Wednesday Jul 06, 2016

Oracle Stream Analytics (OSA) within Oracle Data Integration and Governance Platform

Oracle released the new version of Oracle Stream Explorer and renamed it to Oracle Stream Analytics (OSA). It became a part of Oracle Data Integration And Governance Platform.

All data originates in a flash, whether it is from Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, web clicks, transactions, or mobile app usage. But traditional analytics is done much, much later. Why wait? Analyze immediatelly simulated or live data feeds to determine event patterns, correlation, aggregation & filtering.

Patterns library for industry specific solutions

• Transportation: Monitor all airline's operational events to eliminate flight delays.

• Vehicle telematics : Reduce fuel cost alerting on every sensor based element of the vehicle, Improved safety by out-of-hours usage, transgressing unscheduled locations

• Retail: Customer service centers are using Fast Data for click-stream analysis and customer experience management. Proximity based marketing to provide personalized offers

• Banking : Immediate Action – Payments processed more than 60 minutes without ACK or Bank Error

• Telco: Location based offers, or Intelligent Network Management to drive new services and lower costs.

• Healthcare: Monitoring Medical Device Data to help save lives. Smart beds : Body sensors determining the immediate status of the critical condition of the patient and current status of the bed components.

• Manufacturing: Real-time corrective action for reducing maintenance costs or risk outages

• IT prevent power grid re-starts

This new version is an impressive release with new features :

The existing patterns have been enhanced substantially now including Spatial, Statistical, General industry and Anomaly detection through streaming machine learning.

New Geo-spatial pattern - can be used to analyze streams containing geo-location data and determine how events relate to pre-defined geo-fences in maps.

The Expression Builder allows to add calculated/derived fields on the Live Output Stream of an exploration, an important step towards the “streaming Excel sheet” idea of Oracle Stream Analytics.It provides the ability to apply and insert mathematical and statistical calculations into the active live output stream. Once a new expression has been defined and validated, a column will be added next to the column of relevance. This new column can then be used in subsequent filters and explorations.

The Business Rules section of the Stream Analytics canvas provides the ability to apply the more traditional IF-THEN-ELSE constraints and clauses on the various properties of the event shape. This capability enables the user to combine both streaming query analytics using temporal criteria together with a collection of business rules that can randomly effect the information in existing or new columns.

Oracle Stream Analytics supports new Event Stream sources and targets, such as MQTT, Apache Kafka and Twitter. Especially Kafka gets more and more important in modern Big Data architectures. We can now use Oracle GoldenGate for immediately capturing changes on any database table (CDC = change data capture), send these captured change events into Kafka using GoldenGate for BigData and consume it from OSA to apply streaming analytics on it.

Oracle Stream Analytics - you can deploy and execute streaming applications to a Spark Streaming infrastructure.

Thursday Jun 20, 2013

Register Now! 'In Touch' for EMEA Oracle Partners: Looking ahead to FY14 with Oracle

Dear partners

With the new financial year already upon us, now is the time to start thinking ahead and recognising the opportunities that the new year brings.

The ‘In Touch’ PartnerCast is your chance to get the latest headlines from Oracle EMEA and pose your questions to our studio guests. Join us for the next live broadcast on:

Tuesday 9th July at 10:30am UK/ 11:30am CET

In this cast we will be looking at how Oracle on Oracle solutions can benefit the Oracle PartnerNetwork and sharing best practices from across EMEA Alliances & Channels. Your host David Callaghan, Senior Vice President EMEA Alliances and Channels, is excited to pose your questions to his guests, so get in touch by commenting on this blog, posting on Twitter using the hashtag #DCpickme or by emailing

Under the spotlight and answering your burning questions in this cast will be:

  • Lindsay Johnston, VP, Commercial Operations for EMEA A&C
  • Paul Thompson, Senior Director, EMEA Solutions and Enablement
  • Janusz Naklicki, Vice President, ECEMEA
  • Silvia Kaske, Vice President, A&C WCE North
  • Eric Fontaine, Vice President, A&C WCE South
  • David Tweddle, Vice President, A&C UK & Ireland

To find out more information, including how to watch previous episodes on-demand, please visit out new webpage here.

We look forward to seeing you on July 9th!

Best regards,

Oracle PartnerNetwork



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