Friday Mar 28, 2014

March Newsletter is out

The latest EMEA JD Edwards Partner Community Newsletter is out now.
You can get access to the complete newsletter here.

I want to highlight one topic which came to my attention after the newsletter content was published yesterday.

Oracle Cloud Service is now Generally Available for Planning and Budgeting: (Hyperion)
This is relevant for all JDEdwards Customers and Partners to resell / implement.
Start price = $14,400 p.a. for 10 users

Thursday Mar 20, 2014

JD Edwards Business Development & Product Strategy Townhall Q4FY14 Update Call

Lyle Ekdahl and John Schiff Invite You to Join the JD Edwards Business Development & Product Strategy Townhall Q4FY14 Update Call

Please join Lyle, John and their senior management teams to hear important information on the latest JD Edwards success and product strategy updates. 

Learn about new, professional content, collateral and training resources to help you with your sales and implementation efforts.  Attend this quarterly event and take advantage of this strategic information.  This update replaces the meetings you might have attended in the past at events like Collaborate and Oracle Open World.

Here is a sneak peek at the agenda we are lining up for you:

  • Lyle – business update and Q3 recap with key wins
  • Gary and Bob – Key product announcements
  • Business Development team – Summit review, Collaborate preview, Training, OVI, OBA and more!
  • Marketing & Communications – latest content to help you sell and win!  Event updates and more!

We promise this will be an information packed hour!


Tune in Monday, March 24th, to hear firsthand the Q4 news surrounding JD Edwards, with an interactive Q&A session following the team’s update.

Monday, March 24, 2014

5:00-6:00 PM CET
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eSeminar Dial-in Information:.
Dial in: 877-664-9137
Passcode: 105539
International Call Link

Web Conference Information:
Session Number: 599 868 496
Or direct ilearning access link


Tuesday Mar 04, 2014

JD-Edwards EnterpriseOne and Oracle Sales Cloud: the perfect sales-to-production combination

JD-Edwards EnterpriseOne and Oracle Sales Cloud have many things in common: both offer a rich standard set of functionality, both can be deployed rapidly and both offer the maximum return on investment. Combined together, they deliver most of the business processes functions that are needed to run a Small or Medium Business.

  • Oracle Sales Cloud, build on the Oracle Fusion architecture using market standards such as Java, delivers all Sales Force Automation processes plus unique advanced features such as Territory Management, automatic Sales Prediction or Incentive Compensation. The Cloud based solution can be deployed within weeks and includes imbedded Customer data Hub, Analytics, Social Selling out-of-the-box. Users can work from a variety of devices or Interfaces, including mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones, as well as from Microsoft Outlook.

  • From its release 8, Oracle Sales Cloud delivers pre-packaged integration with JD-Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1, including Account & Contact data synchronization, as well as an out-of-the-box “opportunity to quote” process which enables the sales organization to create or update JDE quotes and configurations directly from their Oracle Sales Cloud opportunity screens!

Some of the benefits that any business may get from this unique combination include faster implementation, faster time to market, error reduction and better user adoption. Join the Oracle Sales Cloud partner community to find out more about the market’s most advanced Sales Force Automation cloud solution here.

Thursday Feb 27, 2014

February Newsletter is out

The latest EMEA JD Edwards Partner Community Newsletter is out now. I want to highlight two topics here:

- Download the OBA Sales Content --> now available

- 13 new Mobile Apps released already

You can get access to the complete newsletter here.

Wednesday Feb 12, 2014

Oracle EMEA Identity & Access Management Partner Community Forum

As you may know security is currently a “hot" topic and there is a lot of interest across EMEA. Especially around our recent Bitzer acquisition (now Oracle Mobile Security Suite. OMSS) which addresses the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and Mobile Device Management trends that many companies are facing now. Many partners are already interested in these new solutions which may result in upsell opportunities for additional services.

There is a JD Edwards Connector already available. Please review the documentation here.

We have designed an “attractive” agenda for partners as we’ll be covering also important topics like Cloud, mobility security, IdM roadmaps, etc..  Hopefully, the areas covered are interesting for you. Please verify the Agenda here.

Thursday Jan 23, 2014

January Newsletter

The latest EMEA JD Edwards Partner Community Newsletter has been sent out today. You can access the newsletter here as well.

