Wednesday Mar 04, 2015

MAR 2015 - EMEA JD Edwards Partner Community News

MARCH 2015:


#2 (MAR 4): Oracle Sizing Process: A sizing questionnaire is uploaded to the community workspace and the Process you need to follow is described here. You need to be a member of the EMEA JD Edwards Partner Community to be able to download the questionnaire


#1 (MAR 3): How to join the EMEA JD Edwards Partner Community: In case you are not a member yet please join here. In order to speed up the process (which can take a week) please sent a screenshot of the returning confirmation screen to

Friday Feb 06, 2015

FEB 2015 - EMEA JD Edwards Partner Community News


#8 (FEB 27): How to find the products your Customers have licensed? Go to and look for Document ID: 1339956.1

#7 (FEB 27): The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Italy Solution Factory has been refreshed and brought up to date. You can open that Portal when logging in to the EMEA JD Edwards Partner Community here


#6 (FEB 27): Verify the E-Book (Overview) for all Oracle Engineered Systems currently available here

#5 (FEB 12): Happy to announce this JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Training delivered by BMS on FEB 26. See Details here

#4 (FEB 6): Oracle is announcing enhancements for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Mobile Applications, Rental Management and applications that leverage Oracle´s Database In-Memory. Find out details about this release here

#3 (FEB 6): Updates on

JD Edwards has published a number of new white papers related to server clustering and platform support. Access the white papers
from the White Papers page on Please note that several of these technical white papers are posted on MyOracle Support and require an MOS login. Check out this new white paper on JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Maximum Availability Architecture.

#2 (FEB 6): Impressions from the Summit in Broomfield/Denver

#1 (FEB 6): JD Edwards Newsletters from Oracle Support have been released:
EnterpriseOne Newsletter / EnterpriseOne Newsletter archive / World Newsletter / World Newsletter archive

Wednesday Jan 28, 2015

New FRENCH Portal for JD Edwards Partners - ITALIAN exists already

Great news for all French Speaking JD Edwards Partners.

The Partner PreSales Support Team has created a new JD Edwards Solution Factory portal which is now available to Oracle Partners.

The portal supplies a user-friendly experience and, most importantly, it features rich content, including hundreds of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne knowledge resources: data sheets, presentations, webcast ppt’s, UPK’s, videos, useful links, on practically all the areas covered by JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.

A big number of documents on the portal are in French.

The best part is that it will continue to be updated regularly with useful content, helping Oracle partners in France to increase their JD Edwards EnterpriseOne skills and win deals!”

A similar Portal in Italian language exists already. Partners get access to both Portals by logging into the EMEA JD Edwards Partner Community Workspace first. If you are not able to login you potentially need to register for this Community first.

Wednesday Jan 21, 2015

RightNow & JDEdwards Integration Demo

RightNow & JDEdwards Integration Demo by SOA Suite 12c including mobile app - hosted at Oracle

To get access to the Oracle demo system please visit first OPN (OPN account required)

Oracle GSE account members with interest in Tech, FMW, JDEdwards or Service Cloud; +GSE +PDIT DSS

Customers today constantly engage with companies across multiple channels. Companies need to be able to engage, sell to, and service customers across all channels: the web, in a store, over the phone, via a mobile device or through social channels. Customers desire a simple, secure and consistent experience, whether it is a bank they are interacting with, or a retail store they are ordering a product from, or a service and maintenance request they are creating.


The demo illustrates how to

  • Leverage common development technologies to enable compatibility and re-usability across multiple channels
  • Access information and applications intuitively and securely through self-service portals for customers, employees and partners
  • Automate and manage cross enterprise business process shared services across multiple channels


  • Mobile & Identity Management: MAF 2.0, OAM Mobile and Social, OAG, OID
  • Integration:  Pre-built integrations RightNow, JDEdwards
  • Infrastructure: SOA 12c, Oracle Service Bus, WebCenter Portal

Call to Action

For questions/feedback please contact or in GSE.

For more information about Cloud Integration please visit the SOA Partner Community Workspace here AppAdvantage & Cloud Integration (free membership required

Friday Jan 09, 2015

"JD Edwards in a box"

JAN 13: Oracle on Oracle Resource Page available to Oracle Partner:

JAN 09: For those of you who are interested in deploying JD Edwards on Oracle Engineered Systems: just found this E-book explaining the different kinds of Oracle´s Engineered Systems. 

