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"Siebel2FusionCRM Integration" solution by ec4u (D)

Richard Lefebvre
CX Partners programs Director

ec4u, a CRM System Integration leader based in Germany and Switzerland, and an historical Oracle/Siebel partner, offers a complete "Siebel2FusionCRM Integration" solution, based on tools methodology and services.

ec4u Siebel2FusionCRM Integration solution's main objectives are:

  • Integration between Siebel (on-premise) and Fusion CRM / Marketing (“in the cloud”)
  • Accounts, Contacts and Addresses are maintained by Sales in Siebel CRM and synchronized in real-time into Fusion CRM / Marketing
  • CDM Processing ensures clean data for marketing campaigns (validation and deduplication)
  • Create E-Mail marketing campaigns and newsletters in Fusion

The solution features:

  • Upsert processes figure out what information needs to be updated, inserted or terminated (deleted). However, as Siebel is the data master, it is still a one-way synchronization.
  • Handle deleted or nullified information by terminating them in Fusion CRM (set start and end date to define the validity period)
  • Initial load and real-time synchronization use the same processes
  • Invocations/Operations can be repeated due to no transactional support from Fusion web services
  • Tagging sub entries in case of 1 to N mapping (Example: Telephone number is one simple field in Siebel but in Fusion you can have multiple telephone numbers in a sub table)
  • E-Mail-Notification in case of any error (containing error message, instance number, detailed payload)
  • Schematron Validation Interested?

Looking for more details or a partnership with ec4u for a "Siebel2FusionCRM Integration" project? Contact: Gregor Bublitz, Director Expert Services (gregor.bublitz@ec4u.de)

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