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Oracle CRM On Demand Release 29 Is Generally Available

Richard Lefebvre
CX Partners programs Director

is pleased to announce that Oracle CRM On Demand Release 29 is Generally
Available as of June 26, 2015. Please monitor the Service Information link
within the application for specific details on your Release 29 deployment

Oracle CRM On Demand is part of
Oracle's long-term commitment strategy and the product roadmap proves our
investment. Oracle
CRM On Demand is also supported by our Applications Unlimited Lifetime Support
Policy, which can be found on the Oracle Support Site.

CRM On Demand Release 29 includes some exciting new features:

  • Usability remains a key theme for CRM On Demand and Release 29
    brings many enhancements to streamline the user experience.  The user
    interface has been updated as part of our Modern UI efforts to increase
    user adoption.
    • New Record Layouts
      offer a streamlined form when creating new records.  Rather than
      intimidate a user by presenting a full screen to be filled out, New
      Record Layouts contain only essential fields.  Users are more likely
      to fill out forms more frequently with fewer fields to populate.
    • Enhanced Keyword Search improves search capability by offering
      case-insensitive, fuzzy-like searching.  Searches will return
      records with common spelling and roots, special characters, and even
      matches with words in a different order.  
    • Display Alert Message as a Popup Window at Login will enable users to see a message when they login,
      keeping them informed about important information such as special offers,
      system updates or corporate news.  Alerts can be limited to a
      specific time window so there is no need to remember to deactivate
    • Custom Icons
      can now be uploaded into CRM On Demand, allowing for further branding and
      personalization of the system.
  • Mobilityenhancements with Release 29
    have continued to evolve the mobile experience.  This includes adding
    features to CRM On Demand Connected Mobile Sales and adding features to
    support the mobile user.
    • Connected Mobile Sales has been updated with configurable modern icons and a
      powerful new feature to automatically populate follow up
      appointments.  Users can schedule their next meeting with a single
    • Hardware Based Themes will automatically detect if a user is accessing CRM
      On Demand from a tablet and display the theme of choice.  The modern
      theme is presented for a tablet and the classic theme for a PC.
  • Calendarenhancements make it easier
    than ever to leverage the CRM On Demand Calendar intuitively and
    seamlessly with other devices.
    • Need
      to move a meeting?  Just drag and drop the meeting to it
      s new
      time.  There’s no need to open up and edit the appointment.
    • See
      what you’re up to at a glance with color coded appointments; each
      type of appointment can have a different color, calling out customer
      meetings from internal calls at a glance.  Coupled with more detail
      on the Appointment itself, view the Account, Contact and Phone Number
      from the calendar, without needing to view the appointment details page.
    • If
      Monday to Friday is not your standard work week, you can set the start
      day of the week
      to suit your preference.
  • Configurability
    and Extensibility
    improved with each release of CRM On Demand. 
    • Web Services
      are used to retrieve a list of reports in CRM On Demand and enable the
      ability to access Dynamic Page Layouts.  This improves integration
      options and makes migration from one environment to another much
    • Workflow on User Object has been added, enabling for follow up tasks, field
      updates and notifications to be issued when changes are made to a user
      profile, such as a change in role or data visibility.
    • JavaScript API
      has been enhanced with Language Specific Coding, allowing integrations to
      retrieve field information in the language that the user sees.  This
      ensures that any integrations built can contain logic unique to different
      regions or languages, thereby improving overall usability.
    • Analytics coverage
      for optimized custom fields across Activities, Contacts, Opportunities
      and Service Requests support improved reporting.

additional details on the new features in Oracle CRM On Demand Release 29,
please review the Transfer of Information (TOI) recordings available on My Oracle Support (support.oracle.com).

next few releases of Oracle CRM On Demand will continue to focus on new
enhancements in Usability and Mobility. 

resources enable customers and partners to maximize the value of Oracle CRM On

  • Oracle Cloud Marketplace
    enables customers to browse and review partner applications that enhance
    Oracle CRM On Demand.
  • Customer
    Advisory Boards consist of industry-leading customers and Oracle product
    managers.  These Boards provide an opportunity to collect customer
    feedback and can influence future strategy and roadmap.
  • TheOracle
    CRM On Demand User Group
    is managed fully by customers.  Their
    mandate is to work with Oracle Product Management to help influence
    product strategy.
  • Communities
    can be accessed from My Oracle Support and are used to collaborate with
    peers and Oracle CRM On Demand experts.

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Comments ( 2 )
  • cricket Friday, June 26, 2015

    Hardware Based Themes will automatically detect if a user is accessing CRM On Demand from a tablet and display the theme of choice. That is great!

  • guest Monday, August 1, 2016

    More interested in the mobile enhancements. Thanks.

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