Wednesday Jan 07, 2015

Award Nomination open for JD Edwards Summit in Broomfield/Denver

Message from

Dear All – best wishes for a great 2015

At the 6th Annual JD Edwards Summit event [February 02-05 in Denver] we will recognize partners who are going above and beyond to be successful with “A Winning Hand”! There is significant momentum in the marketplace with JD Edwards and we want to hear about those partners that are driving sustained success for their firms as well as Oracle. 

We are currently accepting nominations to recognize partners in the 11 categories listed below:

1. Regional License Revenue production

2. Cloud integration

3. Cloud deployment and offerings

4. Marketing Buzz

5. Innovation – new technology

6. Vertical Industry breakout execution

7. New hire development

8. Upgrades

9. Bring back from "off maintenance"

10. Support of Quest and other User Groups

11. Best success stories - reference nominations

To submit your nominations please complete and submit the attached form by January 23rd , 2015 to Complete all pertinent fields and provide as much detail as possible when completing the attached form to help us fully understand the significance of the highlighted achievement.  The form will provide the judges a summary the achievement, information about participating or impacted customers, supporting data, and customer success story insight.

We look forward to reviewing your nominations.  Your success is ours.

Paolo Moroni

You can request the template from either from  or also from or download it from the EMEA JD Edwards Partner Community Workspace here

Tuesday Jan 06, 2015

JAN 2015 - EMEA JD Edwards Partner Community NEWS items

This new year 2015 is starting with great news:

The JD Edwards Business Development Team in Denver is creating a new global Partner Newsletter.

I adjusted my communication strategy and from now I am going to publish additional relevant content using this blog and community Email announcements. I am not going to publish an additional Oracle Newsletter anymore but I am going to update this JANUARY Blog entry throughout this months before creating the next February news item.


(14): JAN 30: Technical Ad-hoc support for Oracle Partners

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of a new service by the Oracle EMEA PresalesCenter (EPC) called Partner Infoline- Presales. The service provides Presales technical ad-hoc support for Oracle Partners on Oracle Hardware products including sizing requests. Detail Announcement and Sizing questionnaire is available on the EMEA JD Edwards Partner Community Workspace. In case you do not have access yet please request access here.


(13): JAN 28:  New FRENCH Portal for JD Edwards Partners - ITALIAN exists already - Read more


(12): JAN 26: Oracle Advanced Reseller - New Program Available

The Oracle Advanced Reseller program is now available to reward our top resellers that are aligned with Oracle's strategic imperatives. Learn more about the criteria and benefits of this important designation to differentiate OPN members reselling Oracle solutions.


(11): JAN 22: Two public news items came to my attention. Please review what IFS CEO thinks about his competition here and read also Oracle´s 10 Points plan to become #1 in Cloud


(10): JAN 22: RightNow & JDEdwards Integrated Demo by SOA Suite 12c including mobile app - hosted at Oracle:

Read more here


(9): The JD Edwards JAN Partner Newsletter has been released


(8): For those of you who are interested in deploying JD Edwards on Oracle Engineered Systems: just found this E-book explaining the different kinds of Oracle´s Engineered Systems.  


(7): Please register for the Oracle ‘In Touch’ PartnerCast on Wednesday 4th February 2015 from 10:30am UK/ 11:30 CET.


(6): Nucleus New Analyzes for H2 2014. Download the Nucleus Research 2H2014 ERP Value Matrix


(5): Award Nomination is open for the JD Edwards Summit in Broomfield/Denver: read more


(4):  On the 8th December 2014  Oracle introduced a new deal registration option - the Oracle Value-based Project Registration (VPR) Initiative in EMEA

Please also see this link to the external OPN page on VPR for you to review the details and the external training replays for VAD and Reseller trainings


(3): ITCROSS' Mexico e-invoice achieves Oracle Validated Integration with Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1 - Read more

I do not know if the Mexican e-invoice has the same or similar requirements as the standard you might face in your territory. But you might find some valuable information on this interesting webpage from this Partner. You also might want to validate the business solutions you created for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne already. We help in promoting them as you see. This is value to the customers as we advertise them on the solution catalog here


(2): Oracle Process Automation (OPA ... which by the way is the standard short term for Grandfather in German) is a very interesting Application. The JAN OPA newsletter is released


(1): JD Edwards Customer & Partner 5 day Event for free // FEB 16-20 // DURBAN // registration is open


Wednesday Dec 10, 2014

Steltix offers Test drive for Tools Release 9.1.5

The latest Tools Release of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, Tools Release 9.1.5, is now generally available.
With our close relationship to Oracle, Steltix already has a great deal of experience of using this latest version of the JD Edwards Toolset.

