Monday Feb 08, 2016

Announcement of Oracle GoldenGate Studio

We are just releasing the first version of Oracle GoldenGate Studio

Oracle GoldenGate Studio enables you to design and deploy high-volume, real-time database replication by automatically handling table and column mappings, allowing drag and drop custom mappings, generating best practice configurations from templates, and contains context sensitive help. 

In this inaugural release, Oracle GoldenGate Studio provides wizards, templates, and a flow-based declarative user interface for designing and deploying database replication solutions. This means that you can now quickly implement real-time replication without having to be an Oracle GoldenGate or database expert. As the real-time data requirements evolve you will discover easy access to the advanced Oracle GoldenGate Studio replication features such as filtering, transformations, and conflict detection and resolution. Wizards will walk you through the seven simple steps to create a project, select a logical solution template, and create an associated deployment profile. Tables can be auto mapped and dragged and dropped between sources and targets allowing you to deploy solutions within minutes. The full development life cycle is supported by ensuring continuity between development, quality assurance (QA), and production environments. You can do this because the same logical solution to be deployed to multiple physical locations so that a single change is automatically reflected in all environments the next time you deploy. After deployment, you can monitor and control the physical processes that were deployed to ensure they are running and actively replicating data. All design and deployment artifacts, as well as the deployment history, are securely stored in a central database repository. Teams can share the same repository allowing collaboration on projects. You can copy projects, solutions, and mapping groups within a single repository environment and between external repositories via XML files. For example, a consultant can design a solution, export it to XML, then a third party such as a customer or Oracle Support, can import the XML file into their Oracle GoldenGate Studio environment and instantly see the solution diagram and mapping details of the consultant’s design. Oracle GoldenGate Studio also supports manual offline deployments by generating Oracle GoldenGate command line scripts and parameter files to a local file system. 

Key Features

  • Design and deploy high-volume, realtime replication in just a few clicks  
  • Best practice solution templates and wizards  Automap tables and drag and drop custom maps
  • Deploy the same solution to multiple locations
  • Monitor active deployments and track deployment history

Key Benefits

  • Improve IT productivity by reducing the time to design and deploy new replication solutions.
  • Best practice wizards with templates and auto mapping make real-time data integration easier to deploy throughout the enterprise.
  • Development, QA and production teams can independently deploy the same replication solution in a shared environment ensuring continuity.
  • All changes and history are stored securely in a central database repository. Oracle GoldenGate Replication Overview Day-old or even hours-old transactional data is now a competitive disadvantage.

Sunday Aug 16, 2015

Free vouchers for the newest Oracle GoldenGate 12c Specialization

Dear EMEA Data Integration partners, pls take a note on this invitation to participate in our beta program of the newest Oracle GoldenGate 12c OPN Specialization. By passing the beta exam you will earn your Oracle GoldenGate 12c Certified Implementation Specialist competency. With participating in beta, you are eligible for free vouchers and you dont have to pay the exam.

Exam appointments are now open for scheduling. Request a discounted beta voucher today using the following link

Monday Sep 16, 2013

Oracle Data Integrator 11g Certified Implementation Specialist

By passing the beta exam you will earn your Oracle Data Integrator 11g Certified Implementation Specialist.

Exam appointments are now open for scheduling. Please remember that you must take the beta exam at an authorized Pearson VUE testing center. Request a discounted beta voucher today using the OPN Beta Certified Specialist Exam Voucher Request Form! Take the exam now at a near-by Pearson VUE testing center!

The (1Z1-482) Oracle Data Integrator 11g Certified Implementation Exam Essentials exam is designed for individuals who possess a strong foundation and expertise in selling and implementing Oracle Data Integration 11g solutions. This certification covers topics such as: This certification covers topics such as: Architecture Overview, Models and Datastores, Project Development, Managing Execution, Integration with Oracle GoldenGate, Doing more, Oracle Enterprise Data Quality (EDQ) Profiling and Oracle Enterprise Data Quality Batch Processing. This certification differentiates candidates in the marketplace by providing a competitive edge through proven expertise. Up-to-date training and field experience are recommended. 

Training Available to take the Certified Implementation Exam Oracle Data Integrator 11g Certified Implementation Exam Essentials Exam Study Guide

This certification helps OPN members differentiate themselves in the marketplace through proven in-depth expertise and helps their partner company qualify for the Oracle Data Integration 11g Specialization Criteria.

You can obtain your Oracle Partner Company ID Oracle Partner Company ID from your local Partner Business Center , as they have access to this partner information.

Tuesday Apr 02, 2013

Oracle Data Integration End-To-End Sales & Presales Guided Learning Path - 10 Extensive Lessons

There is a latest update on 10 extensive lessons of DIS End-To-End Sales & Presales Guided Learning Path. In order to access it below, there is a need first to register for EMEA DIS Partner Community here

Lesson 1 –Market Definition…you can find here

Lesson 2 –Market Trends and Business Drivers) …you can find here

Lesson 3 – Solution & Product Overview …you can find here

Lesson 4 – Target Customer Profile …you can find here

Lesson 5 – Positioning Of The Solution …you can find here

Lesson 6 – Objection Handling And Competition …you can find here

Lesson 7 – Pricing And Packaging …you can find here

Lesson 8 – Product Area Features And Functions …you can find here

Lesson 9 – Cross-Sell & Up-Sell …you can find here

Lesson 10 –Requirements Gathering And Discovery …you can find here

Monday Feb 18, 2013

Data Integration Workshops supporting new Oracle Data Integration Specialization (expected in 2013)

EMEA Data Integration Business Development team has created a structure for workshops supporting new consolidated Oracle Data Integration Specialization (Specialization includes guided learing paths for the following 4 products : Oracle GoldenGate, Oracle Active Data Guard, Oracle Data Integrator and Enterprise Data Quality)

The structure of sales workshop you can find here

The structure of implementation workshop you can find here

Please contact local Oracle office or  for the information on the first upcoming and nearest workhsop to your location.

Friday May 18, 2012

Partner Webcast "Oracle Date Integration Solutions" On May 15th

Oracle is pleased to invite you to this webcast on Oracle Data Integration Solutions intended for our partners. As there is so fast growth of planned data integration projects, estimation of the available and free market share is more than 80% at the moment. Adoption of both, Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle GoldenGate, continues to grow rapidly within the Oracle DBMS and applications customer base. This gives significant license resale opportunity for Oracle partners. Also, these products are core need for big projects like consolidations and clouds and they give excellent entry point for broader review of architecture, high level availability strategies and wider integration needs.

Listen how you could use next generation real time replica and ETL technology in some of use cases:

  • Oracle GoldenGate for zero downtime migrations and as standard tool for all migrations
  • Oracle Data Integrator and Enterprise Data Quality in the projects of migrations and consolidations
  • Oracle GoldenGate for Active Active high availability database deployment and global data centers synchronization
  • Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse synchronization (Oracle GoldenGate) and loading&data transformation (Oracle Data Integrator) as well as checking and improving  data quality before loading (Enterprise Data Quality)
  • Oracle GoldenGate for disaster recovery, query offloading and operational reporting databases
  • Solutions/Applications Batch or SOA/EDA/JMS  Integration (Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle Data Integrator)


  • Product Description and Differentiators
  • Technical Overview
  • Architecture, Components and Functionalities
  • Key Solution Areas
  • Heterogeneous Deployments
  • Competitive Product Analysis and Comparison
  • Customer Case Studies
  • Product Demo
Watch the webcast online on this Youtube Channel


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