cross enterprise business process shared services across multiple channels


  • Mobile & Identity Management: MAF 2.0, OAM Mobile and Social, OAG, OID
  • Integration:  Pre-built integrations RightNow, JDEdwards
  • Infrastructure: SOA 12c, Oracle Service Bus, WebCenter Portal

Call to Action

For questions/feedback please contact or in GSE.

For more information about Cloud Integration please visit the SOA Partner Community Workspace here AppAdvantage & Cloud Integration (free membership required

Friday Jan 09, 2015

"JD Edwards in a box"

JAN 13: Oracle on Oracle Resource Page available to Oracle Partner:

JAN 09: For those of you who are interested in deploying JD Edwards on Oracle Engineered Systems: just found this E-book explaining the different kinds of Oracle´s Engineered Systems. 

Wednesday Jan 07, 2015

Award Nomination open for JD Edwards Summit in Broomfield/Denver

Message from

Dear All – best wishes for a great 2015

At the 6th Annual JD Edwards Summit event [February 02-05 in Denver] we will recognize partners who are going above and beyond to be successful with “A Winning Hand”! There is significant momentum in the marketplace with JD Edwards and we want to hear about those partners that are driving sustained success for their firms as well as Oracle. 

We are currently accepting nominations to recognize partners in the 11 categories listed below:

1. Regional License Revenue production

2. Cloud integration

3. Cloud deployment and offerings

4. Marketing Buzz

5. Innovation – new technology

6. Vertical Industry breakout execution

7. New hire development

8. Upgrades

9. Bring back from "off maintenance"

10. Support of Quest and other User Groups

11. Best success stories - reference nominations

To submit your nominations please complete and submit the attached form by January 23rd , 2015 to Complete all pertinent fields and provide as much detail as possible when completing the attached form to help us fully understand the significance of the highlighted achievement.  The form will provide the judges a summary the achievement, information about participating or impacted customers, supporting data, and customer success story insight.

We look forward to reviewing your nominations.  Your success is ours.

Paolo Moroni

You can request the template from either from  or also from or download it from the EMEA JD Edwards Partner Community Workspace here

Tuesday Jan 06, 2015

JAN 2015 - EMEA JD Edwards Partner Community NEWS items

This new year 2015 is starting with great news:

The JD Edwards Business Development Team in Denver is creating a new global Partner Newsletter.

I adjusted my communication strategy and from now I am going to publish additional relevant content using this blog and community Email announcements. I am not going to publish an additional Oracle Newsletter anymore but I am going to update this JANUARY Blog entry throughout this months before creating the next February news item.


(14): JAN 30: Technical Ad-hoc support for Oracle Partners

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of a new service by the Oracle EMEA PresalesCenter (EPC) called Partner Infoline- Presales. The service provides Presales technical ad-hoc support for Oracle Partners on Oracle Hardware products including sizing requests. Detail Announcement and Sizing questionnaire is available on the EMEA JD Edwards Partner Community Workspace. In case you do not have access yet please request access here.


(13): JAN 28:  New FRENCH Portal for JD Edwards Partners - ITALIAN exists already - Read more


(12): JAN 26: Oracle Advanced Reseller - New Program Available

The Oracle Advanced Reseller program is now available to reward our top resellers that are aligned with Oracle's strategic imperatives. Learn more about the criteria and benefits of this important designation to differentiate OPN members reselling Oracle solutions.


(11): JAN 22: Two public news items came to my attention. Please review what IFS CEO thinks about his competition here and read also Oracle´s 10 Points plan to become #1 in Cloud


(10): JAN 22: RightNow & JDEdwards Integrated Demo by SOA Suite 12c including mobile app - hosted at Oracle:

Read more here


(9): The JD Edwards JAN Partner Newsletter has been released


(8): For those of you who are interested in deploying JD Edwards on Oracle Engineered Systems: just found this E-book explaining the different kinds of Oracle´s Engineered Systems.  


(7): Please register for the Oracle ‘In Touch’ PartnerCast on Wednesday 4th February 2015 from 10:30am UK/ 11:30 CET.


(6): Nucleus New Analyzes for H2 2014. Download the Nucleus Research 2H2014 ERP Value Matrix


(5): Award Nomination is open for the JD Edwards Summit in Broomfield/Denver: read more


(4):  On the 8th December 2014  Oracle introduced a new deal registration option - the Oracle Value-based Project Registration (VPR) Initiative in EMEA

Please also see this link to the external OPN page on VPR for you to review the details and the external training replays for VAD and Reseller trainings


(3): ITCROSS' Mexico e-invoice achieves Oracle Validated Integration with Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1 - Read more

I do not know if the Mexican e-invoice has the same or similar requirements as the standard you might face in your territory. But you might find some valuable information on this interesting webpage from this Partner. You also might want to validate the business solutions you created for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne already. We help in promoting them as you see. This is value to the customers as we advertise them on the solution catalog here


(2): Oracle Process Automation (OPA ... which by the way is the standard short term for Grandfather in German) is a very interesting Application. The JAN OPA newsletter is released


(1): JD Edwards Customer & Partner 5 day Event for free // FEB 16-20 // DURBAN // registration is open