We would like to invite you to test drive the new Tools Release and all it’s new features today. Please visit: for an introduction to the latest functionality or  to get started with the new release.

The latest functionality includes:

  • Enhanced email functionality
  • New clear look & feel
  • Breadcrumb History
  • Enhanced Attachment Editor
  • Drag and Drop for Attachments
  • And much more!
Like with the previous releases, JD Edwards Tools 9.1.5. installs seamlessly into the existing environments. For more detailed information regarding this new release please feel free to contact us directly or request the Steltix Tools Tips.

Also please feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback regarding Tools 9.1.5. and we will put this directly to the Oracle JD Edwards development team in Denver.

JD Edwards In-Memory Planning Advisor Updates

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne In-Memory Planning Advisor previously released in April 2014 has been enhanced to provide users with even greater flexibility and easy access to important information to support real-time decisions. Enhancements include:

· Lead time alerts drawing attention to messages that require immediate attention

· Critical component alerts – to enable users to easily review effects of changes on production schedules before saving or implementing the changes

· Adjusted and unadjusted available quantities calculated and displayed in the Supply/Demand Details grid

· User-selected unit of measure

· Direct access to the Console eliminating the need to drill in from the Summary which required unprocessed MRP messages

· Ability to conveniently freeze or unfreeze orders from the Console

· Forecast consumption by customer

· Attachments

The In-Memory Planning Advisor requires Oracle Engineered Systems hardware (Exadata / Exalogic or SuperCluster). The listed enhancements require a minimum Applications Release 9.1, and Tools Release of 9.1 Update 5.

Supporting Resources

JD Edwards Real-Time Financial Reconciliation Applications

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne releases new real-time interactive Financial Reconciliation applications. Month-end financial processing has until now involved running batch jobs to reconcile account information from numerous related tables in the General Accounting, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable systems. These batch jobs typically run for hours and require significant additional time to manually review the PDF output. The new interactive Financial Reconciliation applications perform the same function in real time and allow users to work with exceptions interactively. Real-time financial reconciliation provides users with immediate feedback and enables them to address exceptions immediately instead of having to wait for reconciliation processing at the end of a month or a quarter. This feature significantly reduces the amount of time needed for period-end closing. This release delivers the following highlights:

· 7 new Real Time Financial Reconciliation applications

o Accounts to Business Units, Transactions to Account Master, Account Balance without Account Master, Transactions to Batch Header, Companies by Batch out of Balance, Batches out of Balance, and Companies out of Balance

· Performance testing with 10 million accounts and 120 million transactions using the Oracle Database In-Memory option improved the overall processing performance 120 time faster in real-time compared to the prior batch processing.

· The new applications are available at no additional cost to customers licensed to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Financials.

· The new applications run on all platforms and databases supported by JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. However, the extreme performance improvements noted above were observed in testing with the Oracle Database In-Memory option.

· The new applications are available on a minimum Application Release of 9.1 and require a minimum Tools Release of 9.1 Update 5.

· Embedded Watchlist notifications within the new real-time Financial Reconciliation applications require a user license to One View Reporting Foundation. 

Supporting Resources

Announcing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools Release 9.1 Update 5 and Application Enhancements

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools 9.1 Update 5 demonstrates Oracle’s commitment to continuous innovation for the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.0 and 9.1 Application releases. Tools 9.1 Update 5 will enable JD Edwards EnterpriseOne customers to achieve competitive advantage by improving IT processes, driving down costs, and overall transforming their business.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools 9.1.5 Overview

Every JD Edwards EnterpriseOne installation is supported by a JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools release delivering an innovative user experience, scalability, high performance, and security for the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne application modules. Tools update releases are typically delivered every six to twelve months and contain new feature enhancements, new platform certifications, and product maintenance.

The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools 9.1 Update 5 release (Tools 9.1.5) includes key enhancements to support the end-user experience, Oracle In-Memory database option, One View Reporting, System Administration, and Server Management.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne end-user experience enhancements include:

A modern application look based on an updated style sheet called ‘Alta’ including changes in colors, fonts, icons, tabs, and buttons. This enhancement helps standardize the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne UI to match other Oracle ERP product and cloud offerings.

Simplified media objects with the ability to drag and drop files from the desktop.

Improved menu navigation using “breadcrumbs”, which provides quick access to recently run applications by preserving recent breadcrumbs between user sessions.

Simplified user interface navigation designed for the casual or infrequent user. Configurable by user or role, EnterpriseOne Pages provide simplified navigation, contain minimal applications, and exclude extra features such as menus and the carousel.

