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11 Ways to Wreck Your Social Relationships

Richard Lefebvre
CX Partners programs Director

Social media marketing
is all about building authentic relationships. It involves many of the
things human relationships live and die by; knowing the person, trust,
altruism, patience, etc. So it follows naturally the opposite traits
would lead to relationship failure; narcissism, mistrust, selfishness
and the like.

you look at how some brands treat their fans, followers and customers
on social, it kind of makes you wonder what their real world human
relationships are like. Even as long as social marketing has been around
and as much thought leadership has been written on the subject,
customers are still NOT getting the experience they want to have with
their brands on social.

There are plenty more, but here are 11 ways you can risk having your customers one day tell you, “We need to talk.”

1. And You Are…?

get or pay attention to any analytics. Don’t try to find out who your
fans are, where they are, or what they like. If you accidentally find
out what they like, don’t act on it. It’s a great way to prove over and
over to them you couldn’t care less.

2. Lie to Them

silver-tongued smoothie. Just keep putting up those misleading
headlines or links to things that violate their expectations. It’s a
real trust-builder. And while you’re at it, throw some unrelated
trending hashtags into your tweets to trick people into seeing you.

3. Keep Them Guessing

a social channel, sweep fans off their feet with content, then suddenly
vanish for half a month. Play hard to get. Never let them know where
they stand with you or what they’re going to get from you.

4. Bore Them Stupid

been on a date where the other person talked endlessly yet managed to
never touch on a single topic you cared anything about? Brands are doing
that all the time with their content. People like you to talk about them.

5. Don’t Care How You Look

your Timeline go. Don’t give yourself an attractive cover or photo.
Make sure your profile picture really bland. Don’t post a lot of videos
or photos…just show them lots and lots of text. Oh, and make sure
everything you do looks horrible on mobile.

6. Be Obtuse

Leave them thoroughly confused by cramming your tweets with as many tags, links, hashtags,
and hieroglyphic symbols as you can. Make them WORK to understand what
you’re trying to communicate. Maybe they’ll think it’s fun.

7. Come Across as Desperate and Needy

isn’t drawn to that? In every Facebook post and every tweet, make sure
you’re pushing your product as hard as you can and trying to get a
commitment out of them after the first meeting.

8. Show No Effort

posts and tweets like, “Is everybody ready for the weekend?” Nothing
makes a fan feel special more than being addressed as part of the masses
with a message that sounds like an obligation, created on your phone as
you’re heading out the door.

9. Expect Too Much Too Soon

very important that if you aren’t being Liked by thousands and they
aren’t commenting and sharing your content like crazy, you start
resenting them and abandon your efforts to connect with them. Just be
sure to blame it on them and not you.

10. Ignore Them

they interact or reach out to you at all, that’s a really big deal. You
should be doing flips. Ignoring their gesture or not responding to
their interaction until 2 weeks later is a fantastic way to foster

11. Insist the Relationship Be All About You

What do you need? What do you
want to get out of this? That’s why you’re doing this and that’s all
that really matters, right? If your customer is happy and fulfilled,
that’s nice and all, but it’s hardly the main point. Make sure
everything is done your way and happens 100% on your terms.

You want your brand to be as desirable as possible in your social marketing.
The people you’re courting want to be appreciated, thought about, cared
about, and loyally attended to. If you don’t do it, it’s your brand
that pays the price, not the customer. They’ll get over you, move on,
and find someone else very quickly.

@mikestiles @oraclesocial

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