This is also the final reminder to consider attending the Global JD Edwards Partner Summit. The workshops will start on Monday already. Please verify the Agenda here

Friday Dec 20, 2013

Participate in the Future of Oracle PartnerNetwork


Please respond to the OPN Survey

We want to keep improving our partner program - ultimately to improve your business opportunity with Oracle. So let us know how we can improve OPN, and do it by January 31, 2014 (extended deadline).

You can start the survey online here

Wednesday Nov 27, 2013

DUBAI - JD Edwards Summit NOV 17-21, 2013


After 5 interesting days of presentation, network, workshop the JD Edwards Summit ended on Thursday NOV 22nd.We have chosen Dubai as the location to host this event as this region has the worldwide strongest growth for JD Edwards. The interest was high and we have to change location in order to not reject anybody for the customer day. Again a big THANK YOU to all 274 people who attended and also to all who made this event possible. I invite everybody to share her/his feedback on this blog.

Here is a small summary of the event itself. Once the pictures have been made available to me I am going to upload a selection to the EMEA JDE Edwards Partner Community Workspace and will make them available to the customer attended as well. The week was divided into three independent events:

DAY 1-2: Oracle and Partner. This part took place at the Oracle facility in Dubai. In total 69 people showed up during these two days and we had good presentations and discussions around various topics.

DAY 3: This has been the customer day. In total 136 people attended. This Customer Day took place at the Ritz Carlton. Lyle Ekdahl, Vice President for JD Edwards has given us an inside of the current situation and also an outlook of what is going to happen next within JD Edwards.

DAY 4-5: Workshops for Customer, Partner and Oracle Employees. In total 69 participants have been attending. In the functional track we have delivered workshops for Grower Management, Real Estate, Health & Safety and also for Attribute Management. In the technology workshop the group has gone through a variety on exercises around Café One, OneView Reporting and latest UI enhancements.

Friday Oct 04, 2013

Save the Date - JD Edwards Partner Summit - JAN 27-31 - Denver (Broomfield)

What we all waited for ...

In the next days/weeks I am trying to do arrange an EMEA Partner Community Meeting around this event. It might be again the day before the event itself so please do not book your flights immediately now. 

Friday Sep 13, 2013

5 Steps for ERP Success you don´t have to pay for

I created this Blog by reusing material from an internal Blog from Dave Loesch. I made only some minor format changes to his text.

(1): Forget the evaluation consultants

Most of the business processes in ERP have been automated for 40+ years. Who needs a consultant to spend a year on requirements analysis and comparing vendors when all of the products have proven themselves or the vendors wouldn’t be in business? Instead, ask for 5 names of customers in your industry, size and geography who have licensed the vendor’s products and that’ll narrow the list. (If you can’t find any vendors with 5 customers that tells you something.

(2): Are you doing this for the users or the company?

If you’re looking for an enterprise platform to run your business, know up front that your various departments and users have different priorities and drivers so getting everyone to agree is unlikely. Moreover, software experience has provided a consistent answer to “What’s the world’s best user interface?”

(3): Apples-to-apples

How many months would you need to evaluate the pros and cons of a motorcycle versus a bicycle? While they both have similar structures and purposes, it probably wouldn’t take you months to know which one to concentrate on. Then why do customers compare point solutions to ERP? Why spend months and millions figuring out if your users like Manhattan Associates or Maximo more than ERP? Save yourself the hassle! The users will almost always prefer the point system because they’re purpose built. (No need to worry about nosey accountants or slow-moving IT folks!) While inspecting ERP “fit” is reasonable, parading it in front of users next to a point solution is not the way to get users on board with what’s best for the organization.

(4): Ignore red herrings

Apps stores and downloading software via the cellular network is really cool. I mean, Angry Birds is so easy and so much fun! Wouldn’t it be great if I could download a PO app that I really liked? Well, yeah, but there’s little thing called integration and support that many cloud ‘paradigms’ don’t contend with. Sure, mobile is great, but can I really have my mechanics using a phone to access the engineering drawings on a centrifugal pump? Not being a Luddite here, but customers to need to make sure that all the cool stuff they ask for (or the vendor demos) is really practical and will be deployed in their lifetime.