Improved calendar and email integration enabling users to send email and create meeting invitations from any application with a link back to the application.

JD Edwards One View Reporting Usability features provide the ability to:

Display a notification or warning message when a report exceeds the maximum amount of records that can be displayed and is configurable for PDFs that are shared among users.

Display the query criteria used on the application to generate the One View Report.

Simplify interaction by using a drill-back link from a report to automatically start the process of loading results into the called application.

Server Management and System Administration enhancements for:

Management of mobile applications through Server Manager to include the daily tracking of key metrics such as connected users, connected device type, mobile application and version, monitoring, and logging.

Reduce the time to build and deploy modifications and patches to servers by removing the requirement to build a client package prior to the build of a server package.

Support for clustered Business Services Server instance for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne outbound web services and Application Interface Services (AIS) Server to enable scalability, load balancing, and high availability for JD Edwards environments.

Platform Product Certifications to support:

Maintenance of your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne infrastructure with the latest platform components from Oracle and our technology vendors.

Oracle Database, including the Database In-Memory option

Oracle Database 12.1.x on IBM AIX and HP-UX

Internet Explorer 11 in native mode, rather than in compatibility mode

IBM DB2 on IBM AIX and Microsoft Windows

IBM i 7.2

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools 9.1 Update 5 is the final planned update to Tools 9.1. The next planned tools release is JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools 9.2.

Available as part of standard maintenance, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools 9.1 Update 5 is available for Application releases 9.0 (including Updates 1 & 2) and 9.1 (including Update 2). JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools 9.1 Update 5 is not compatible with application releases preceding JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Applications 9.0.

Supporting Resources

Thursday Dec 04, 2014

Friday Workshops for the JDE Summit in Denver announced


yesterday I have seen the announcement for additional Friday Workshops during the JD Edwards Summit in Broomfield/Denver. The summit itself is scheduled for TUESDAY - THURSDAY (Feb 3-5).

The additional offering is for FRIDAY, Feb 6th. Please read the announcement and the Details about the Agenda on the extra Registration page

If you have not registered for the Summit so far please do so on this page

Tuesday Nov 25, 2014

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Pre-InFocus Partner Day

Monday, December 1, 2014
9:30 AM – 5:30 PM MDT  (-7 UTC)

Dial-in Information:.
US Dial in: +1-866-682-4770
Meeting ID: 8561671
Security Code: 123456
International Call Link

Web Conference Information:
Event Number: Various
Password: OracleJDE01

This month, we are bringing a variety of topics that will be covered as part of our (now) annual Pre-InFocus Partner Day that will be hosted on the JDE Campus in Denver.

Please join each month’s call to hear the latest on various JDE technical topics, upcoming events, as well as current & new JDE project progress

Projected Topics & Speakers

(Links to each web conference the title of the session, (all times Mountain Standard Time)

Event  Number:  596 788 297
Time:  9:30 am – 10:00 am MST (-7 UTC)
Jeff Erickson
, Senior Manager, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools and Technology

Event  Number:  598 733 316
Time:  10:00 am – 12:00 pm MST (-7 UTC)
Darryl Shakespeare,
Product Development Director, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools and Technology

Event  Number:  590 369 010
Time:  1:00 pm – 2:00 pm MST (-7 UTC)
Janet Rans,
Principal Software Engineer, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools and Technology

Event  Number:  598 334 579
Time:  2:00 pm – 3:00 pm MST (-7 UTC)
AJ Schifano
, Senior Principal Product Manager, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools and Technology

Event  Number:  595 953 143
Time:  3:00 pm – 4:00 pm MST (-7 UTC)
Clayton Seeley
, Principal Product Manager, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools and Technology

Event  Number:  596 224 333
Time:  4:00 pm – 5:00 pm MST (-7 UTC)
Gurbinder Bali
, Director Product Strategy, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools and Technology

Wednesday Nov 19, 2014

SAVE THE DATE - EMEA JDEdwards Partner & Customer Summit - DURBAN FEB 16-20, 2015

I want to announce the next EMEA JD Edwards Partner Community event in Durban, South Africa in FEB 2015.

You find the save-the-date announcement inside the NOV newsletter (just released) and the complete information here.

We do have a sponsorship model and certain rules for Partner to participate. I will prepare a separate announcement on this. Expect this within the next week (NOV 24-28, 2014)

Customers are invited to attend Day 3 and also the workshops on Day 4-5 for free

We will release a detailed schedule and a registration page shortly.



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