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Government Social Media Strategy Must Move Beyond Tweets and 'Likes'

Richard Lefebvre
CX Partners programs Director
By John Soat - Forbes

Government agencies have begun to see the benefits of social
networking. For several years now, many agencies have implemented, if
not mastered, the foundation of a social media strategy, using popular
tools to share information with the public and hear what constituents
are saying. Many of these efforts are tied to “open government”
initiatives that aim for increased transparency and public

Still, there are, no doubt, plenty of government entities that don’t
make full use of the most recent advances in enterprise-class social
media strategy, such as multi-site management, targeted listening, and
sentiment analysis, known collectively as social relationship management
(SRM). This is the logical next step in social strategy for agencies,
as they look for modern, efficient, and cost-effective ways to connect
with the public they serve.

And why should citizens care? Because it’s certainly true that
government could benefit from the process optimization, service
enablement, and cost cutting that SRM promises.

That’s why Oracle has put together an initiative, known as the “Social Garage,” intended
to work with government agencies on extending their social networking
efforts to where they generate actionable engagement with constituents
as well as demonstrable returns. The initiative involves consultants and
engineers from Oracle as well as outside partners, and it’s aimed at
all levels of government: individual agencies; city, county, state,
province, and federal; even the ruling bodies of  Native American tribes
in North America (...).

Read the entire article in Forbes here

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