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Customer Experience is an ‘Outside In’ Job by Krassimira Iordanova

Richard Lefebvre
CX Partners programs Director

Customers Want

a consumer, customer experience is simple: you want to be served whenever you
want, however you want (channels). You expect the company to know you and make
relevant offers. If things go wrong, you expect quick fixes. You hate to repeat
the same story you told the call center agent a week ago.

also expect to be surprised in a positive way. Sometimes you really don't know
what you want, but if they show you something cool, you might buy it.

example, I remember browsing at Bungalow 8, a mind-blowing store for home
furnishing in Mumbai. When I entered, they asked me "Ma'am, is there
anything special you are looking for?" I said, "I'm not looking for
anything in particular, but if you show me around, I might end up buying
something I like." And I did. 

Have it ‘Inside Out’

a company, you might have a tough time with all this customer experience stuff,
because you're focused on process efficiency. Process efficiency is an ‘inside
out’ view; customer experience is an ‘outside in’ view. To understand the
difference, contrast most airlines’ boarding procedures (inside out) with
Apple’s Genius bar (outside in). Which experience do you prefer?

Change in Perspective

Experience Journey Mapping helps you flip your perspective to ‘outside in’ so
you can identify every moment of your customer’s experience, whether it is a
specific interaction, or an entire relationship with your brand across touch points.
As the Harvard Business Review says,

company that manages complete journeys, would not only do its best with the
individual transaction, but also seek to understand the broader reasons for…
the call in the call center, address the root causes and create feedback loops
to continuously improve interactions upstream and downstream..."

can best visualize continuously improving interactions by
diagramming your customer's journey across the buy and own lifecycle. This
helps you see where you need to make changes. And if you deliver a great
experience across this cycle, then it becomes an infinite loop where customers
remain loyal because you deliver on your brand promise.


cultivating an ‘outside in’ customer perspective of your organization by
participating in a hands-on Journey Mapping Workshop. You will leave with
practical insights you can apply right away.

Upcoming 2014 Journey Mapping Workshops in Europe:

Find more information on journey
mapping here.

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