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Oracle Service Cloud November 2014 is now Generally Available

Richard Lefebvre
CX Partners programs Director

marks yet another great quarterly product release for Oracle Service
Cloud. The November 2014 release delivers a broad range of improvements
to Cross-Channel Contact Center, Web Customer Service, and the
Service Cloud Platform. 

order to receive release announcements on a regular basis, it is recommended
that customers and partners subscribe to the News and Announcements discussion
forum on the RightNow Community. 


2014 Quarterly Release information can be found by clicking the links
below.  Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the
resources that are available to you. They include:

Elements of the Oracle Service Cloud November 2014 Release

continues to empower its customers to deliver great customer experiences with
Oracle Service Cloud.  The November 2014 release of Oracle Service Cloud
adds new capabilities that enable agents to view and understand the customer’s
journey, designed to increase customer satisfaction and resolution. In
addition, this release previews new “easy” access options for infrequent users
as well as adding enhancements to key areas of the product including Contact
Center, Co-browse and Platform. 

Web Customer
Service: Understand the Customer’s Journey with Visitor Browser History

Visitor Brower History adds new
functionally to Chat that allows agents to view recently visited web pages to
better understand the customer's transition from self to assisted service. This
feature empowers agents to skip question and answer time and jump right to
resolution thereby reducing average chat handle time and increasing customer
satisfaction. Additionally, agents can effortlessly access the historical URLs
and gain immediate visual insight into the actions that led to the customer's
need for agent assistance. Visitor Browser History delivers a connected
experience by continuing the conversation from the point of escalation. 

Web Customer
Service: Enhanced Co-browse

November release adds enhancements to Co-browse including:

·  Instant mode, with no plug-in requirements: Faster launch process to make co-browsing
even more efficient. 

·  More control over customer UI: New options for on-page launch points along
with the ability to easily configure the look and feel of each customer-facing

·  Contact Center Efficiency: By enabling agents to handle issues more
quickly and accurately; Increase customer satisfaction, with co-browse we
reduce the potential for miscommunication.

Contact Center:
Communicate to Preferred Email Address 

Every communication is important to
your business. Ensuring those communications are delivered in the customer’s
preferred method is imperative to a great customer experience. This release
improves functionality around customers with multiple email addresses.
Organizations can communicate with the customer’s preferred or initiating email
address rather than using other email addresses that maybe stored for them.
Additionally, an agent working on the incident response can select the
contact’s email address from a menu for a future reply when the customer
requests the change. This enhancement allows organizations to adhere to email
legislation and best practices by reducing duplicate communications to

Contact Center:
Access Service Cloud from Any Browser 

Oracle is enhancing the desktop
with an intuitive browser based interface for infrequent users. The November
release will provide a first preview of this new interface. Infrequent users
will have the ability to access common tasks and reports across incidents,
contacts, organizations, tasks, and custom objects using any browser.

The Agent Browser UI will utilize
the existing service cloud meta-data, speeding deployment without requiring
additional configuration.  The Agent Browser UI will be provided in
addition to the existing smart client and mobile agent desktop.  

Contact Center:
Agent Desktop Enhancements 

We continue to improve the Agent
Desktop with new key capabilities that increase agent efficiency and
productivity. New capabilities include: 

·  Recent item in drop down: Agents spend a lot of time setting values in
drop down and search fields. Often they use the same values repeatedly. This
feature will allow them to quickly set the value to commonly used entries. This
will save them time and provide a better user experience for the agent 

·  Recent items in search fields: User’s can now reduce number of clicks to
find recent items in search; additionally this also reduces server hits.

·  Pinning/unpinning recent items: Users can now pin recent items, allowing
agents to quickly return items, and items can easily be unpinned as well. 

·  Tool Window in Status Bar: The tool window can dock in the Status Bar
or the full tool window functionality can be expanded, increasing screen real

Contact Center:
Experience Routing Enhancements

In May 2014, we introduced
Experience Routing with its innovative approach to skills based routing. With
this release, we further enhance Experience Routing to give contact centers the
ability to customize the agent skill requirements for each queue. This offers
contact centers more flexibility to control the quality of service
offered.  New capabilities allow contact centers to specify an ideal skill
score requirement for a queue. Chats arriving into this queue will be assigned
to agents with a skill score equal to or greater than this value. This new
feature helps organizations deliver VIP Treatment by assigning your best agents
to your most valued customers, optimize agent skill utilization by leveraging
each agent’s full range of competencies (from novice to expert skills) as well
as meet SlonLA targets by expanding the pool of eligible agents during traffic

Platform: New
Regional Hosting Centers

Delivering reliable services requires
you to ensure your business is protected should something go wrong. Your
business demands a robust solution that has the global access and redundant
infrastructure to deliver exceptional service anytime and everywhere it is

In 2013, we opened our hosting
centers in Kitakyushu Japan, Sydney Australia, and Singapore. In 2014, we
opened the UK Government Cloud.  Work is being done to expand our presence
in the US, as well as PCI compliant offerings in non-US geographies. The Oracle
Service Platform “Available Everywhere” Cloud Infrastructure is now hosted in
thirteen robust market leading global hosting centers. All our hosting centers
are World-Class geographically disbursed, Tier IV “Carrier Class” to meet our
strict standards for availability, reliability, and security.


your customer is interested in upgrading, please refer them to these resources:
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Upgrades can be
initiated online at http://cx.rightnow.com under the My
Site Tools section.

We will engage with your customer to create your upgrade plan,
including development effort and timeline. We will also do everything we can to
help facilitate a smooth, successful acceptance test and upgrade.

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