(5): Know they vendor

One of the biggest problems in a mature market is customers start to see the vendors as interchangeable as the products. Buying software from IBM is a world away from buying from Oracle or SAP! (IBM generates about 60% of their revenue from services and we get under 20%. Do you think their strategic focus—or institutional inertia—is oriented toward creating repeatable COTS or maximizing services revenue? Likewise, does ORCL spend more on productization or creating billable moments for consultants?


An ERP decision is a long-term commitment. Maybe not a full-blown marriage, but close to raising a kid. After all, the average life of an ERP system is getting longer from 5-7 years to 10+ years. Think about all those Ventyx customers who are wondering if ABB is going to stay in the software business. Aside from having a reputation as a technology laggard, ABB just missed a quarter and replaced their CEO and CTO who pursued the software acquisition strategy. It’s already out that the new CEO is questioning the strategy leading one to wonder when the “core competency” press release gets issued. (“ABB is a controls company…). If you buy your ERP from a private equity firm, a services company or an industrial automation vendor, you need to recognize you’re not in complete alignment. Enterprise applications may be critical to you, but for many of these vendors it’s akin to corporate speculation. They sure aren’t going to upend their business to focus on (or even remain committed to) ERP.

I hope there’s a message or two worth exploring with your customer. (Particularly those considering an evaluation consultant armed with functional matrices!) But, if your customer remains committed to traditional evaluation models, perhaps they’ll consider this advice of a Fortune 500 CIO who once told his ASM:

Why would I do 3-4 day demos of products that are largely interchangeable? (He was looking at SAP, ORCL and MSFT.) Why would I spend thousands of dollars in travel and lost productivity to listen to another customer tell me how they chose to implement the system? That was probably valuable when ERP was new, but I implemented my first ERP system nearly 20 years ago. With tens of thousands of ERP proof points, what I need to do is go to Redmond, Walldorf and Redwood Shores and figure out whose culture and strategic direction best aligns with mine. There’s really little else that matters when you consider the amount of money and time invested in these 10+ year ERP relationships.

Tuesday Aug 06, 2013

Is the Best Product Enough to Win?

I suspect a lot of us would like to think so. The best product, best team, best person should win, right? Unfortunately, a Pulitzer Prize winning article in the Washington Post indicates that’s not always be the case.

Joshua Bell is one of the world’s greatest violinists. He once played “six of the most elegant songs ever written” in a busy DC metro station on one of the world’s most expensive violins. How many people paused to appreciate his virtuoso performance?


Anita Elberse, a Harvard Business School professor, uses the story to illustrate the importance of getting people’s attention in the crowded marketplace of ideas. In short, the experiment indicates having a great product isn't enough.

I couldn’t help but contrast these results with the emphasis we place on the demo and having the “best product”.  While I’m not saying demo prep and product presentation aren’t important—we aren’t likely to win without them—they’re probably not enough to win.

Of course, good sales people will aver “People buy from people!” underlining the importance of relationships.  While that’s certainly true, it’s not exactly a trade secret. (I suspect prehistoric fur traders who people liked did more business than jerks).  We know strong competitors do the same thing—emphasize great product and build strong relationships—so how do we expect to stand out if we only do the same? Why should a customer buy from Oracle and not someone else?

While the reasons can be different in every deal—integrated stack, OBAs, partner ecosystem, BPO et al—if we allow the decision to be solely based on the ERP product and relationships, we’re not only missing our chance to stand out but we’re exposing the deal to forces we can’t control (e.g. the sales rep and buyer are members of the same cycling club).

It might help our win rate if we thought of Mr. Bell slowly, sadly stroking his precious Stradivarius as commuters whisked by nary sharing a glance. 

Sometimes the best product simply isn’t enough.

(by Dave Loesch, Oracle)

Monday Aug 05, 2013

JDE Summit Paris - JUN 24-27

This was an amazing 4 day-event.

On June 24/25 we started the Sales/PreSales Part of the JDE Summit in Paris. The audience was a mix of Oracle Sales and PreSales and Partners mostly from Western Europe. We listened to Lyle´s keynote and other important sessions explaining the Oracle message and Value Add for our Partners and customers. We highlighted the  JD Edwards OBA and explained the Oracle on Oracle advantage to all participants. On the second day we split into three tracks to cover specific Functional / Technical and Sales related topics. In total we have delivered 25 presentations in these two days.